Bruce Jenner: An Illuminati Androgynous Puppet?…

The Kardashian clan are used to being directly in the limelight; so when Papa bear Bruce Jenner hit the tabloids for his sex change operation allegations, my mind drew towards the place it always does… The Occult.

Bruce Jenner Sex Change Illuminati

Why is Bruce Jenner in the Illuminati?

He’s not. However, if you want to learn more about the occult belief systems of androgyny, read on my friends…


First off, his daughters both have their fair share of Illuminati symbolism that I’ve revealed in the past, including Kendall Jenner’s Estee Lauder Illuminati commercial:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kendall Jenner Vow of silence



Which also had the Masonic checkered floor that you’ll learn about soon…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kendall Jenner Freemason floor


Getting back to the subject at hand; if you take a look at Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet image, you’ll see there is a historical context in which these occult practitioners (e.g. “the Illuminati”, Freemasons, O.T.O., etc.) admire this odd figure:

Baphomet_small WO

You’ll notice that Baphomet is a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll when you notice that he actually has breasts. This is indicative of an androgynous being that encompasses some of both male and female. This hermaphrodite is a symbol that represents the totality of duality. It’s a universal symbol that suggests one can encompass both the sun and moon (male and female, respectively). Which is why you see those things on the classic images.

You’ll notice this Baphomet imagery comes up often in entertainment- to the point that it’s too pervasive to ignore:

Kate Moss:

Kate Moss Baphomet horns moloch


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-baphomet-4-Madonna-Project WO

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Madonna Living for Love moloch baphomet sex WO

Adrianne Curry:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Adrianne Curry Baphomet image

Lady Gaga:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lady Gaga Baphomet Born this way 2


Why do they worship Androgyny?

When researching Illuminati conspiracy theories and the history of the occult, you’ll find that there is a lineage that goes back to the Hermetic mystery schools of the Mediterranean. In these ancient schools, the scholars learned about the “real” history of mankind, which included the creation story that God Himself supposedly told Hermes.


In this creation story, God creates the cosmos from the four primary elements of earth, air, fire, and water (see anything related to 30 Seconds to Mars):

Five-Elements WO


After the planets formed, God created man in his own image, which was supposedly an androgynous being. At some point, this androgynous form of mankind fell from grace and became a slave to the material world and two genders were produced; male and female.

Some conspiracy theorists even suggest that there are shape shifting reptilian aliens that came from the constellation of Draco and they were the original form of this God-mind and they were still androgynous. They claim the Illuminati still worship these aliens and seek to push us towards their god-like status of hermaphroditic blends.


Who else is into Androgyny?

Our friend Aleister Crowley can’t seem to miss a beat. Every time I mention some kind of Illuminati conspiracy theory, it seems to link back to this old British occultist. Here we see him and David Bowie sharing an androgynous appearance:

Bowie Crowley

At some point in his studies, he decided to take the destruction of ego to the next level. He wanted to erase any and all forms of uniqueness and individuality, including sexuality. He believed that this would be a shortcut to the enlightenment and attainment of wholeness at the top of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

He got these ideas from many other occult beliefs that the world is full of duality (e.g. the black and white checkered floors found in all Freemason lodges). In Aleister Crowley and Western Esotericism the authors wrote the following about this subject:

The notion of human beings as originally whole and androgynous is a persistent motif of occult and magical traditions. Esoteric teachings refer to a race of such beings who, like the biblical Adam and Eve, existed in the world prior to a tragic fall. Modern magical practice recognized the occult significance of masculine/feminine complementarity, and the quest for psychic androgyny is one reading of the alchemists’ project that advanced members of the Golden Dawn would have understood. Crowley was certainly aware that androgyny had an occult pedigree, and it came to have a particular magical significance for him.

As I detail in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC, the ultimate end goal of Crowley and the Illuminati is to usher in the Aeon of Horus. In this New Age, they seek the unification of male and female, which is represented as the androgynous embodiment of Horus:


The point is this- the occult beliefs suggest that androgyny is the ideal image of perfection in that it encompasses the duality of male and female.


The Transhuman Transexual (from Transylvania)

Sorry, I’m a Rocky Horror Picture Show fanatic- I had to slide that quip in there. As I mentioned, the end game is this Aeon of Horus. It is also considered the Age of Aquarius or the New Age. In this New Age, a time of technological advancement will be all around us. It will be to the point that we are literally living in a digital Matrix-Avatar type world.

