Claypool Lennon Delirium Illuminati Symbolism- Blood And Rockets: Movement I, Saga Of Jack Parsons

Sean Lennon (son of John and Yoko) and Les Claypool (from Primus) joined forces for a band called “The Claypool Lennon Delirium.” They have a second album called South of Reality and its video for Blood and Rockets was QUITE a demonstration of occult symbolism… (*big ups to podcast guest Ken Ammi for sharing this with me on my Twitter feed @IlluminatiEyes).

Let’s see what occult fantasies are being fulfilled with today’s analysis…


It’s the DEVIL!

Jack Parsons: A Whole Lot of Penisry Goin On

When you watch the video it’s very clear that penises play a role in the hearts and minds of this band. The overall video is a depiction of phallus worship meeting space travel when we see the ultimate goals of the occult: piercing the veil and merging the male phallus with the feminine sacred moon.

This creates the moon child Crowley professed with the Aeon of Horus (a concept that will become more clear as we traverse the imagery and symbols).

The reason for this is a reference to the ancient mystery schools such as those in Egypt where they revered the male creative forces which are depicted in the obelisk. Jack Parsons was obsessed with occult teachings and thought he was Crowley’s acolyte to further pursue his goals of occult indoctrination of the masses (was he right?…).

The song and video are essentially about Jack Parsons and his occult influence on our reality. As the story goes, he was obsessed with rockets from a young age.

*Note the inverted pentagram on the phallus-rocket

We see the progression of Jack Parsons as he starts JPL in Arroyo Seco:

In Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara’s Dark Mission we can read more on this:

As noted, aside from Parson’s obvious chemistry and engineering genius, he had a deeply mystical side. Von Karman too fancied himself as “something of a mystic,” and he was known to have claimed on many occasions that one of his ancestors had actually fashioned a “golem”—an “artificial human being” in Hebrew folklore, endowed with “life.” Von Karman also loved to tell people that Parsons (“a delightful screwball …”) used to “recite pagan poetry before each rocket test.” Von Karman apparently shared many of Parsons’ deepest occult beliefs. He was primarily responsible for the creation of “JPL” (literally, on Halloween 1936, no less) at a rocket test in the Arroyo Seca area of the Devil’s Canyon. JPL still refers to this test as the “birthplace” of the Laboratory, and even trots out what they call a “nativity scene” every Halloween to celebrate the event. The MJ-12 document researchers have also identified Von Karman as a possible member of MJ-12—based on his name appearing on certain new documents they have been recently unearthed.”

If the name “Von Karman” rings a bell, it’s because we talked bout his influence on Parsons and Marjorie Cameron in my three-part podcast special about their occult connections (you can stream it right here on the embed):

Listen to “Marjorie Cameron Pt 1: Wormwood Star Origins, Babalon Working of the Scarlet Woman & Jack Parsons!” on Spreaker.



All Seeing Eye of Enlightenment

We know this video represents the occult knowledge of the esoteric mysteries because the All Seeing Eye surfaces multiple times.

The Rays of the Sun: The Freemason Grand Creator


We later see the eye with the ouroboros swirling around it- this symbolizes the infinite renewal of life and even immortality (the ultimate pursuit of the occult- we’ll cover that in a short while…).


The eye is shown by Egyptian symbolism in the video- including the Great Pyramid of Giza (the ancient Egyptians were practicing mystery school initiations as well).


We also see the eye with the “X” behind it- symbolizing the Illuminati Mark of the Beast (a concept I detailed in an article that will be relevant in our Leviathan discussion soon).



Baphomet and Satanic Doctrine

We see a lot of references to the Baphomet and Sigil of the Baphomet (utilized by the Church of Satan as its logo).

Baphomet: what a dick!


*Notice the alien and All Seeing Eye phallus


What’s curious is that we also see the Sigil of Baphomet logo hidden in the video. It is displayed with the Hebrew letters in the circle surrounding the subject which spell out “LEVIATHAN”- a reference to the monster in the abyss.

Here is the Church of Satan’s Sigil of Baphomet with the five letters surrounding it that spell out “LEVIATHAN”:

Sigil of Baphomet with “LEVIATHAN”


All Seeing Eye with “LEVIATHAN”


Aleister Crowley with “LEVIATHAN”


Leviathan is described on the Church of Satan website:

In describing the graphic, de Guaita only slightly expands on Lévi and says nothing about Samael, Lilith, or Leviathan. After describing the point-up pentagram as a white-light symbol of man “voluntarily rejoined in the providential plan,” de Guaita notes:

“But oriented in the opposite direction, the pentagrammatic Star is nothing more than a symbol of iniquity, perdition, blasphemy: its two points in the air become the horns of the foul Goat threatening Heaven, and whose head is framed with the stellar pentacle, with its low ears in the side branches, and its beard in disorder in the single lower point.”

