CERN welcomes the goddess of death on Friday the 13th

When CERN started using the Large Hadron Collider to smash particles in an attempt to prove the existence of the “God particle”; many were afraid that they were creating mini-black holes that would expand out of control and consume all of us. Unfortunately, they were wrong and our species continues to thrive and watch shows about the Kardashians.

Of course I’m just joking (not really), but the point I’m trying to make is that CERN has long been a subject of worry to the world’s population. While many of the scientists don’t seem phased by these worries, I have to wonder if they don’t get off on the fear energy it receives from the rest of us.


For example, are you concerned that their logo actually contains the 666 symbol within it?

CERN Logo 666

Do you see it? If not, I’ll highlight the three 6s; they are the ones that go to the edge of the logo:

CERN Logo 666 colored

Besides that, I’ve wondered what the significance was of leaking the “story” that the Simpsons TV show had discovered the equation for the mass of the Higgs-Boson “God particle” from an episode back in 1998 (14 years before it was discovered):

Simpsons CERN Higgs boson

This episode was called “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace” which is appropriate that they compare Homer to a wizard- they should’ve added the word ‘magick’ in there to finish off the occult symbolism (see SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC).

To pile on more odd symbolism, in 2004 the Indian government unveiled a gift-statue of Shiva that is now featured at CERN:

CERN Shiva statue

While many might not think twice about it, the Shiva is in fact the goddess of creation, death and destruction. When Shiva is mating with his consort, Kali, they are depicted as a beast of destruction and a time of death. Note they combine like Voltron during Tantric sex- something Aleister Crowley and other occultists practiced.

Of course there’s also a slew of other symbols affixed to Shiva that we’ve seen many times before in Illuminati symbolism. This includes the moon, trident, All Seeing Eye, serpents, and the blue throat (a concept I explained to you in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC when I talked about Jay-Z’s occult background).

Theorist Freeman Fly has long been mentioning that Miley Cyrus has been depicted as this goddess of death, Kali, with her tongue constantly flopping out. I’ve been pointing out her Illuminati symbolism, like in Mike WiLL Made It’s video for 23 where she is doing the All Seeing Eye while giving us this tongue of death:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Mike Will Miley 2

Kali goddess of death

So let’s take another step back and look at why I’m writing this article. I’m writing this because I saw something that disturbed me this morning- that is the video of the “Dance of Destruction” being released from CERN. Oh, you haven’t seen it yet? Perhaps you should take a look and tell me that I’m being crazy:

The ‘film’ is about a physicist named Lucas who is evoking a goddess deity named Claron (aka Shiva) through the Dance of Destruction. She communicates to him like Aleister Crowley’s spirits did, and instructs him on what to do. Here’s a snippet of the explanation of this video:

Claron McFadden appears, asking him if he loves the particle more than he loves himself, and, if he could, would he become one with the particle.
CERN Kali Dance

If you’re new to you might not recognize the importance of this. It goes along with this theory I’ve been detailing of these occultists who are attempting to bring the goddess entity into our dimension. The Typhonian OTO and other magick groups practice spirit channeling in an attempt to bring about the Scarlet Whore of Babylon.


We’ve recently seen the high profile ritual of Katy Perry portraying the goddess of Babylon while riding atop the lion during the Super Bowl:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Katy Perry Super Bowl fire lion

I was writing about the evocation of the Scarlet Whore (aka the goddess Isis) in my post on the Illuminati symbolism of the Mark of the Beast as well, and I’ve had some good conversations with Watcher Dovakhiim about how the Illuminati are surrounding us with symbols to welcome this evil spirit. This symbol of the “X” denotes the Mark of the Beast and we’ve seen Kali herself (Miley Cyrus) using it in the past:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Miley-Cyrus-Mark-of-Beast-2 WO

To explain this further, listen to this podcast in which we talked about how they might be putting certain female celebrities in the limelight based upon which diva has the spirit of Isis/Kali within her. We’ve seen the ups and downs of Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, and there’s no doubt that Beyonce is currently the reigning champ who has this spirit within her.