I previously discussed this very topic on Robert Phoenix’s FARcast show where we covered all sorts of taboo subjects like these, and how Google is pushing us into a digital virtual reality:

Isaac on FARcast


So WTF about Bruce Jenner?!…

So I’ve droned on and on about the androgyny thing, but now you can see that there is more to the simple acceptance of non-traditional sexual identities. Does this mean we should condemn these people like Bruce Jenner? Absolutely not.

These are people with genuine feelings, emotions, and thought patterns that were born feeling that something was a bit off, and that they are better suited to take on these other sexual identities. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to go through such a thing, given the stigma surrounding it.

VICE recently aired an episode that showed us how Iran outlawed homosexuality, so now they’ve got record numbers of men and women going in for sex change surgery in order to make it ‘acceptable.’ That’s not a judgmental world I’d like to live in, so please don’t take it to that level. It’s disrespectful of others choices and free will.

The point in all of this is that there is in fact an occult background and belief to all of this somewhere to be found. Not everyone doing it is in the Illuminati, nor necessarily involved. Some characters, on the other hand, ARE. There is a growing conspiracy that they are pushing acceptance of body modification in order to eventually shove us into the path of the digital matrix reality (see that FARcast link above). This is supposedly why the classic rock stars like David Bowie, Robert Plant, Jimi Hendrix, et. al. wore these types of clothes during that big Age of Aquarius 60s movement.

Genesis P. Orridge- the godfather of industrial rock, went through an occult transformation where he had breasts implanted and joined a woman named Lady Jaye in order to be come one person. He became a term called ‘pandroynous’. He might’ve did this from an occult perspective…

Genesis P-Orridge

My personal feelings and a little bit of Bible thumping

First, let me get this out there so there is no misconstruing what I’m saying here. I have ZERO problems with lesbians, gays, transgender, bisexual, etc. It has very little bearing on how I handle my life, so the libertarian in me says; “have at it.”

As a Christian, I realize that they label homosexuality as a sin, so in theory I should be opposed to it. But that also means I should be opposed to a lot of other unobserved Biblical rules that I violate on a regular basis (you can fill in the blanks there, use your imagination and be real vivid).

I feel that Jesus Christ came and pushed a message of not judging our neighbors and that love and compassion should be the main focus, so I live my life aiming to hit those goals (however, I admit I am awful at it).


What Others Are Saying…

The internet has been making the rounds of “Bruce Jenner sex change” prediction videos. One of which is from the great 90s shows Married With Children in which Marcy is mistaken for Bruce Jenner:

Another prediction video is from Family Guy which only adds to the mystique of Seth MacFarlane’s insight into future events…


This only adds to the list of predictive qualities of MacFarlane- if you consider the information I put into my book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:

We also saw predictive programming with the 9/11 date on Neo’s driver’s license in The Matrix, it also happened on an episode of The Simpsons on the front cover of a magazine, and in the film Terminator 2 there was a 9’11” clearance prominently shown in one chase scene. Some would claim these are all coincidences, and maybe they were, but there were also other oddities of celebrities who seemed to have foresight of disaster. For example, Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy), Mark Wahlberg (rapper Marky Mark), Leighanne Littrell (actress and wife Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell) and Julie Stoffer (member of MTV’s Real World from 2000) were all ticketed to board the ill-fated American Airlines Flight 11 but didn’t get on board for one reason or another.

Add that stuff to the fact that Bruce Jenner is from Sandy Hook (another conspiracy-riddled topic), and one wonders if there isn’t some kind of hidden inside agenda.

I just watched a good video from The Black Child (another great YouTube channel- most of it is legit, although some of it has a bit too much ‘not-cited’ speculation for my tastes).

In this video, you’ll learn that Kanye West, French Montana (rapper who was dating Khloe Kardashian), Scott Disdick, and Bruce Jenner all committed some kind of Illuminati blood sacrifice in order to get the ‘favors’ of the Illuminati (with the most recent being French’s buddy rapper Chinx).

Bruce Kris Jenner Scott Disdick 666 hand



Bruce is the star of a show that details his sex change called I AM Cait which shows some basis in occult ideology. The practitioners of the occult side of Hebrew Kabbalah know that the phrase “I AM” was uttered by God (who they refer to as various incantations of Jehovah). This concept of I AM was reinforced by the Theosophists when they established the idea of the Integrated Ascended Masters.

I’ve argued that this is why the phrase appears so often in rap music with the albums from Nas (I Am…), Beyonce (I Am… Sasha Fierce), and names like which all emphasize their awareness of this ‘hidden’ knowledge. Again, you’ll read more in my book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC.

Thanks for reading, if you want to really learn where this rabbit hole goes, you’ll have to get with the Watcher community- you can find links for resources and social media on my START HERE page.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Good post thanks Isaac – and loved the podcast!

