Bob Lazar on UFO Hunters


This is a couple of years old-the video post shows 2009, but I haven’t seen all of these UFO Hunters episodes yet, so it’s new to me.

Government physicist Bob Lazar was working on UFOs in an Area 51 hangar and has been reverse engineering these alien aircraft. Proof of Lazar’s employment at the labs at Los Alamos and the S-4 compound in Area 51 have disappeared. George Knapp, the man who heavily publicized Lazar’s story, claims that he found a Los Alamos phone book with Lazar’s name in it and the lab still denies his employment. Knapp has a newspaper with an actual photo of Lazar and has a caption with the label of him as a physicist for Los Alamos, and also several eyewitnesses and coworkers to vouch for Lazar. Lazar told Knapp that he worked with Element 115-an energy source used to power the UFOs. A former CIA pilot uncovers new details (John Lear- who is also in the Thrive documentary I discussed previously) that confirm Lazar’s stories. John Lear provides a home video he and Lazar made while at Groom Lake and some of the reverse engineering of the Element 115 Lazar was working on.


Lazar has an odd history, they’re have been several discredits against him and Lazar claims that the government is setting this up. What I find as odd is that Stanton Friedman tried to verify Lazar’s education history (he claims he went to M.I.T.) but Friedman says he only sees that Lazar took some electronics courses at a Junior College in Los Angeles. But what’s intriguing is that Lazar is on the front page of that newspaper and it has a story about this rocket care he was building at Los Alamos, which is kind of a stretch for the type of person they are claiming him to be.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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