Beyonce 711 All Seeing Eye

This is why we’re seeing her being pushed to the forefront of all things; she is the chosen one (for the moment- until she goes crazy, which might already be happening if you’ve ever seen that video of her at the basketball game with Jay-Z where she’s bobbing her head and talking to herself).

After I posted the video for this post (you’ll see it here soon…), I had a great comment left that says the following:

This song is 7/11. In  Crowley’s Law of Reversal that’s 11/7. For the Great Pyramid, base to height ratio 440/280 is exactly 11/7, or 11:7 ratio (equal 1.571) perfect “squaring the circle”. The great pyramid also encodes the fractal value of the speed of light, not unrelated to the experiments at the CERN LHC!!

As always, the Watcher community really stepped it up and helped tie some interesting links with that; so thank you!!

So was the alleged time traveler, John Titor, correct when he said that CERN would build a time machine? Why is CERN doing the Dance of Destruction while they fire up this black hole generator on Friday the 13th? There are many questions yet to be answered, and I hope that we’re around to answer them. Perhaps these occultists can take themselves to another dimension where they belong and leave us alone.

Check out the IlluminatiWatcher YouTube (and subscribe while you’re there for the latest on pop culture conspiracies). I’ve got the video for this post:

CERN Evoking Beyonce’s Goddess of Death and ISIS:


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Couple of links…

    Does anyone remember when the collider kept getting f’d up?

    Scientists claim the giant atom-smashing Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is being jinxed from the future to save the world.

    In a bizarre sci-fi theory, Danish physicist Dr Holger Bech Nielsen and Dr Masao Ninomiya from Japan claim nature is trying to prevent the LHC from finding the elusive Higgs boson. Called the “God particle,” the theoretical boson could explain the origins of mass in the universe — if physicists can find the darn thing.

    The scientists say their math proves nature will “ripple backward through time” to stop the LHC before it can create the God particle, like a time traveller who goes back in time to kill his grandfather.

    “One could even almost say that we have a model for God,” Dr Nielsen says in an unpublished essay. “He rather hates Higgs particles, and attempts to avoid them.”

    “While it is a paradox to go back in time and kill your grandfather, physicists agree there is no paradox if you go back in time and save him from being hit by a bus,” Dannis Overbye wrote in the New York Times.

    “In the case of the Higgs and the collider, it is as if something is going back in time to keep the universe from being hit by a bus.”

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    • The dark matter associated with the Higgs Boson particle is the prima materia of the alchemists – Khem, the living black soil from which springs the universe. We may never be able to see it directly because it seems to exist in a quantum state between manifest and unmanifest. The principle of observer-created reality might change it the instant it is witnessed. At the very least it’s like looking into the primordial abyss. It seems to me that no matter what, there might be consequences to such an act. It also speaks volumes that the ancients knew it was there without the benefit of modern physics or hadron colliders.

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      • What I find interesting is that those working on this have said that there could be fire consequences if they’re wrong and yet…no nation is stopping them. Why not?

        It’s an institute, a scientific “centre” but not authorized by the entire world to perform this dangerous research. Imagine a bunch of us together in our garage trying to just build a better gun we’d be arrested instead of praised.

        Don’t we all get a say in this? That’s what gun control alarmists say, that our individual rights to feel safe are more important that other people’s right to a gun…so why don’t I get to feel safe and these people get shut down?

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      • That makes me wonder if Dan Brown knew something of this because in Da Vinci Code he has the anti matter at CERN as part of the plot. He doesn’t go into that level of occult beliefs, but the book was pretty mainstream.

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      • I even know it is there, and I know I shouldn’t be messing with it. The people at CERN are going to destroy us–they don’t have a guidebook for “What to do when you rip a hole in spacetime”…because that would be game over.

        I am constantly reading that a particle accelerator would need to be the circumference of the Milky Way galaxy to have a chance of ripping a hole in space, but I think that’s just a way of scientists comforting us–similarly, the sun will disappear–but don’t worry–not for another 5 billion years–which is all relative, because I doubt humanity will be around that long.

