Britney Spears: Sex Kitten Programming

Watching for updates to the on-going Britney Spears saga is proving exhausting. I’m not the biggest Britney fan to begin with, so it’s a bit of a chore to scour the recesses of tabloid magazines for updates.

However, the story that is unfolding is FASCINATING!


Find out who is trying to reveal a hidden truth and why we think Britney has been brainwashed in this latest update…



Catch up already!

I already conducted a lengthy investigation into Britney’s MKULTRA connections on the podcast:

Listen to “Britney Spears Breakdown: MKULTRA Mind Control” on Spreaker.


Assuming the reader is all caught up; we can get into it…

Sex Kittens in Pop Culture

Britney Spears isn’t an isolated example of the sex kitten symbolism. We can rattle off a few other familiar names (links provided in photo captions):







And there are more…




Nicki Minaj

Just a coincidence right?

Why do they all do this? Read for more (*we’ll get back to the mind control programming of sex kittens later)…


Straight from the horse’s mouth

Director David LaChapelle is known for a plethora of music videos, including Britney’s “Everytime.” This video is curious because it has a lot of the familiar symbolism we’ve seen from so many occult-celebrities:


We see the red string Kabbalah bracelet and bathtub symbolism (an occult ritual of the symbolic death of the initiate goddess- all of this is in my Britney podcast special above).


Wiki has a curious background on that particular video that LaChapelle shot:

She starts to drown in her bathtub after bleeding from a head wound. In the hospital, doctors fail to resuscitate her, while simultaneously a child is born in the next room (implying she has been reincarnated). The original concept had Spears kill herself from a drug overdose, but that part of the plot was removed after it received criticism from organizations such as Kidscape, who perceived it as a glamorization of suicide.

Britney wanted to die in the bathtub- the passing over of the goddess (the same thing we saw with Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina who BOTH died in the bathtubs).

Tupac photo from LaChapelle shows him in the bathtub

Let’s get to the reason I prepared this analysis today for you; David LaChapelle recently revealed his truth to the world regarding Britney’s odd disappearance from the public eye on a now-deleted IG post in response to a video past from cd.collector:

“This is some of my footage, this is not my edit, I find it very suspect that the video was ‘leaked’ while Britney was ‘away.’”

“The video/song wasn’t released because Britney didn’t like it. Her voice as an artist, should be respected. The only direction Britney ever gave me for this video is for me to film her in the cage. At the time I didn’t understand why would you want to be filmed in a cage? At first I envisioned to film her as a tigress, but she wanted to be filmed more timid, like a kitten. For everyone on my team, at least, we could tell something was off.”

“The only direction Britney gave me for the video was that she wanted to die, that she wanted to die in the video.”

“I have known Britney since she was 17. I shot her first cover, Rolling stone, it was shot in Louisiana at her family home, filled with her pageant trophies. I could tell even back then something wasn’t right.”

On the Wiki for the video it gives more kitten symbolism with men that are: “hanging off poles next to leopards.”

The video in mention appears to have been removed in its entirety from the internet; but screenshots are still available.

Britney in a cage with the All Seeing Eye

Fans were petitioning for the release of this video back in September 2016 (article on

“Fans started a petition aimed at getting RCA to release the original, David LaChapelle-directed video for the album’s first single, which was allegedly scrapped for being “too sexy.” Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Rudolph sought to defuse online myths that the first clip was canned because the singer thought it was too sexy.

“It’s really simple. The video just didn’t work,” Rudolph told the paper without describing what the first pass looked like. “This is the first time we’ve reshot a video, and because it’s Britney there are all kinds of conspiracies. Nobody is hiding anything.” Lauded fine-art photographer-turned-video-director LaChapelle has been behind the lens for several sexually charged clips — including Christina Aguilera’s controversial “Dirrty” — and had worked with Spears before on the video for “Everytime”; to date he has not spoken about the “Make Me” redo.”

It seems that Britney was pushing for these symbols- but why would she?…


Theories of the MKULTRA Sex Kitten

Fritz Springmeier’s book on mind control details a lot of the alleged connections to the MKULTRA subprogram called Project MONARCH. This subprogram is alleged to create mind alters in its victims in order for them to get violated and sexually abused.

Terms like “Purr for me kitten” are the trigger statement that flips the alter’s internal switch (*which Cathy O’Brien also claimed in her book on the subject).

Websites like HollywoodSubliminals have posted about this concept in the past (many cite Fritz Springmeier’s book on the subject)

Beta is referred to as “sexual” programming (slaves). This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive instinct, devoid of inhibitions. “Cat” alters may come out at this level.

Known as Kitten programming, it is the most visible kind of programming as some female celebrities, models, actresses and singers have been subjected to this kind of programming. In popular culture, clothing with feline prints often denote Kitten programming.

Cathy O’Brien’s Tranceformation of America book details her horrific allegations against high profile people who were in on these abuses. She said that President Reagan would repeatedly refer to her as the ‘kitten’- a reference to the alter that would be abused for sexual gratification.


Cagey Allegations

Further into Fritz’ book, he alleges human cages for the victims:

The Monarch Mind Control was carried out in large airplane hangers on the base which have been able to house thousands of tiny cages just large enough for human babies. Lots of 1,000 babies was a small batch. According to people who worked in the hangers helping program, many batches were 2,000 or 3,000 babies. Many survivors remember the thousands of cages housing little children from ceiling to floor. The cages were hot wired (electrified on the ceiling, bottom and sides) so that the children who are locked inside can receive horrific electric shocks to their bodies to groom their minds to split into multiple personalities. These cages are called Woodpecker Grids. The victim sees a flash of light when high D.C. voltage is applied. Later, this flash of light is used with hypnotic induction to make the person think they are going into another dimension when they are blasted with high voltage. In the Peter Pan programming, the Programmers tell the slaves that this is “riding the light.”

It gets even darker when Fritz details further abuse of children (you’ll have to read his book if you want to know more- I’m not posting about it).

Bird cages have also been connected to the symbolism of the mind control experimentation as a symbol for the fracturing of the mind and different alters setup.

Let’s wrap this up- we’ve all got things to do!


A Dark Conclusion

OK, so what do we have now?…

We’ve got Britney asking her director to put her in a cage and simulate her death after he previously had her in the bathtub (bleeding, mind you). She wanted to be in a video with leopards and posing as the tigress; but Britney insisted she be a timid “kitten”:

“At first I envisioned to film her as a tigress, but she wanted to be filmed more timid, like a kitten

Now throw in ALL of those MKULTRA ideas of mind controlled celebrities (or even my guest Dr. Kim who said there are Hollywood cloning centers) and we’re left to speculate.

What’s my speculation?…

Unfortunately I think Britney is being chosen for the big Moloch sacrifice. I hope I’m wrong. I PRAY I’m wrong. Nobody deserves to be used as a tool for energy exchange but something about all of this just plain stinks. The media is already planting the seeds of mental health issues (which DO exist- don’t get me wrong), BUT all of the symbolism supports the research I’ve conducted over the years about occult obsessions to sacrifice…

Stay tuned to my podcast and website for updates as they drop…

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