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      • Everyone calm down! hussein obama is on the illuminati side. he, bill/hillary, and trump are all on our side – they only want what is best for you. obama and hillary are muslim; the true religion of the illuminati. a vote for hillary will save the world from those in error in their belief system. the Triangle is the most powerful geometric shape in the world, draw one on your forehead and be saved.

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    • Just found this article and there you are pushing the agenda. To say that sodomy is a “sin” is a lie and is contrary to the Word of God. Sodomy is an ABOMINATION.

      Here is the definition of Sin and the Definition of ABOMINATION
      hamartia: a sin, failure
      Original Word: ἁμαρτία, ας, ἡ
      Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
      Transliteration: hamartia
      Phonetic Spelling: (ham-ar-tee’-ah)
      Short Definition: a sin
      Definition: prop: missing the mark; hence: (a) guilt, sin, (b) a fault, failure (in an ethical sense), sinful deed.


      bdelugma: a detestable thing
      Original Word: βδέλυγμα, ατος, τό
      Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
      Transliteration: bdelugma
      Phonetic Spelling: (bdel’-oog-mah)
      Short Definition: an abominable thing, an accursed thing
      Definition: an abominable thing, an accursed thing.

      946 bdélygma (from 948 /bdelýssō, derived from bdēō, “to reek with stench”) – properly, what emits a foul odor and hence is disgustingly abhorrent (abominable, detestable); (figuratively) MORAL HORROR as a stench to God (like when people refuse to hear and obey His voice).

      This abomination is another mocking perversion of the Holy Angels which are neither male nor female which DOES NOT make them what these DEMONIC entities are. Just as the FILTH of the false rainbow is another ABOMINATION to GOD

      You have been conquered with the deception of the anti christ Spirit and you are like the Five Virgins that have their oil ( truth ) half full.

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  2. You are quite right in aserting that androgyny is the ideal to these occultist. This is the reason they are promoting it so idealogically to the masses to make them low level initiates of their beilief system. The kaballists believe both God and Adam were hermaphroditic and that the division of duality into seperte genders is a result of the fall of man. Through their own twisted logic believe they can reclaim mans ‘lost estate’ through destroying gender.

    The very word ‘hermaphrodite’ is an ammalgamation of the words ‘Hermes’ (god) and ‘Aphrodite’ (goddess) by the way.

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    • Well put, I think “low level initiates” is precisely it. And thanks for that word definition- I hadn’t known that. It’s very important in all of this.

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    • I don’t believe it’s so much destroying gender as it is the to become whole in Sex, to be as close as to how we feel in our soul forms as possible in a physical regard. I say this as what who believes in the hermaphrodite path, but i also don’t push it in the way the Illuminati does.

      For example, i recently discovered that I am Agender, but I still lean toward femininity in terms of my being. In other words, while i have no gender identity, I still prefer that side of Duality on a personal level. One can have masculinity or femininity without having the gender identity for it. If anything, being a hermaphrodite would likely be the best way to pursue these deeply personal feelings, as there’s no longer a particular sex would have to worry about impeding you in a social or mental social way. You Can simply be your gender identity o be feminine or masculine outside of that if you’re Agender.

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      • I think I get where you’re coming from, Kari, but for me, the biggest issue is the normalization of self-mutilation. I mean, isn’t that the uglier twin sister of socially-imposed gender norms? Talk about rejecting who one “really” is!

        I am a Voluntaryist, so this has nothing to do with legislation of any sort; if a person wants to chop off his/her arms and legs and can find a doctor to do it, so be it, but don’t expect me to support it in any way. I especially resent the politicization of gender and sex issues…if only people would only see how they’re being used as pawns for a greater (and far more awful) agenda!

        Humans are born male or female, just as all animals (with a few amphibious exceptions) are. Only recently have we had the hubris and the technology to challenge this fact. But we have been given the agency to choose right from wrong ourselves, and we will make mistakes along the way. But there are consequences–often quite dire consequences–to every action, especially those that violate natural law; it is foolish to pretend otherwise, and we do so at our own peril.

        But this aside, Kari, you bring up a good point: our gender norms HAVE been perverted by society; it would be hard to guess to what degree, but I’m sure it’s a lot. We would all be happier and healthier if we could express our own God-given gender the way He would have us do so…not as TPTB would.

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        • I can’t say I completely agree with you, as natural law also deals with the metaphysical, hence why I can’t agree with the idea that everything is based upon what we see on a physical level. This is why if who you really believe to be in yourself is only what you can envision, than it truly is you. We simply aren’t at a plane that can truly accommodate for that. Those at this level, in my mind, must deal with the physical restrictions at this level of general enlightenment.