        Also, what is with them naming projects with “SATAN” as the acronym? Surely, that, coupled with their “666” logo, is a very immature “joke”. So, you have to ask yourselves…would esteemed physicists use what they think is a fictitious entity’s name as their project name, in such an immature and unscientific manner, or are they up to something more sinister? I mean, they have a goddess of destruction as a statue there…they’re throwing this in front of our faces.

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    • CERN is a site of the threshold of a new understanding of creation as well as destruction. Creation is a positive force to be used for the betterment of the future generations of the human society, This force can be applied to create better means of human sustenance as well as a means of human destruction if used by the unscrupulous which will be the negative aspect of the CERN. All the Member States must therefore take strict control of the applications of research in the CERN.GOD Particle is all good if properly applied, misapplication will mean destruction.

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    • Shaped just like an hourglass I can show you how fast an hour can pass and I’ll turn back time to remind the world of infinity

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  2. I want to say something about tantra. It’s a complex thing that evolved over time and impacts religion and philosophy from all over Asia, including Hinduism and Buddhism. It deals with producing enlightenment through encountering and working with the life force, kundalini. There is a deeply spiritual way to approach it, and a profoundly dark occult way. Aleister Crowley and his ilk interpreted it through a Western occult lens but there are practitioners in India and Asia who consider it the path to union with God, Samadhi. Black tantrics from the east and west seem to focus on the destructive aspects for selfish ends, like gaining magical powers to prop up the ego and enact the will, rather than the positive one of humbly gaining true enlightenment. Tantra deals with the archetypal level of reality. The primordial energies are represented by symbols like the sun and moon, human universals. It’s entirely possible to abuse this system, and I think people do, idiots like Crowley and that that needs to be looked at. I just want to say it’s not the whole story and trashing all of tantra because some have misused it would be like trashing all of Christianity because of the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church. The primal energies are real, described in Tao and Sufism and even in the Bible as the tongues of flame that descend on the mystics of the Pentecost. They are the presence of God in the body like the Shekinah in the Temple of Israel.

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    • The problem is that darker forces have made it next to impossible to be filled with the light of the Wholly Other and Spectacular Divine. Because on this earth evil travels under its own will it can easily mimic and trick people into falling deeper into these paths.

      People think that within a few years they are able to harness this Holy Essence or just by being saved and really before I would even attempt to call the Holy Spirit to “me” not a place I would have to be a wise OLD woman with years of discipline behind me, no vanity, pride or other “vices” or else I set myself in a dangerous place.

      We’re just too spellbound by darkness to do this safely.

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      • I have to humbly disagree with the position that everyone is incapable of doing it safely. Buddha achieved it. The bodhi tree under which he received enlightenment refers to the hridaya or kalpataru chakra under the heart that is symbolized by the Tree of Life. The lunar and solar streams of kundalini meet in that chakra and unite in the sushumna channel, what Buddha referred to as the Middle Path, a name that also signified a second and related meaning of moderation, restraint and humility. He turned his back on a social birthright of spectacular privilege and sought transcendence. And by all the available evidence, he found it.

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        • The Buddha achieved it. Jesus achieved it. How many have safely achieved it since compared to how many that have tried?

          I could say that Terrence McKenna also achieved it doing mushrooms as have many others. Frank Fools Crow used sweat lodges to find Wakan Tanka, but again we know their names because they are rare individuals.

          More people have experimented and had bad things happen to them because, as I’ve said, evil travels under its own path. Even Terrence McKenna later (he relates this to his doing it post having an ego) had a very, very bad and frightening experience which made him stop altogether.

          IF mushrooms weren’t illegal in the US I might tell people about my alleged trip where I allegedly became one with the divine but to get to that space of Ultimate Joy and Knowledge I pass through some very scary realms…if I actually took shrooms, that is. They’re illegal so I didn’t.

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          • I just don’t agree with you, Skyrim. You sound as elitist as the Illuminati. Enlightenment is not just for a privileged few, it’s for anyone who earns it.

