Christina Aguilera’s ‘Your Body’ video Illuminati symbolism


Christina Aguilera is back with a video that has a disturbing theme of mind control and occult symbolism. This sexually charged video is about Aguilera getting a message via MK Ultra style programming and then proceeding to murder several men after picking them up and having sex with them.

The video starts with a call from this satanic worshiping Illuminati type with pentagrams and Baphomet symbols behind him, as he tells her that she will have a ‘killer’ week (that’s the trigger that induces the MK Ultra brainwashed state, similar to the proposed Colorado Batman theater shooting):




James Franco has a new video for a band he is in called ‘Daddy’. In the video, there is a satanic ritual and we see flashes of similar imagery of a zodiac and other occult symbols:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 5


After this ‘trigger’ she proceeds to kill several men after having sex with them, possibly a ritual thing, sort of like in Eyes Wide Shut. You’ll notice they substitute paint, or confetti for the blood. You know, they don’t want to pass on any detrimental imagery to your kids…




She flashes this cereal at the beginning, not sure what that’s supposed to be about, there’s a Star of David on it, which is symbolism known for controlling demons. When the Temple of Solomon was being built it was said that sigils were used and the Star of David was actually the Seal of Solomon used to force the demons to build it. I don’t agree with the anti-Semitic aspect of it, but Icke claims the Star of David and Zionism is actually the calling card of the Illuminati.


You can see the inverted pyramid, right by the door she walks in to kill that victim. Some will say it’s merely the billiard ball setup, but have you ever seen an instructional poster on how to play pool at a bar?

This last victim is watching a computer screen at work, for whatever reason, and sees the same occult/pagan worshiper that Aguilera gets her marching orders and trigger from.


And lastly, the film shows the words ‘Go to hell’ in the background on the calendar. Surely it was put there on purpose.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. i just wanna know the name of the actor in this scene ,, the bar scene when she kill him if any one know his name please answer

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    • you forgot to mention that the calender behind aguilera says (February 2013!) and the song came out on November 9,2012! which tells you that there is something is going to happen in 2013 which means This year

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  2. I personally believe in the thing of the star of David is an occultism symbol, isnt why in the dollar bill ($1) the stars above the eagle or phoenix makes an star of David? And in the piramid side if u extend the piramid and touch the letters and then makes an inverted triangle u had A S O N M (Mason) and the eye is the sixth point. But in the video the cereal says ‘Bits and Pieces’ thats the why, then in the first victims car the dice are 5 and 1 (6), when he falls sleep she have her hand in his chest with a white and black (Illuminati main colors) cross ring and a heart ring, so if u look the rings of the hearts side the cross is inverted*, when she makes the car explode her shirt sais F*ck Paparazzi. In the pool scene after she grabs the stick, in the upper right side of the door are two more dice 4 and 2 (6), when she gonna open the restroom door u can see a triangle and a eye (point) below the word “Men”, when she get out of the restroom the paint below her eye makes a triangle and above her eye (symbolizing obviously the piramid with satans eye) and in the last scene when she parks her pink truck the dice in her truck are two 6. So before she kills any men appears the number six in dices, why? Coincidence? I dnt think so!!.

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  3. Christina can’t possibly be Illuminati. The song didn;t sell well.
    Isn’t guaranteed fame and fortune one of the “payments” for a person to give his/her soul to the Illuminati folks? That’s why even without talent Rihanna, Britney and Katy are selling.
    Lotus, as much as I love Christina, is flopping even harder than Bionic — which would basically mean only 2 things: she’s not Illuminati or if she is, then Illuminati is not holding their part of the bargain well.

    I’ll take the former.

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  4. The “bits and pieces” cereal box refers to mk ultra, about fragmenting the mind into bits and pieces. She holds up the box as the lyrics say “get out of my mind” and then followed by imagery of knives, also connecting to dividing the mind, then shows knives being thrown that the cartoon- trauma based mind control. Also the “moon” on the box next to the star looks more like a banana, or a penis- symbolic of sexual trauma and how it fragments the mind.

    Just more bet sex kitten programming, programming girls to to be like the preying mantis, take men’s sexual energy and then “leave them dead” they are also using fae symbolism, there is a fairy on the zodiac wheel, where is show the spirits they are attempting to evoke, and the electric purple she is wearing relates to fairy realms, along with the glitter. Triggering girl’s FAE programming, common in festival cultures. In the beginning, the “space invader” game is really killer fae’s.

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  5. oh, plus when she walks inside the “men’s room” for her first “smash and dash” (see urban dictionary for related slang) she puts her hand on the door making a triangle on the door, very symbolic of getting into the “mens only” illuminots- seems like the whole thing was referencing mk initiation…

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