          This also means I don’t believe in God the way you do, so I suppose this reflects in my viewpoints. Regardless, I’m grateful that you offer your points in a very respectable way despite the difference in our views.

          As for the perversion element, to me i feel it’s more in the way they force everything. for example. acceptance? I believe acceptance of such should be natural, but again, at this plane, it’s probably another aspect of facing your true self, on both sides. (When i say acceptance, I don’t necessarily mean you need to support, just that you accept that these people are that way, yadda yadda.) If anything, if Bruce is legit about this, I feel it’d be great, but I still can;t help but feel there’s the Illuminati agenda behind it.

          On that note, I will say this. Just because the Illuminati use symbols, or push for certain things, doesn’t make the symbols and those things bad. It’s the way they use them and describe these things that are of ill intent. for example, in this case, hermaphrodite. If we are to take their view of Lucifer, sure, on their side, Lucifer Is the great King of evil. Ti me, they’re a symbol of the Darkness that simply exists. If Lucifer is then symbolic of the true knowledge, then would it not make sense that they appear in a state that is based upon the true form of beings within the universe, especially in higher realms of consciousness?

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  3. If you’re having sexual identity issues, you need to talk to a psychologist about that for a few years. There are good laws in place that require something like a one year waiting period for someone to have a sex change surgical operation. Those laws are designed in steps. First the person decides that they want to change genders; second they are on testosterone or estrogen medications for a period of time, those hormones have to take their full affect; finally they can have the surgical sex change. Some people backout of surgery, but remain content just being on the hormones. Usually people regret their sex change. Sex change operations need to be outlawed.

    When I was elementary school, I had wished that I was born as a girl. But in the 6th grade I had the biggest crush on the neighbor girl. That girl paid for her college education by stripping at Taboos Gentlemen’s Club off the 91 Freeway in Anaheim. I had my chance with her, but she’s raising a family now. My father exposed me to pornography when I was a kid, before I even knew what it was. Next he would say, “We’re going to ducktape Taylor’s eyes open.” My mother sexually molested me while I was growing up, and her sexual harassment continues till this day. Mother also spot checks my mail by opening it, the other day she opened my paper medial recorded mailed to me. Humm… I need to go donate blood mother, at the Yorba Linda Masonic Lodge #469.

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    • Because ‘many’ people regret the operation, why then jump to saying that they need to be outlawed???

      I hate when people try to take away other’s personal choice. You may not agree with it, they may well regret it, but it is *their* choice.

      Ban this, ban that… hate that Big Brother mentality

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  4. I agree the bible tells us not to judge others sins because that is for God to do. He sent Jesus as a covering for our sins, so we can be right with God. We aren’t to be judged by neighbors, but we are to follow the bible to show honor to God (our maker and savior) and to have the best life. The Guidelines in the bible are for our Joy.

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    • Sorry a bit Isaac and Titus, just a point of correction.Christ does allow us to judge, however we must judge righteous judgement. The reason we are not to judge is that we tend to do it from a personal and/or social view than biblical.As long as you know the divine Truth of God, then your judgement is in the right place.

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        • I interpret it as we are to recognize sin and judge it as sin but not the person….because as Isaac reminds us, we all sin. Someone close to me was ranting the other day about the new law passed regarding gay marriage and how our country is turning against God, going to hell, etc. While I’m not saying if I agree or disagree witht the law, I find it interesting that people are so enraged about this but don’t seem to notice the sin all around us in many forms and even in their own lives! I gently reminded her that she is living with her boyfriend outside of marriage and that is considered a sin too. There is so much sexualization of our children and perversion being pushed through the entertainment industry and music videos but no one I know seems to get upset about that. Now with this new law, many people are in an uproar. I think Jesus said something about getting the log out of your own eye before judging someone else.

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    • One of the things that turned me off Christianity- the hypocrisy. Judge not, but God *will* judge.

      No. A loving, forgiving Being will *not* judge. That’s so 3D consciousness.

      One of the reasons why I reject the Christian God (along with the key thought that we are all ‘sinners’ by virtue of being born).

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  5. In other words, the (complete) fall of Bruce Jenner….

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  6. Love God, Love others, people make it so complicated.

    Very good article btw.

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  7. Call me crazy As soon as I saw how E! was potraying Lamar Odom I started having dreams of Kris being Bruce & vice versa

    The only time I’ve seen something anything like it is in Smokin Aces’

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    • Wasn’t Alicia Keyes in that film too?… She’s been one of the voices for the TIDAL music service so I’m not surprised she’s hooked in.