          • No, I think it is entirely possible that any of us can put in the time and dedication and discipline to do such, but because it is possible doesn’t mean that I believe it is probable. The Buddha, Jesus, Thich Nat Hanh, Fools Crow–these people did not have our distractions of modernity and they certainly were not surrounded by occultic sigilism which has us all wrapped in darkness.

            I believe in individuals making their own choices so if you feel like you can follow this path, safely and trust in your ability to to not be possessed by forces not quite as “holy” then that is your choice and you don’t need mine or anyone else’s blessing.

            I don’t think the world is a safe place for experimentation anymore because I have personally seen good decent people start down that path and then end up in a very bad place.

            My best wishes to you in your travels. Sincerely.

          • Skyrim, I think you “romanticize” Terrence McKenna way too much. He never achieved any permanent transcendence. In actuality, he was a CIA/FBI operative. Here’s the proof:

            In a lecture at Esalen in December, 1994, he was recorded as saying:

            “And certainly when I reached La Chorerra in 1971 I had a price on my head by the FBI, I was running out of
            money, I was at the end of my rope. And then they recruited me and said, “you know, with a mouth like yours
            there’s a place for you in our organization”. And I’ve worked in deep background positions about which the less
            said the better. And then about 15 years ago they shifted me into public relations and I’ve been there to the


    • True; I don’t do the best job of discerning the ‘good’ Tantra from the ‘bad’. But yea- I’m mostly referring to Crowley and the people following him.

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      • I’m not trying to criticize you, IW. I think you are actually really open-minded. Its just that more than half of the world’s population is in Asia, and I want to defend a spiritual tradition from that part of the world that I think is mostly misunderstood in the West.

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        • +Fleurdamour, Book of Revelation is based on things to come in the Asian region. The 4 Horsemen has come and gone. It is time for the Rider of the White Horse to come back again. Either you can visit my channel for more insight or look up Sikhism.

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        • Also one of the thousand names of Lord Vishnu is JeeVah. Does that sound familiar. YH-WH/Jeeho-Vah/Vah-e-Guru/Vishnu are one and the same.

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          • The American poet and mystic John G. Niehardt was fascinated by the parallels between Krishna and Christ, the mystic archetype of the Son. He wrote about the topic in The Divine Enchantment and The Song of the Messiah. Relevant to the evolving discussions on this page, he also is the man who wrote down the visions of a Lakota holy man in Black Elk Speaks, visions that were the very model of a kundalini awakening.

          • Sorry, typoed his name, it’s Neihardt

          • It’s actually a “yud” sound in Hebrew.

          • Fleurdamour….yes I googled him and saw the books those you mentioned. Very interesting I have never heard of him before. Jesus Christ was born about 2000 years ago, while Krishna was born around 3100 BC if that helps.

        • No offense taken Fleurdamour. I appreciate any and all criticism; by no means do I think I understand all of this. The more I learn, the more doors open up. I certainly don’t have the time to become well versed in all of these topics, so I appreciate when people chime in and can help steer this ship.

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  3. When I say enlightenment, I think of the knowledge, not the act of being filled with a divine spirit, aka the Holy Spirit, Shekinah. I have had my moment beneath the tree and that moment I will take with me forever.

    The act of inviting in spirits I think is something that you need 40 days of fasting and praying before you even try it. I don’t have that discipline.

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    • Kundalini isn’t a spirit, it’s the animating life force of creation.

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      • We will disagree on this. I have had that experience you would call enlightenment with the “being” at the top of the tree of life; that being you call the animating life force of creation was not without sentience. There was a group of us doing ___________ with a shaman.

        It is a difficult “being” to describe and the farther away you are from the experience, the more you’re back in your body you “forget” but it still lingers within you.

        That force is you, it is also everything at the same time. It is individual thoughts of “trillions” and it is its own thought. Prior to reaching that you are at a level of “two” thoughts that talk to each other, which is interesting, and before that you are around “other” beings that could go either way in what we define as good/evil.

        Ultimately this “being” (I say being because there is sentience) is not good and evil as we know it, only joy. It is because once you reach that level earthly/human pleasures are gone because they are stimuli based.