Ironically, this passage also supports the upright pentagram we see in the video with Crowley as the “white-light” symbol of man (we see it in the background as the Vitruvian Man):


One reason we see the Leviathan references relates to the Mark of the Beast section above. It’s calling upon the beast from the abyss in a ritual that Kenneth Grant detailed for the Typhonian OTO (an offshoot of Crowley’s OTO). This groups seeks to make contact with an entity from the underwater abyss by charging sigils like the X and O.

The Leviathan entity is akin to HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, Nodens, Typhon, or the Gnostic depiction of the serpent from the Garden of Eden. Similar to the goals of Parsons, Wernher von Brahn, and Theodore von Karman; these people seek to make contact with entities from another dimension that are typically thought of to be of evil origin.


Lyrical Magicians

The lyrics for the song are worth a consideration:

So Jack became a loyal follower of Mr, Aleister Crowley
He took an oath to be a Magister Templi
His pretty house in Pasadena was notorious for the orgies
Every night Abyssinian mysteries
The mysteries of the Abyss refer to Crowley’s discussion of entering into the Abyss to confront an entity named Choronzon. One must be prepared to destroy their ego when entering into this hidden realm on the Kabbalah Tree of Life to witness this entity.
Better be careful boys
You just might
(You just might)
Set the world on fire
(On fire)
Setting the world on fire is the plan for the “Illuminati” and these occultists. They want to pursue the end of our world as we know it so they can rebuild it in a new form and fashion. This is why nihilism comes up so often and we even saw this in the American Horror StoryApocalypse season where the actual “Illuminati” (referred to as the Collective) voluntarily tries to destroy all of humanity so they can rebuild it.
Do what thy will
Do what thy will
Do what thy will
Do what thy will
Love is the law
Love is the law
Love is the law
Love is the law
Fly me to the moon
Fly me to the moon
Fly me to the moon
Fly me to the moon

These final lyrics are a clear homage to Aleister Crowley (as if you didn’t get that from the song yet). The phrase “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” is the call for Crowley’s religion of Thelema. The response its members reply with is “Love is the law, love under will.” Thus, Lennon and Claypool are clearly making their allegiance known by calling and responding to Crowley’s religion.


Impregnating the Mass Consciousness: A Modern Day 2001

When you watch the video it’s clear there are a ton of occult symbols; but one that most people may have missed is on the cover of the book the presumably young Jack Parsons is reading:


That symbol is the Sigil of Saturn:


Sigil of Saturn


This is utilized by occult magicians to harness the esoteric powers of the Saturnian planetary body (they believe the planets each possess certain powers, traits, etc.). If you look closely you’ll see the Saturn symbol throughout the video:

This particular screenshot also shows the earth being lit on fire. This is a theme of occultism (as mentioned earlier)- to nihilistically destroy the world as we know it and rebuild in their image and desires of ancient occult practices.

Aleister Crowley was the one who popularized the idea of creating a new social construct known as the Aeon of Horus. We see him throughout the video but one shot is of particular interest where we see:

  • the “Vow of Silence” (‘silencium’ as the alchemists call it)
  • as well as the horns of Moloch (aka mano cornuto)
  • the Unicursal Hexagram (which represents the macro and micro connections fused by the occult magicians)
  • the All Seeing Eye of Crowley being emphasized by the…
  • …Triangle of Manifestation (many people see this as the Roc Diamond of Jay-Z and Beyonce but it’s a magician symbol for manifesting entities and powers inside of a triangle)

Killer 5-point combo


Crowley is admired by many artists so I’m not surprised to see his face on this work.

Other architects of this new world order are obviously Jack Parsons but we also have L Ron Hubbard (founder of the Church of Scientology).


LRH helped Parsons conduct the Babalon Working rituals in the desert (again- listen to my Marjorie Cameron podcast series).

The video shows the five pointed star of Venus (the ‘morning star’) formulating and turning into the inverted pentagram of Baphomet.


We see the phallus symbolism merging with that of the goddess as the creative forces impregnate the planet/moon.


The goddess of Ishtar (a creation from Mesopotamia and Babylonian star gazers who created astrology) is seen facilitating the impregnation.


The star child is born- a representation of the birthing of a new world (which we see in 2001: A Space Odyssey as I detail in my Kubrick’s Code project):


In case we needed a clearer connection we can see Jack Parsons’ severed head floating into the infamous eclipse of 2001 whilst he’s doing the All Seeing Eye symbolism).


