Comedian Bill Burr on Conspiracy Theories


Bill Burr, one of my favorite comedians ever, had an older podcast where he talks about some conspiracy theories, banks, etc. He references this type of stuff usually once or twice in his shows, real subtle, real quickly, it’s usually barely glossed over. I think he just doesn’t want people to get the wrong idea. He makes some statements that seem to be along the same lines of what I’m always ranting on about. Like Apple’s spyware and remote phone shut-down capabilities. Shit just doesn’t add up, I can’t give you the piece of evidence that will convince you, but something’s just not right if you look at all the pieces.

If you haven’t heard his latest standup show- ‘You People Are All the Same’ you’ve got to see it. It’s on Netflix, or you can just pay the man straight up on his website:

And here’s that podcast/youtube clip:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I am without doubt that Bill Burr is an agent of the occult kabala. He is an absolute genius at performing NLP (neuron linguistic programming). Its a form of hypnotism also called “conversational hypnosis”.

    Comedians are probably the most revered men among the common man, in the way they lookup to and imitate their jokes and humor. Thus, the door is already wide open for these sorcerer’s to come in and cast their spells. NLP encompasses a multitude of techniques, far too much to go into here. But I encourage people to study it. NLP, symbolism, numerology and astrology are the 4 main mechanisms of this matrix, as far as I can tell.

    As for Burr… One easy way to determine what the imbedded message might be is to disregard the object being spoken of, and pay attention to the idea of what’s being said subjectively.

    For instance, if he is talking about his dog, then forget about the dog. Imagine he’s talking to you.

    Focus on what he’s saying, the words he uses, how much jumping from subject to subject and how often, his emotions.

    On the flip side – How each word makes you feel, do you feel overloaded with info and confused at moments. Deconstruct it all.

    Forget it’s comedy and look deeply into it. At the same time and just as important, study your own thoughts. Filter all madness thru method, there must be rules and criteria.

    If you’re adept, diligent and hyper aware. You may see that the dog is actually you.

    Does he refer to the dog as a “puppy” and “full grown” or “child and adult”?

    Does he ever say the dog’s name, or is it left as generic as the audience?

    Does he anthropomorphize the dog?

    Do you have trouble at points determining if he’s talking about a dog or a person?

    Burrs work is loaded with NLP and numerology especially. But at the end of the day, trust your instincts, one thing means something different to everyone. I do strongly suggest study tho, in symbolism and pattern recognition in the media, satanic symbolism, Chaldean numerology, theology, astro theology and NLP.

    I see how these things work and feel he is trying to train the audience like a dog in this example. But his work is saturated in it. It’s no paranoia, because I really don’t care that much. It’s just a curious observation for me. If you are unaware this is happening, you should care a lot and NEVER fear it.

    I’d say 80% of corporate media uses these tactics. Its everywhere!

    Knowledge reigns supreme.

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    • your the one spreading disinfomation, bill is a sound guy, not an agent, your the guilty one.

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    • Bill Burr – “…you tell them about life. You distract them by throwing the ball. They don’t even notice your filling their heads up with your theories.”

      From his stand up:

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      • Oh yea, I’ve seen that before! LOL Yea, it’s when he’s talking about having a kid and how he can mold his world, right?

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