        There is simply “joy” and you’re not afraid, you have no ego, that’s gone, you have no sense of ego-individual but you are conscious when you are “there” in this place of G-D but you realize you are part of this and it is part of you and you are ONE in the best possible sense.

        It was the greatest night of my human life, but at the same time there were other people in the group who did not get that far up the tree who were trapped in places so frightening they never wanted to experience this again and others who got higher up and stopped because it was fun where they were. Of those of us who made it all the way up with the shaman everyone came away a different person, so I think it can be done by “everyone” as you put it with stimuli or with years of discipline.

        I know people who have had that experience for a few seconds through yoga, some with DMT and kept going and, again, ended up not always in the best places because we are still so trapped in our earthly bodies that you hate this world when that experience is over for all its evil and ugliness.

        But as I’ve said and my experience is not unique and the way up this tree (no other describer) I saw things that I was able to pass by until I got very close to the top because I had a “guide” that were pretty frightening, although I was not afraid because of the “guide”.

        You cannot ignore that there are evil spirits that are smarter than us with more timeless experience which are unhappy in their “plane” and want to inhabit us. Even the Buddha experienced being in the presence of Mara and Jesus experienced the presence of Satan. Most people are not Jesus or the Buddha and could and can easily get tricked because foul often looks fair.

        The only reason why I am arguing with you is not because I don’t feel you are learned and capable but when you make it seem easy and for everyone you can potentially lead people into very real trouble without their knowing it. I have seen possessed people both of the kind that have “rage” demons (don’t know what else to call them) and those possessed by a classier set of demon, but still that person you know is not in control of that body. How did this happen to them? Because they messed with things without the knowledge and understanding that would enable them to do so unscathed.

        I do believe you are an intelligent, knowledgeable person and I don’t like to seem like I’m bullying knowledgeable people but part of why this world is so crazy is because people who thirst for power also thirst for knowledge and have unknowingly let this beings into this realm trying to attain “enlightenment” with the definition being “knowledge of the universe”.

        I just don’t want to see people hurt. I do want to see people wake up, but we live in a fast food culture and religion, spirituality, and the occult has been over-simplified to the point where I’m not sure most people even have the discipline to embrace this path without danger.

        I say this with utmost respect for your obvious intelligence and is merely a warning to others in the hope that they listen.

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        • Thanks, Skyrim. I don’t think you were bullying me. I do think the fundamental difference in how we are viewing this is that I don’t consider the kundalini energies or their reverence to be “occult.” Tantra is an established religious practice with roots in deep antiquity. The largest religious festival in India is Tantric, the Kumbh Mela, which celebrates the Tantric amrita, the nectar of enlightenment. Tantra has produced sacred scriptures and sacred architecture (Angkor Wat), informed the religious practices of Buddha and the Dalai Lama, and is the basis of Hatha Yoga (Hatha means Sun and Moon, referring to the kundalini energies). I agree that the kundalini needs to be treated with respect – as I said, enlightenment must be “earned.” Even Gopi Krishna who wrote one of the definitive texts about kundalini awakening experienced a blockage in the lunar channel that could have killed him. The archetypal energy of his own small daughter saved him by suggesting to his intuition that he needed to turn his attention to the neglected feminine element in himself. Which illustrates a profound thing about kundalini – if it is allowed to work naturally and treated with the respect it deserves, then spiritual help in the process is there for the asking. And, no, I don’t think everyone is our current state is capable of utilizing it. I stumbled on an internet bulletin board where some Thelema people were dismissive of the divine union aspect of it, with one guy saying that he just wanted the siddhis, magical powers supposedly associated with rising kundalini, when every reputable Tantric text on earth tells you exactly NOT to do it for that reason because it’s based in the ego and focused on the wrong goals. But that’s a black magician for you, no one else could possibly be right. In my opinion that dude is asking for a cosmic zap. I just don’t think that the presence of idiots in the world should preclude the rest of us from utilizing something valuable. And re: what you said about the dark state of the world, if things are that bad, then I think we should avail ourselves of every possible spiritual resource. Otherwise it’s like saying humanity is trapped in a burning building, but we should lock all the exits because someone might trip and fall over the doorjamb on the way to safety. The kundalini energies are transformative, with everything that that implies. To transform, you have to really look at what needs to be worked on, and some of it ain’t pretty. I think that explains a lot of the unpredictable aspect of kundalini work. It’s hard to be brought face to face with your own damage and some people can’t handle it. As the kundalini works on you, it pushes stuff out, precipitating crying fits, tantrums, melancholy, you name it. Like a detox. It isn’t for the faint of heart. But the rewards are priceless.

