Columbus Day and the Illuminati goddess agenda

Columbus Day is upon us yet again I’d like to point out the odd goddess symbolism we can find that correlates to this. Columbia is the female goddess that we worship through manipulation (e.g. D.C.=District of Columbia, Columbia Pictures or Columbia Broadcasting System).

Peep the all seeing eye:





The goddess Columbia as the light bearer of illumination:

Columbia Pictures


It all ties back to goddess worship. I explain this in much further detail in my Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions post where I point out the links of everything going back to goddess worship of Semiramis. We can see this thread linked all the way to present day Lady Gaga with her ARTPOP Illuminati symbolism which included her presentation of herself as the goddess of Venus atop the shell (the shell is classic Venus symbolism):

Lady Gaga is being portrayed as the goddess in her form of the fully grown woman. This is part of the Triple Goddess with her different stages of womanhood. The fully grown mother is the ‘Earth Mother’ stage that we associate with the middle stage between the fertile stage and crone stage (even though I’ve seen that Venus can be the ‘fertility’ moon goddess):



The female goddess deity we refer to as Columbia is in all actuality just a reference to the Pagan/occult goddess worship concepts laid forth by Aleister Crowley who met with Aiwass, a guardian angel of a similar form. Aiwass was defined by Crowley as being ‘Lucifer’, (although Crowley seemed to imply it was an incarnation of Horus; things get fuzzy when talking about Crowley because he had several contradictions in his lifetime). They are all the light-bearer goddesses (the meaning of ‘Lucifer’) who tie into Venus, Semiramis, or in this case, Columbia. All are just different masks on the same face.


Columbia Goddess


To take it down a few more notches into strange occult territory, we can explore the occult symbolism behind all of this, as explained by documents from occultists such as Kenneth Anger. In The Magical Revival he reveals one of the reasons why we see goddess/Venus symbolism. The occultists believe that sexual magic was used for spiritual attainment, and has been followed by the people of ancient Egypt by the Draconian Cult. Orgasms can occur in various body centers, including the center seed of consciousness at the crown of the head (the Sahasrarachakra). This chakra point is also related to death (considered the ultimate orgasm), aka the “Great Going.” The ‘Goer’ is the designation for the highest gods in Egyptian and Indian mythology, with its symbol being the ankh. The ankh is the symbol for orgasm, as is the goddess of love, Venus, who is used sexually to transcend consciousness. The occult types (e.g. Gnostics) believe that the dove is the symbolic bird for Venus, and this is where we get the Columbus worship because ‘Colomba’ means ‘dove’ in Latin.

Here’s Freeman, who explains it best (much better than I could):


Freeman also explained the origins of the pentagram on The Corbett Report, which ties into this as well since the pentagram was symbolism of the morning star, aka Lucifer. You’ll probably recall that this was covered in the mainstream story Da Vinci Code. The Grand Lodge of British Columbia (*see- there’s another Columbia) has an explanation that supports, yet debunks, the origin of the claim that the pentacle represents Venus due to its five pointed path in the sky:

A superior conjunction occurs when Venus is behind the Sun and the inferior conjunction is when Venus is between Earth and the Sun; in both cases Venus is not visible. But it is true that plotting the recurrence of Venus’ westward elongation from the Sun, over five consecutive synodic periods, will create the points of a pentagram. This period is approximately 584 days long, each period determining a different point of the observed pentagram—taking approximately eight years, five days to complete the figure. One would get a pentagram by picking any sunrise date on which the morning star is prominent and then repeating the observation at 584 day intervals following that date.

Venus Morning Star Pentagram


The image shown seems to depict a pentagram, although not a perfect one. To me, it doesn’t seem to discount the theory because the occultists find importance in the symbolism of Columbia, Lucifer, Venus, and the pentagram (or pentacle).

To come at you from a different perspective of manipulation, here’s some info about the takeover of the Native Americans.

Here’s a cool clip from The Canary Effect that talks about Columbus and his discovery:


That film The Canary Effect can also be seen on Youtube:


The grim legacy of America’s treatment of its native peoples is explored in detail in this documentary. Filmmakers Robin Davey and Yellow Thunder Woman take the perspective that if one is to define “genocide” as the a deliberate effort by a government to exterminate a people, then the United States is clearly guilty of the crime given their actions against America’s indigenous population over the past 300 years. Davey and Thunder Woman back up their argument with footage detailing the economic marginalization of American Indians, the consistent violation of legal agreements reached with native tribes, the mismanagement and consistent neglect of Indian reservations, the brutalization of Native Americans as they were segregated onto flinty soil and forced to live under substandard conditions, and the refusal of the mass media to report stories of suicide and Columbine-style school shootings among reservation youth. The Canary Effect was screened in competition at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Columbus was a Marano Jew and that makes more sense

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    • Christopher Columbus was Catholic, obviously.

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      • Yep, and pigs fly. Go educate urself, dude. He was one of the worst Marano Jews history gave.

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      • Christopher Columbus was a very Sick man

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        • And that is just to say the very least about him

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  2. You post some really great links, stuff I would see otherwise. Keep ’em coming!