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      • Weird Because she’s a definite activist but is that a guise for all the 1 eye saluting she does?

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  8. Thank you so much. This explains a lot. I’m kind of new to the site and it helps me to understand how or why people get caught up in following this in the first place. I also appreciate your “Bible-thumping” comments about not judging others.
    I need to read more because I still have a lot of questions but thank you so much for this well-written, informative article!

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  9. I’m convinced that The Rocky Horror Picture Show is occult, specifically about the Qliphoth, the dark side of the kabbalistic tree of life. Incestuous brother and sister space aliens = Lilith/Babalon and Samael/Satan. Magenta is a deep purplish red, and Babalon is the Scarlet Goddess. Riff Raff means the lowest of the low and that certainly describes Samael. Transylvania associated with Dracula lineage, and Samael and Lilith are supposedly blood drinkers. The spaceship/castle is the gateway to the Abyss, Da’ath. Doing the Time Warp is the act of entering the Abyss – “And the void would be calling.” Frank N Furter is the Rebis, the alchemical hermaphrodite, and also Mercurius, the alchemical mercury. Brad and Janet are the alchemical sulfur and salt. And Rocky is the Philosopher’s Stone, or Golden Alchemical Child, the product of the union of masculine and feminine opposites. Rocky dies, so the sacred child of the alchemical Coniunctio is aborted. There’s cannibalism and brain removal, sounds like an MKUltra dinner party.

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      • All the killings are like a human sacrifice – it’s a bloodbath by the end, Rocky, Frank, Columbia and Eddie. Columbia is a conspiracy theory code name for America, wonder what that is about. And Riff and Magenta wear black and white all through the film, either their servants’ uniforms or their alien clothes, and those are the colors of the Qliphoth, unresolved duality. Read the lyrics to the Time Warp again with this interpretation in mind. They’re like the description of entering the Abyss by occult artist Austin Osman Spare where he talks about the inversion of the senses from passing into the dimension of the shadow side. It also sounds a little like sex magic.

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        • There is this, too, from the song:

          (Columbia) Well, I was walking down the street
          Just having a think
          When a snake of a guy
          Gave me an evil wink.
          Well it shook me up
          It took me by surprise
          He had a pick-up truck
          And the devil’s eyes
          He stared at me
          And I felt a change
          Time meant nothing
          Never would again.

          “A snake of a guy gave me an evil wink”could not sound more Illuminati. And the whole thing about time suspending reminded me of something I just read about the Bhairavi religion in the Himalayas in the same book I mentioned before, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Alchemy. The book says Bhairavi is a cult that worships the dark side of Shiva and uses alchemical compounds based on toxic mercury to artificially extend life, because the mercury helps them “overcome their innate addiction to time.” The book continues by saying that the cult uses ritual statues of the side effects of this practice, “grossly mutated, other-dimensional beings” which the practitioners eventually turn into, and which sounds like a description of the denizens of the Qliphoth. Now that is the kind of tantra I can’t get behind.

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        • “He had a pickup truck and the Devil’s eyes”… And yea, Columbia is super obvious, duh- how could I overlook that! I’ll be sure to assemble something. Keep those ideas coming… Thanks.

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    • Ooh, I too, find that a fascinating analysis. I’ve only been to RHPS twice and could never understand why kids got fascinated with it to the point where they would go every weekend. (And I never did understand the stupid “Time Warp” dance.) I figured there might be some MK messages embedded in it or something.
      P.S. I can never really remember how it ends (something about Brad & Janet dressing like Frank N. Furter and diving into a pool?) because it just gets too silly. Just my opinion.

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      • There is another crazy underground film similar to RHPS that I also think is about the Qliphoth – it’s called The Forbidden Zone. Creepy black and white alternate universe, Mickey Mouse ears, the devil, transgenderism, you name it. The family name of the protagonists is Hercules, which I mentioned in another comment is a reference to the path of the alchemist to immortality. The people who made it are the Elfman family, Danny the musician and his filmmaker brother Richard and actress sister Jenna, who is a noted Scientologist. A Talmudic scholar gives advice to rescue a girl from the creepy other dimension, which convinced me that I am right and it’s about the same dark side of the kabbalah.

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        • Thanks, I’ll look it up. Do you know if they’re all Scientologists? I guess they’d have to be or they’d be estranged from each other, right?

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          • Richard Elfman is, I don’t believe Danny is. And after a Google search I just realized I am wrong, Jenna is married to Richard’s son, so she is his daughter in law not his sister.