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          • I don’t disagree with you on any of this. The only way to describe how I feel is Ian Malcolm’s character in Jurassic Park where he talks about how no one put in the effort to get there, they stood on the shoulders of what others have done and took the next step.

            We don’t have people willing to put years and years and years of their life into seeking. Yes, Buddha sat under a tree and meditated but before that he searched and searched, putting in the discipline as a world renouncer, as a beggar, and finally as a watcher before he sat under the tree with his “middle way” –and even that, when Americans/Westerners think middle way their middle way is nowhere close to what someone from an eastern tradition of extremes would consider the “middle”.

            We are too lazy to put in the time, we’re too used to a consumer culture where everything is easy, disposable, and for sale….on purpose.

            As far as the word “occult” it is a neutral term, not bad or good. It’s just “secret” or used to be, now it’s mainstream and not occult.

            The problem with telling people about eastern philosophy, however, is that knowledge which used to be come by through discipline, study, and time can now be had with a download and people are tampering in things they don’t truly understand. People take a yoga class and drink tea and they’re ready to tamper in the unknown.

            In the far east people have Gurus that guide them, here we have O Magazine.

          • I’m not too lazy to put in the time. You’ll never once in life find me slumped in a chair staring dully at Real Housewives.

          • Hi.. Was reading through the comments and noted the great interest in Hindu religion and symbolism.. First and foremost Hinduism is not a religion but just a way of life… I am indian and know wat I’m taking abt… The Hindu scriptures are just what they’re called-mythology. So pls don’t take it seriously… If u study the religion u wil find that it is tired in occult and devilish practices… The characters of their gods are vile… They have multiple wives and have many other ridiculous stories associated with them…
            There is no comparison between Hinduism and the God of the bible. No other person claimed to be the Son of God and no one died for the stones of mankind other than Jesus…
            Today the western countries are heading a major downfall for rejecting the God their fathers trusted and based their lifestyles on… You folks living in Christian countries are privileged because you were born in the truth and didn’t have to seek it… Many lost souls are here in India and need to hear the gospel that will save their souls from hell… Thousands are turning to Christ in the third world countries while thousands are trying to the darkness from light in the developed countries…
            The tantras, kundalini, karma etc. are just nonsense stolen by Brahmins who wanted to subject people for their benefit…
            I would suggest you read the history of India in detail before you talk about fables as if they’re real and better than that just read your Bible and see how much wisdom feels in that one volume of 66 books… You’d be wiser for eternity…
            God bless you all…

          • just wanted to say how cool it is to read this back and forth between two people who differ in opinions but are open minded, mature and compasionate enough to be able to discuss such topics without resorting to arguing and needing to be right, its so rare these days to witness and Im grateful to have found this thread.

    • I agree with this statement (primarily because I’m a Christian), but also because the beliefs are that anyone who dabbles in the paranormal is apt to be subjected to evil. An example is on Ghost Adventures where the ZOSO demon possessed that couple. I know it’s just television, but I’ve been a ghost hunter in my past and had some crazy stuff happen to me.

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      • Like I said before if all evil approached us like something from a Gwar video or gave us negative vibes in the beginning we wouldn’t dabble. People easily become involved in this stuff because it appears, at first, to be good and/or good for us.

        I don’t disagree with Fleur saying that enlightenment is for everyone. It certainly is, but not everyone is capable of achieving the level where you are animated with the “spirit” without some danger because there are more than one spirit out there.

