Chris Kyle Claims SEAL Witnesses Will Step Forward to Ventura Punch Incident


Chris Kyle-the Navy SEAL who claims to have punched Jesse Ventura in 2006- says that he has witnesses that will be stepping out to prove his story is correct. Jesse Ventura went on record to say that this event never happened and he never would’ve disrespected fallen SEALs like that. Kyle plugged his new book while he was at it too. In my opinion, this event seems very much out of Ventura’s character, so I’ve been suspect of it since I first heard of it. Then when I saw Kyle on Faux News plugging his new book and also that the event happened five years ago, it seemed even more suspect. But anything’s possible, we’ll see how this plays out and if/when the witnesses step forward. I think this could all be part of a plan to discredit Ron Paul since the timing of this whole incident couldn’t have happened any more perfect. Ron Paul has well documented ties with his friendship with Ventura.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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