            I live in LA and the Scientologists hang out at Vermont and Sunset near the big temple and try to get people to come in for Dianetics films and lectures. I was walking past when one lady tried to hand me a flyer and I politely said no thank you, and she looked like I had personally offended her family for ten generations. I don’t know how anyone takes it seriously. I avoid that corner as much as possible on the weekends.

      • You might be right- I’ve a huge fan of RHPS and I could never understand why. I’ve got to add it to the pile of stuff I’ve been lured into that turns out to have occult basis. They really do put something in the ingredients! As far as the ending goes- there are two endings. One is a bit longer than the other. Perhaps the pool is some kind of Aquarian Age reference?…

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  10. Hey IW – I’m from your parent’s generation and find your podcasts pretty informative. I think I found you looking for William Ramsey links. I’m sure you’re up on all his work. Very greatful for both of you guys and your work. Look for a donation in the near future. Concerning Jenner, I wish everyone would just leave him the fuck alone already! Vultures needing to line there nests! Enough already! That said I also am of the opinion that you are born either XX or XY. PERIOD. Unless there is a chromosome procedure that I haven’t heard of there is no way one sex can change to another. ‘They’ corner themselves when they want to deny ‘religion’ and ‘keep it scientific’. So one way to counter any argument concerning gender is to ‘keep it scientific’ and hit ’em with that one. Ha! And his comments about God getting it wrong are both offensive and ludicrious. Peace!

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    • Hon, I believe Brucey wants the attention…or is this only obvious to me? Those people have all the money in the world to control what we see and think about them…

      Brucey shares their femmie desires with, hell, anyone possible because it paaaays to. Seriously… If they didn’t want it, trust the bitches have the cash and clout to make it all go away. Please say you know this….
      Nice on you to feel compassion for the attention whore, but really, its all divisive tactics to keep us always divided in someway, shape and form…starting in our head
      Brucetta is what them is…funky, like all us, Christ prostate or not.
      Can we all agree being human a complex experience that troubles some? And then take all the crosses and gallows, make ladders and climb out of our personal abbyses?

      Some of us, if honestly not filled with hell, ought to pity those who can’t find love for themselves from within without a new peepee or bright white bung hole, huge boobs, a Jag or mate with one with one…Nope. Some just want to see folk burn than be redeemed. NICE fucking humanity, compassion and reflection of Christ & stuff. You bes’ check yo self b 4 you wreck yo self… God is always watching and thinking about us.
      Anything that pits person against person ought to be check for assholes behind curtains… Check they way you support your Savior. If the scheme is super selective beyond what we understand of human life…turn it upside down and shake it hard. I bet some scary shit falls from there. Holiness is ego-free, so, what gives with all the damnation? Isnt being subject to our own moments of idiocy enough? I so prefer to watch an asshole shoot his self showing off than have to waste one of my own rounds… Patience is a bullet, fired but never spent, leaving us ever-armed. Cool,eh?

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    • Thanks Kevin! I’m glad you can get into those podcasts. They’re difficult because I try to keep them entertaining and light, while being informative. Most conspiracy podcasts are SO dreadfully boring so I’m trying to add some life to the subject. Thanks for taking the time to drop a line.

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  11. As a libertarian I don’t care what anyone wants to do with their body, it’s theirs. Not mine. Not yours. Not anyone else’s.

    You want to tattoo the whole thing like a cat or lizard–go ahead. You won’t get job, but go ahead.

    Bruce feels he’s a woman, whatever that means, go one gurl, let your freak flag fly. If you’re happy, bravo. Life is short.

    What I don’t appreciate is being told that I have to go along for the ride. My opinion shouldn’t be a consideration to him, nor should anyone require me to think or feel a certain way or use the language they want.

    I own all my choices and decisions and don’t expect others to join in. I accept that there are some aholes out there that won’t like me, that will be mean, and all that. That’s life.

    When Wendy Williams and that Alice chick, two people born with vaginas made logical comments they got skewered and that’s the PC shit I’m not down with.

    1. WW was right–he/she just killed people allegedly while texting/driving. Now is not the time to get national sympathy when those people are grieving. It has nothing to do with trans, but they made it about that with Wendy. She’s had trans people on her show.
    2. Alice Evans saying had Bruce been a she during the 70’s we’d never know who he was. True. She said that he was still paid better than the women around him precisely because he doesn’t have a vagina. Also true. She also said without a vagina you can’t be a woman and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE on her and of course she was force to apologize. And yet that was true.

    I have MTF trans friends and I choose to be kind. They want to be a “woman”…okay. You’re a woman. If you told me you were a cat, I’d be cool with that and say “Meow” when I see you.

