Casey Anthony accused of being in Illuminati

Anthony was sued for three billion (yes, BILLION) dollars for allegedly making death threats against Naomi Riches, who was quickly labeled a ‘lunatic.’

“Casey Anthony is an Illuminati actress who has used the summers 2009-2011 to mock and harass my current circumstances,” Riches’ bizarre lawsuit states.
“Casey Anthony and [HLN commentator] Nancy Grace are working in cahoots with one another to fill the media with propaganda so that American Citizens believe there is Justice in this country … Casey Anthony called my house August 2011 and told me that my life was being exploited and that I was a hated nation wife, she told me she would come to my house in Fort Collins, Colorado and kill me just as they did Peggy Hettrick in 1987,” she went on.
“She let me know that my left eye would be stabbed out as a part of the Illuminati symbolism. She told me that the government was going to find a way to tap into my water pipes and poison my water supply. I was terrified to shower and drink water for months. I had to spend $600.00 on bottled water,” Riches claimed. “Because of her, I suffer from severe psychological damage.”
The lawsuit was dismissed on grounds of insufficient ‘plausibility standards.’
Peggy Hettrick (mentioned in the second quoted paragraph above) is an unsolved murder case in Colorado from the ’80s that found a young man guilty and later exonerated on lack of DNA evidence. I’m not sure why the lady thinks the Illuminati were behind the Hettrick case, maybe there’s a conspiracy theory out there.

Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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