Charles Manson in Solitary Confinement

Manson was sentenced to 15 months of solitary because of his possession of an eyeglass frame that he was using for making crafts. He is now 77 years old and will most likely never see the outside of his jail cell. He is up for parole in April, 2012.


More information regarding the confinement and even a petition is here:

I’m not supporting the man, just posting the news because I find the case intriguing 🙂


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. He has basically been in what we would consider solitary for almost his whole sentence anyway.They do discriminate against him and always have.No matter what he should be held to the standard as every other inmate and he is not and has never been. I believe he could have did his time in gen pop,after all he knew how to jail and he knows the danger of someone trying to kill him just to make a name for them self. I am not saying I agree with his crimes actually I do not, but I believe in fairness,it is this unfairness that breeds people who commit crimes in the first place in all most all circumstances. If doing almost 50 years in solitary is not a punishment there will never be anything that resembles punishment in our jail system.I would rather have been given death penalty and it carried out than doing this many years under the circumstances he has. This is an unfair sentence but he expects this treatment and always has and all they have probably done is take his stuff away.This man can do 15 months standing on his head it will not deter him in any way,they are just being unfair.

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