    I don’t OWE it to you, however. I choose to give my linguistic charity because kindness is better. If you force me to change how I speak that kindness will evaporate because you are trying to remove my basic human right to think and speak my own words.

    As long as this stays out of government law, I’ll call Bruce Belinda, she, girl, woman, whatever. Kindness matters.

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    • Wendy Williams is a woman?!!
      Ha, she so “larger than life,”, I thought her a drag’star.
      Sorry, Wen’… You’re just so…draggish to me.

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  12. First of all there is absolutely no feminity about Bruce, I watch KUWTK from time to time (don’t judge me), and he’s always playing golf, hates doing anything that isn’t manly whatsoever, when the girls tried to get him do yoga etc. And once complained that they never want to do anything he likes sports etc.

    Even in the interview when he says he’s transgender he still dressing as a man, most transgender people when they tell people and finally announce it to the world they come out and dress the way they always wanted/supressed.

    Excuse me if my comments are ignorant and/or offensive, I have no experience in this subject.

    But Bruce hasn’t even elaborated his feelings on being transgender, only that he is. It’s almost as if he doesn’t even know why or how long he’s felt this way, most people would know, surely at a very young age.

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    • So are you implying that just because someone feels as if they want to be a certain gender they have to automatically do things that are stereotypically that gender? Wow gross….

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      • Well technically, yes, if you’re separating gender from sex, then you do have to categorize or else you cannot separate gender from sex.

        How do you define gender without sex without adjectives and conditions that prevail within that categorization?

        You either have to accept then that gender is a construct as they did in the 70’s, and that means that there is no such thing as “transgender” as a scientific state, just social, or you have to accept that gender is aligned with sex in some intrinsic way and then associate that with characteristics.

        It’s a philosophical conundrum if there is honest dialogue in this area, but there is not. Only a shouting match on both sides with a lot of name-calling.

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        • No, disagree completely. Being told that if you are a male, you have to be interested in this, this and this; or female- this, this and this… no way. That’s just sexism.

          Everyone is different. Everyone likes different hobbies, preferences, pastimes, etc.. that’s not gender, that individuality.

          I am a woman, very feminine in essence, however I *hate* talking on the phone, I hate shopping, I hate cooking, I hate girls’ time without any men (boring because women only want to talk about things I am not interested in such as their kids, cooking, gossip, etc… and all the mind games and backstabbing- no thanks).

          Does that mean I should be a man? But wait, I like makeup, gossip mags, and hate sports…

          So I am not stereotypically either…. by *your* definition.

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  13. I think it’s programming/lies for monetary gain + transgender viewers/ratings. It’s great for the trans community and kardashians keep being the American focus.

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  14. When I watched the interview I felt such a sadness for Bruce, keep him in your prayers. This is a really good video on christians and the right way to judge.

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    • I did, too. It was very sad. I have a friend who did the MTF and it was nonstop pain for her. People don’t do that on a whim. You have to have electrolysis, the “vagina” they create requires constantly dilation for the first year to create a “scar” or else it closes up and they have to do it again. She has had two surgeries because her vagina doesn’t want to be larger than 2 inches.

      People do not do this unless they are absolutely serious.

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      • Admittedly though, not everyone who goes through with the other surgeries will choose to change themselves down there, for various reasons or another.

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  15. Well said, I’m glad we can agree on some of the points! Life’s just one big, strange journey that I haven’t figured out quite yet 😉

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  16. Good afternoon,

    As a christian i’m unsure hoe you don’t have a problem with sex changes? I’m not saying to judge as 1 Corinthian 5 states God will judge those outside the church but in regards to “Do not judge” (Matthew 7:7-8.. I think you need to look at context.

    You sound like a liberial more than a christian but i could be wrong.

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    • You can be a liberal and a Christian. Not sure what Caitlyn Jenner did that is unChristian? Did she choose not to feed the poor? Did she ignore the sick? Did she refrain from visiting the dying? I don’t know that much about her but I know a lot about Jesus from reading the 25th Chapter of the Book of Matthew.

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  17. Isaac, please see the link I have provided. It fits right in to everything you have said about music, the Illuminati and the occult. This blog site is written by an African American man who was in the original Black Panthers. He has been around awhile and has done his research into just about every esoteric topic you can imagine. His insights are amazing and his body of work incredible! I found the link above by accident; it is a blog about Alicia Keys and how she changes – like flipping a switch – from sweet, talented, strong voice in black music to Illuminati mouthpiece and “Baphomet’s New Hip Hop Mistress”. Please also explore the rest of the site; you will fall down the proverbial rabbit hole and emerge about a week later totally stunned! Let me know what you think.

