Charles Manson Was Setup by C.I.A.

Jungle Apocalypse Podcast airs an old recording (1971) of Mae Brussell where she talks about some reality influence type stuff, the military industrial complex, and the Charles Manson murders. There is talk about how there was a political agenda behind the murders. She says that they pushed the notoriety of Manson for fear based reasons. There was an election and the government wanted to push an agenda to destroy the hippy movement. Manson wasn’t a hippy (there is some truth to that) yet the media pushed that idea. Tex Watson was actually the person who murdered the most people. Manson hadn’t killed anybody in the murder trial (although he might’ve shot “Lotsapoppa” prior to the more famous murders, but was never tried for that). She calls capitalism a new form of facism and provides some detail behind that through an example of Greece at the time.

The government wanted to shut down the entire hippy movement and impending revolution. It wasn’t good for the capitalistic way the elite were making money. Our country wanted to push the idea that everyone needed their own, personalized product instead of sharing (e.g. homes, food, cars, etc.).

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“I may not be a decent person, but I respect decent people. If somebody is afraid of Charles Manson, they’re afraid of the newspapers that created Charles Manson. Does that mean that I have to spend the rest of my life in prison because the public is afraid? I’m just doing my number, doing the best I can for each day because I live for this day.”

— Charles Manson, 1979 (retrieved from


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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