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  3. His name real name was Cristobal Colon

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    • The name ‘Cristobal Colon’ is the Hispanicized version of Cristoforo Colombo.

      Colombo was most likely born in the town of Calvi on the island of Corsica, which at the time was part of the Republic of Genoa. His family was originally from Genoa, migrated to Savona–a port town northwest of Genoa–prior to moving to Calvi, hence his association with being “Genovese” or Italian.

      Local history in Calvi seems to confirm this and the surname exists there today. Records in Savona confirm the presence of his father only years prior to Cristoforo’s birth.

      Though certainly not the final authority, even the Italian Wikipedia acknowledges equal possibilities of these two birth locales. Considering that Corsica is now a territorial collective of France lends all the more legitimacy to his birth location being Calvi.

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  4. I’m really enjoying all of your works. I was wondering if you might weigh in at some point on any connection you see between the goddess ISIS and the naming of the latest terror org. ISIS? I seem to think they didn’t name themselves ISIS but they were named that by the people (call them what you will) creating all of these false flags, Psyop ops etc. so that every person on the planet would be participating in some form of negative thought energy towards the symbolism of the goddess ISIS. Who doesn’t hear the name ISIS and think of bad Muslim extremists cutting off heads? To me, this could be another form of mass participation in some act of magic or ritual via the mainstream matrix mind control program. I don’t know enough about the goddess ISIS but maybe “they” want us to conjure something by feeling a certain way and thinking of her name all the time. I for one don’t buy the crap that’s being peddled. I love that you have the time to put these events and artists, politicians, puppets under the microscope for those of us who have been waking up. Much love.

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    • Tiffany you are right. Isis is another form of mass participation in some act of magic or ritual. Its all about occult symbolism and it all ties to what illuminatiwatcher says about the goddess and sex. The so called ‘terror’ group isis is a symbol of the Egyptian goddess isis (known by many other names in many other cultures.) and to the occultist, she symbolizes nature which we are all a part of. In her infertile stage, i.e after the harvest, she is said to be black. This blackness represents death and inf-ertillity and it symbolizes un-manifested energy which is referred to in Kaballah as the sephirah Binah. The black flag of Isis symbolizes this blackness
      This blackness or ignorance is the state that most of humanity (i.e the goddess) are in. Occultists believe that majority of people in the world today are in the
      underworld, the world of darkness and illusion i.e our “so called |divine nature or what they refer to as thee spark of their (illusory) sun is imprisoned in the mud and mire, matter “mudder” of our bodies.

      The feminine zodiac sign , virgo marks the time of harvest of crops that were sown and ushers in the fall season, the season of infertility and death. This death and infertility is what the fabricated terror group isis is channeling when it “kills” innocent people. Virgo the virgin symbolizes a period of no sex when there is no fertility, when the virgin weeps for her husband or as the Bible puts it in Eze 8:14, a time of when the goddess weeps for Tammuz, (her husband the sun who was killed by the fall season) which is why she is shown weeping with Saturn combing her hair here

      Saturn represents the black sun or ignorance and that is the reason why saturn is associated with binah in kaballah (Mari time i.e Mare water i.e goddess and saturn time). After the sun leaves the astrological sign leo, “the days begin to grow unequivocally shorter as the sun declines toward the autumnal equinox, and darkness or saturn takes over but after the winter solstice, the stone of winter i.e the barren goddess is rolled away and the sun begins its triumphal march north towards the summer solstice. i.e fertility returns because Tammuz i.e the male side is realized (by initiation) This sex begins officially by valentine and fertility is fully restored to the goddess by Easter, (east star) Nowruz. On and on the circle continues every year.

      The occult elite created the terror group isis in order to channel the goddess isis and the plan is to eventually destroy isis which is meant to reflect humanities transcendence from the virgin barren state to a sexual state of occult illumination.
      So like nature, the goddess has to sides:
      The whore i.e sex venereal diseases venus
      and the virgin
      barrenness, blackness death.


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  5. I have a story. Whether you chose to believe it is up to you but it is really far fetched……and true.
    I’m from Leeds, West Yorkshire, a city full of owl symbolism. The city opened a shopping centre 3 years ago called Trinity, as in triple goddess. I didn’t realise the connection until they put a sculpture of Minerva – The draped woman right outside the centre with 3 5-pointed stars in her hand. Google it!
    But my story is that 6 years ago I had a near death experience, disintegrated and smashed outside of everything. I was on the edge where matter begins to form, and I was captured by a female spirit that looked like fire and forced back down here. I’ve heard stories about the spirit that moves to and fro above the waters – or matter and in the nag hammadi it is female. And there she was. And even in the sumerian texts An called Inanna – the name of My power.
    So from my experience the spirit that rules over this universe is a girl and not a nice girl. I’ve been punished severely in the years since. I didn’t realise leeds had a thriving forced male prostitution scene but I do now and only from flash backs after my friends and family have spiked my drinks. And I’ve not even spoken about the astral dreamtime stuff. I’ve moved away now.

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