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    • Old story and much disinfo/BS in it

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      • What exactly in that entry is B.S.? His revelations about Cosby are worth considering because it doesn’t really add up how Bill was so promoted as a great guy and now, years later, we find out he’s scum.

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    • Yes predictive programming, also look at what we eat and take in. Mercury, soy estrogen…we’re all falling into place.

      I do not care what Caitlyn Jenner does, I DO care that the day her magazine cover dropped was the day we ignored Washington and they conveniently passed the “Freedom Act” which conveniently made us less free.

      I am an imperfect sinner. The other part of that Judge not is the part I’m hanging onto–and ye shall not be judged.

      It didn’t say you can’t judge, it said if you do you’ll have to stand in line for yours. I’m okay with not judging others. I have sins galore on me.

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  18. Don’t you think the Human race is spiraling out of control. All boundaries are being erased. This the image of Sodom. Jesus did not teach to accept anything Jesus taught “God is not mocked” he also warn of all the things that are taking place. GOD is a God of order everything has its place. And Jesus taught us about temptation; humans should not give in to everything tempting them. And now that ive commented, i hope im not judged for my freewill to have an opinion.

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  19. This is a discussion for another venue. I read Greek and I disagree with some of your interpretation. It will end up a Biblical debate and take the focus off of the subject of the post.

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  20. What’s really scary is if you go to Wikileaks and read the new trade agreement they are pushing for a one world digital currency. Spooky.

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  21. For another predictive programming example, look at the album cover for Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America.” See the backwards 9 and 11 just behind the Twin Towers. The “U” partially hidden behind on of the twin towers becomes 11, and the “P” when seen from reverse is the 9. So the twin Towers with 9 and 11 behind each one. Also the perspective of looking outside an airline window adds to this. Hardly a coincidence.

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  22. I beleave Micheal Obama is Transgender… Your Thoughts.

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  23. Extrapolated from an article by Shea Bernard regarding judging:

    “Also, most people mistakenly believe this applies to them – it does not. If you are not in ecclesiastical authority over others, Matthew 7:1-6 does not apply to you. Just like in John 8:7, this verse does not apply to the common man, Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees and admonishing them, as they were in legal ecclesiastical authority over others, and could bring charges against the common man ( in a LEGAL sense ) for their sins and wherein they would receive punishment in ecclesiastical courts.

    “Which brings me to my next point…..

    “The same people also mis-interpret the word Judging as Judging in a Moral sense. This is incorrect, it refers to judging in a LEGAL ( ecclesiastical ) sense. This is where the English translations can cause problems in the proper exegesis of Biblical text.

    “In Matthew 7:1, if we repair to original Greek, the language of scholarship that the New Testament was composed in, the word used is κρίνω, which means “to go to Law” and is synonymous with the Hebrew word, שׁפט which means “to rule on” or “judge legally.”

    “In Matthew 7:1, it is therefore referring to judgment in a legal capacity, as the Pharisees were in legal ecclesiastical authority, acting as pseudo-prosecutors, over the populace – this is not being used in the English moral tense, which is another Greek word entirely, διακρίνω; the Greek word κρίνω is not used in the NT much at all as it is very specifically about a legal judgment. As English does not have separate words for “Judge Legally” and “Judge Morally,” the exact meaning of the English word Judge has to be inferred from context, and both διακρίνω and κρίνω are translated as the same English word, Judge, even though they mean two different things.

    “Koine Greek has about 10 different words for the verb “to judge” – English does not. So no matter what Greek verb was used, it all got translated to the same English word, which is very misleading. That is why it is helpful to know Koine Greek and to be able to read and write it. So again, repairing to the original Greek, the word used is Judge Legally, not Judge Morally.

    “So to the arm-chair “pervert” theologians, and the sadly misled Christian, it is not us who are not following Scripture, as we know exactly what it means; it is your ignorance of the proper exegesis of Scripture that compels you to charge us with failure to follow the command to ‘not judge others,’ as that is not what that verse, or the surrounding passages mean, and it certainly does not correlate with the totality of Scriptural teachings on Judging – we all judge things and people every day. We cannot help but doing so. Jesus did not ever teach that we are to allow perversion and all manner of sin to live among us unchecked, hold hands and sing Kumbaya. One thing Christians are not called to do is to be tolerant of sin and of that which is abhorrent to Almighty God.

    “And that’s just the way it is.”

    Isaac, if you’re really a Christian, take a stand, and don’t apologize for it.

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