Bob Costas droopy eye and mind controlled MK ULTRA victims


Bob Costas’ jacked up eye is going viral and there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the potential for him having been subjected to MK ULTRA mind control experimentation. Thanks to the email I received from a member of the IW community, we can all take a look at some of the theories around why this is possible.

Fritz Springmeier (a famous conspiracy theorist, known for writing books about the Bloodlines of the Illuminati) wrote about the process of mind control in his book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave and how it takes a toll physically on the victims:


The charismatic branch of the satanic Network (such as the Assembly of God churches) uses porcelain face programming. This is done by using wax masks upon the victim, and giving them fire torture. The person actually thinks that their face has melted. At that point, the programmer pretends to be a god & a hero, and tells the person he will give them a new face, a porcelain mask. These new faces by the way, look like the ones sold in so many stores. The memories of abuse are then hypnotically hid behind the masks. To take off the masks is to abreact & burn again. If anyone touches the faces of alters with porcelain face programming, the alters will feel a burning sensation because their masks are not to be tampered with. This means that these alters have via torture & hypnosis lost their own faces! This is part of the dehumanization process which chapter 10 part C talks about. As long as these alters stay in denial of what has happened to them, they do not have to face the burn torture memories. 

But what is interesting is that he takes this a step further and introduces some ideas of what happens to a victim’s eye:

Some alters are tortured in a fashion that the eye area is traumatized and they squint the left eye. They look like Baron Guy de Rothschild of France ’s left eye looks. Guy de Rothschild Guy de Rothschild is a major handler/programmer, but the reason for his drooping eye is not known. Perhaps it was torture.

Here is an image of Baron Guy de Rothschild showing his left eye droop:

Baron Rothschild droopy eye 

And Costas:

Bob Costas Eye


Bob Costas eye droop

Another oddity that could explain Costas’ eye is involved in the cycle of ritual pain involved with the mind control. Springmeier asserts that salt and pepper is applied to the victim’s eye to cause pain in children. There is also a flashing light that signals “I love you, I love you not” which is a reference to the Nazi Dr. Mengele’s experiments where he would lock children up in metal cages, hooked to electricity. He would hit them with the current until their anxiety levels were extremely high (high anxiety?… sounds like the MSM…) and he would pull daisy petals and if the last petal was “I love you not” he would kill the child (rumored to have them skinned alive) and the remaining witnessing children would be traumatized to complete the trauma-based mind control aspect.

If all of this is a bit too deep for you to believe, read up on the Sanpaku eye, which is an Asian term referring to a person who has a notably visible white of the eye underneath or above the iris. Ancient Chinese believed this meant there was a physical or mental imbalance in the body. Three months prior to JFK’s death, the New York Herald Tribune ran an article that talked about how JFK had this Sanpaku eye condition and that he was in great danger. George Ohsawa was the one who predicted this; although the Wiki page claims there is no scientific evidence to prove this, although Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Martin Luther King Jr., Natalie Wood, and Abraham Lincoln all had the same condition.

One more oddity worth pointing out is the Illuminati symbolism of the Sochi Olympic Games. We can see Illuminati-triangles all over the town and particularly in Bobby’s own little desk:

Sochi Bob Costas triangle



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Great final picture! Even if it’s just a coincidence, that’s a great iconic image for this “genre” if you will.

    I would add that Costas opened the show apologizing for the eye, saying that he suddenly caught some kind of weird infection, which it appears to be. Instead of having to go through any kind of previous experience, he simply could have been “given” this as a touch of highly visible symbolism. I’ve seen this physical condition talked about by other conspiracy theorists.

    It could be nothing at all. But as was pointed out, this along with all of the triangles\pyramids shapes is an interesting combination.

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    • BTW you can Google the term “Illuminati Droopy Eye” to see more information on the topic.

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    • * It’s really noticeable at the 40 sec mark

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  2. It relates to the left eye of Horus being torn out when he battled Set. The believe that we are in the Age of Horus. They fuck up the left eye and try to modify it. They have an ancient set of beliefs behind their freak show perversions.

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  3. Vrill eye in my opinion way worse and more common than these theories!!!

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  4. Has anyone else noticed that Paris Hilton also has a droopy left eye?

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    • Sigh, just saw this after posting my reply🙄. Anyway, see my comment below.

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  5. Paris Hilton’s left eye droops. Since learning about all of this, I’ve wondered if Nicky Hilton was/is her handler. Since they were always together back in the day. Nicky always seemed more level headed than Paris. And then she stopped partying with Paris Paris and Paris became a handler for other celebrities like Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan. Also, interesting that Nicky Hilton married James Rothschild. Thoughts?

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  6. it is called “ptosis” … google it. there’s a neurological cause.

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