It’s clear that Sean Lennon wants to demonstrate that he has his father’s penchant for occult wisdom. He’s showing the other puppet masters that he wants to assist the agenda of mass indoctrination. The male phallus (which we could argue as the NASA rockets Parsons helped build) goes into space to “impregenate” the moon goddess and create the new entity- the Star Child.

It’s an occult ritual on a massive scale.


More on Sean Lennon

In my latest book THE DARK PATH I detailed the connections of the occult with the entertainment industry. Specifically I called out John Lennon for his many occult influences. Here is an excerpt from the chapter “Music Part I: Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll“:

“John Lennon once admitted this same logic in Ray Coleman’s book Lennon: The Definitive Biography:

I’ve sold my soul to the devil.” [29]

The reason we see Aleister Crowley on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s was due to his influence on the band. They sought to open up the “third eye” of the masses with their music. The album infamously starts out with the phrase “It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play” and this is a reference to the passing of the torch from Aleister Crowley. The rationale for this is because the album was released in 1967 and Crowley died 20 years prior in 1947.

The main theory behind “who” Sgt. Pepper is, resides in Paul McCartney since he assumes the role in the album. However, I’d like to suggest that it is indeed a passing of the torch from Crowley to McCartney and the name “Pepper” comes from the fact that Crowley identified himself in the “Black Brotherhood” (akin to pepper- the black spice).

When Playboy magazine interviewed Lennon in 1980, they inquired about the band getting back together and he provided an interesting response:

The whole Beatle idea was to do what you want, right? To take your own responsibility.” [30]

What’s curious here is that we see the inspiration of Crowley play out in the words of John Lennon. He basically iterates Crowley’s axiom of “Do what thou wilt” which was dictated to Crowley from a disembodied spirit named Aiwass (that would eventually be identified as Lucifer in his book Magick in Theory and Practice).

Lennon also once said:

There are only 100 people in the world who really understand what our music is about.” [31]

When you consider the esoteric nature of the occult and ceremonial magick utilized by Aleister Crowley and others, it appears that The Beatles may have been dabbling in this realm”

I go further into Lennon, quoting his experience as a “hollow temple filled with many spirits” and how he even thought he was abducted by aliens as a child. Lennon thought aliens would bridge humanity under a new ‘umbrella of truth’. Ironically, his killer David Chapman also believed he was possessed by demonic forces when he started praying to Satan.

The point which I’m making here is that the apple surely didn’t fall far from the tree. Sean seems interested in the occult teachings as well, as his Instagram feed also supports:

All Seeing Eye


Mano Cornuto


Pagan Holidays: Winter Solstice Triple Goddess


Even Sean’s Twitter page shows the black sun of Saturn (an occult obsession that Crowley called the ‘sun behind the sun’):


Given the symbolism of this video I think we’re witnessing a continuation of his father’s occult leanings.

In a DallasObserver interview he addressed the subject:

Do you feel there’s a difference between religion and spirituality?

I do think we all have a spirit, and I think there’s a lot more to life and human consciousness than science can explain. But I prefer looking to science for answers because it can be tested and vigorously logical. I think science and religion are trying to explain similar truths that are beyond our present understanding.”

Here we see the veiled language of a one world religion- occultism.


In Conclusion

People are leaning towards “spirituality” and against the traditional Abrahamic religions; and how can you blame them? With rampant reports of pedophilia, non-inclusiveness, and judgmental attitudes it’s hard to disagree with them.

The concerns I would posit are that the “Illuminati” power structures are taking advantage of this and steering the masses towards the new religion: an old religion.

This ancient doctrine was shared in secret mystery schools but now it is being laid out in a massive way for everyone to follow…

If you want to learn more on Parsons, L Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley, listen to my podcast on Marjorie Cameron in my three-part podcast special about their occult connections (you can stream it right here on the embed):

Listen to “Marjorie Cameron Pt 1: Wormwood Star Origins, Babalon Working of the Scarlet Woman & Jack Parsons!” on Spreaker.



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. You are way off base about John Lennon. Chapman was a mind controlled patsy. CIA doorman Podermo killed him.Lennon woke up and spoke up against everything the illuminati was about. He got used, woke up and went off the rez so they offed him. Watch ‘Drugs As Weapons Against Us”

    These ridiculous claims damage your rep. Bowie yes, grateful dead yes, JayZ yes, Lennon no.

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    • And his son became a worshipper of the cult John Lennon tried to expose and fight, what a poetic occult family drama. His son is a piece of satanic trash.

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