Buckshot talks down Illuminati rumors

Rapper Buckshot (from Boot Camp Clik and Black Moon) talks about how Obama disappointed him, but more interestingly (in regards to the content on this website, that is), talks about how 2Pac was saying that all the Illuminati talk was b.s. and he didn’t believe any of it either. Buckshot said that he’d gladly argue on the existence of the Illuminati with anyone. I can see his frustration because there are some pretty sensational claims based on some pretty thin evidence out there. I’m not even a 100% believer in most conspiracy theories, but I feel there is something going on in a manipulative nature. Sure, there’s not many ‘silver bullets’ out there, but the system is set up to suppress them. Even if there was a ‘silver bullet,’ chances are most wouldn’t believe that anyways. People are resistant to change and will support the old system and old paradigms because of it.

And that would also dead the Illuminati bullshit about how Barack Obama is down with the fuckin’ Illuminati and the Rothschilds and all this other monkey-bullshit.

I can’t wait, ‘cause after this album – I got one more album to do and then after that I’m going in. And I ain’t really told nobody that because I don’t like when people say that and then they don’t do it. So I’m like, look, after this one album I’m definitely going in, and it’s gonna be hard for people to run from that vibe right there. I’m attacking on where ‘Pac left off at, which is killing that Illuminati bullshit. And anybody that wanna challenge me, you better bring the biggest, heaviest guns that you got. And there better not be no pictures of nobody putting up a fuckin’ sign with a circle on it. Don’t show me bloodlines; don’t show me who was related; don’t talk about the Bohemians; don’t talk about the Bilderberg; don’t talk about none of that ‘cause I’ma chew that shit up like cheese. And I’m challenging the whole world – industry and everybody – to come with all of your Illuminati shit and I’ma tear all of it down from every angle.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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