        Kung Fu is an art form that is different than many other martial arts because you are not taught how to harm people right away. By the time you can kill someone with it or even hurt them you’ve spent years acquiring the discipline not to.

        Today anyone reading The Secret, taking a yoga class, watching Youtube videos, or grabbing an EVP machine can interact with these entities which are immortal ancient, yes sentient, and older and smarter than us.

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        • I have said many times that I do not have a problem with Buddhism. Thich Nat Hanh’s books are on my bookshelf in a place of prominence.

          I am not speaking about “bad” Christians or “bad” Buddhists. The doctrine of either is sound because it is about humility. The goal of Buddhism is not to be a god, but to realize you are a part of God.

          Thich Nat Hanh once said to my professor from undergrad that there is no difference between the teachings of Jesus and Buddha and if you cannot find Buddha in Christianity you won’t find Buddha in Buddhism.

          People in the West have been so twisted on what Christianity is by occultists who mean to undermine (they did that well), then remove it from life that they associate Jesus with the flawed Christian, where they wouldn’t do that to socialism because of Stalin–why? Because Christianity is being sold as some horrible evil killing thing.

          I don’t speak to undermine Buddhism because I think people who are in Vietnam going about their day as Buddhists are “me”. Buddhism and Christianity are religions of humility, compassion, and living in the present. You don’t aspire to anything in either. You live fully here because here is eternity. You don’t aspire to be God, you wish to return.

          I do think and won’t back down from it that Hinduism and yoga in the hands of western practitioners leads to people becoming possessed by spirits because I have seen it happen.

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        • I don’t see kundalini as Hindu or Buddist or whatever – it’s energy, beyond and before any religion. The religions grew up because of the spiritual experiences felt in the energies that come through the body, not the other way around. Mystics don’t experience visions, etc. outside of their own brain or nervous system. The spinal cord connects the brain with the rest of the body, constantly lit up with messages like a fiber optic network. Since it’s a super-expressway of physical information, why wouldn’t it also be the thruway for spiritual information, too? The kundalini is universal, inherent in everyone, not just those of a specific ethnic group. I don’t see a clear demarcating line that would preclude Westerners from benefiting from spiritual practices common in the rest of the world. Every culture spread geographically from Pakistan to Ireland shares Indo-European roots. Thus any Westerner with a European heritage has an ancestral line to the same distant but shared past as any Hindu. For example, the Baltic indigenous religion found in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia contains the best-preserved Indo-European spiritual content found outside of the Indian subcontinent due to the fact that the Baltic region was the last in Europe to accept the Judeo-Christian religions when they were imported from a different cultural stream. There is also a Western precedent of tantric elements in the troubadour and courtly love cultural eruption in the Middle Ages. I don’t think you can generalize with spiritual things, that such and such ALWAYS or NEVER happens. It’s my experience that God is very surprising.

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  4. Most disturbing video. I never imagined to see such things outside hollywood. What on earth is going on?
    Thanks for this post Mr.Isaac.

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    • Thanks for checking it out with an open mind M.H.Marefat! It appears (to me) that the masters of the occult have taken over entertainment and are using it to show us where they’re taking non-entertainment events (e.g. CERN).

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  5. OH the ignorance, Shiva is a God not a Goddess, Kali is a Goddess!…

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    • Or could be a typo. Since in the next sentence he says:

      “When Shiva is mating with his consort, Kali, …” using the pronoun “his” meaning male.

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      • Thanks Skyrim! LOL I’ve been arguing with people on YouTube about this Shiva/Kali/male/female thing too. From what I read about them is that Kali is the female consort- so it’s nice to see someone else understands it that way too.

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    • Sure, sure, sure, I don’t have my gods/goddesses down pat. The bullsh*t is still in there. Does it change anything? Not really.

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  6. Kali is a form of Durga, which was created by the collective power of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to defeat a demon. Parvati is a consort of Shiva. Some say Parvati was an Avatar of Durga, no one knows the actual truth. Parvati was born to a human who was married to Shiva hence fallen angel intermingling with human. Durga/Kali represents power and is not a consort of Shiva.

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  7. CERN sounds like it is going to fulfill the 9th chapter of Revelation.

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  8. Yeah that CERN logo is a 666. Because if you look at diagrams of the actual CERN, you can see that its design does not look like that logo. I don’t understand why these occultist cut deals with Satan like this. About that Higgs-Boson “God particle” equation that Homer discovered in the Simpsons. In the last 15 years, it seems like there have been several signs in Hollywood movies or the $10 bill that foretold of actual events that occurred. “Yes, I tell you, this generation (of Pharisees and scholars of the law) will be charged with their (the prophets) blood! Woe to you, scholars of the law! You have taken away the key of knowledge. You yourselves did not enter and you stopped those trying to enter” (Luke 11:51-52). And now in the year 2015 we are still dealing with the scholars of the law, the Illuminati. The Illuminati with key knowledge such as the Higgs-Boson equation. Researchers discovering this equation that should be published in academic papers for further study. But instead, the Illuminati storms in, warns researchers to not talk about it, and it just stifles further research just to stifle it. Next the Illuminati making some statement about its power and control over everything, the Illuminati embedding the upcoming event in Hollyweird productions.

    But I’ll tell the Illuminati one thing, it’s all made up of a bunch of gay men. And I’ve got a little law that I’m scholarly in called Yes on Prop 8, protect traditional marriage. The Illuminati’s GW Bush for instance is a gay man, and Jeb Bush’s stance on gay marriage is cloudy to say the least. So to address these problems, I created yet another law for the Illuminati. All leaders of politics, government, military, and corporations must be eligible yearly blood donors, were never MSMs participating in homosexuality, no affairs or divorce, and must also be raising kids. So whatever penalty the Illuminati imposes for disclosing its secrets, well I have an even greater penalty for the Illuminati if it gives me some gay man to be my leader. Keep whatever secrets you got Illuminati, I won’t fight you. But if the Illuminati ever gives me some gay man to be my leader (political, gov, corporate), you can’t even imagine the penalty I have in-store for you.

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    • You’ve had gay leaders before, why is that an issue? Obama is likely gay. Lincoln was probably gay. They’re not better or worse than those who are not gay.

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  9. You will find a similar CERN logo (i.e., 666 symbol) in the Keanu Reeves 2005 film, Constantine, in the “bowling alley” scene directly on the side wall (i.e., wallpaper) alongside the lanes, if I recall correctly. There is really not much that can be said how pervasive the Illuminati/occultic symbolism is throughout the film all because it reeks of infestation, unfortunately. That is, both the film and NBC television version, for that matter. In fact, one could have a field day in viewing “Constantine” all on its own…..of course, with the genuine fear and prospect of opening an ‘actual doorway’ by watching it, if you know what I mean, heh-heh. Very creepy, to be sure.

    — Eric

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  10. Nick caves higgs boson blues, and I quote “hannah montanah, does the african savannah”. Those so called CERN “scientists” are hiding the higgs boson in Africa, and probably creating black holes and dancing with shiva and jay z. There are triangles everywhere, you just have to look hard enough, wake up sheeple

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  11. The word “shiva” comes from the Hebrew word shiv’ah, which literally means “seven”. The tradition was developed in response to the story in Genesis 50:1-14 in which Joseph mourns the death of his father Jacob (Israel) for seven days.
    septem means “seven” in Latin , as in the ninth month of the year originally the 7th month until January and February were added.
    Middle English – septembre
    Latin name – september mensis – seventh month
    Anglo-Saxons – Gerst monath – Barley month

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  12. Here’s a fun piece of food for thought. When the Atom bomb was just conceptual and they had not tested it, it was widely thought by those in the field that it may cause a chain reaction of nuclear fission, which would destroy the entire Earth.

    Needless to say, these worries didn’t stop them from testing it – so obviously any of the potential risks posed by the large hadron collider are not going to stop them from trying.

    Just thought I’d mention it – I don’t actually know how accurate or legitimate this thought was, but it was certainly mentioned back in the development and conceptual phases of the Atom bomb.

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