Bird Box MEANING REVEALED! The Occult Messages THEY Don’t Want You To Know!

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s Bird Box then go ahead and do that, come back here, and get ready for a mind blowing revelation!

**Plot spoilers**


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Normie Explanation

When I first watched the film I saw the obvious mainstream explanation; a woman named Malorie (played by Sandra Bullock) goes through a process of enlightenment to open herself up to be more vulnerable and learn to love. It’s quite evident when we consider the following evidence…

Malorie is afraid of being vulnerable or connecting with other humans. We know this because:

  • Malorie’s sister chastises her for being stuck in her art studio all day- she needs context with outside world
  • Malorie has no relationship with her baby daddy
  • Malorie has no clue there is an apocalypse occurring outside
  • Malorie has no desire to know what gender her baby is- the OB doctor even suggests she could put it up for adoption
  • Olympia tries to connect with Malorie (they’re both pregnant) and she clearly is uncomfortable with this
  • Malorie is taking care of her son and Olympia’s daughter; whom she calls ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ (further suggesting she doesn’t want to connect or humanize these children)

Malorie is seen at the beginning of the film in her art studio working on a dark painting that depicts many sad people in a “Last Supper”-esque piece. It could be argued they are all together, but actually distracted by personal electronic devices


We also see she is working on a piece that shows a woman being enlightened by contact with the light in a realm of darkness (more to come on this with the blindfold talk).

The connections between human beings seems to be part of the emo-apocalypse of suicides because:

  • The first suicide we witness is the woman in the hospital who is on her cell phone
  • When Malorie’s sister’s phone rings in their vehicle, it triggers the suicide visions. Furthermore, Malorie examines her hands after the wreck and it appears to have burns or some sort of cuts where she was handling the phone

Film takes a deliberate break from Malorie’s accident to focus on hands

So we’re left with the idea that the film is about Malorie’s journey from poor social connections and into a place where she can express vulnerability.


Gnostic Initiation: Blindfold and Hoodwinks

Gnosticism is a term used to describe people in the first century who believed that Jesus Christ came to Earth to teach human beings about gnosis. This is a reference to the knowledge that can ‘free’ people by learning that the material world is a demonic deception created by an entity to trap our spirits within matter. Only through contact with the divine can one become enlightened and understand the true spiritual freedom (*there will be more on this later).


The film is a tale of gnostic initiation for the masses- much like Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (see my project Kubrick’s Code for more on that).

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I can argue this through a multi-faceted approach of occult doctrine. The first component is the idea that we are witnessing the “Hero’s Journey” of Malorie as she takes the river trip into the “ceremonial chamber” (the blind school). The blind school is the final destination where Malorie is able to drop her guard and join the rest of the people who’ve escaped the monsters. It’s the final stage of enlightenment where she comes to full realization of being vulnerable for human connection.

**Curious enough- her OB doctor is there and they seem totally unsurprised to see each other.

**Big ups to Jay Dyer on this blindfold idea- he referenced it on his video about this subject. He does a great John Malkovich too by the way.

Malorie is blindfolded throughout the movie because that’s the Freemason “hoodwink” used in their first degree “Entered Apprentice” initiation rituals (a practice taken from ancient mystery schools). The blindfold represents the initiate going from dark to light (the “enlightenment” of the initiate).

One leg up- he must sell dope

The blindfold could also demonstrate the “evils” of the senses and our physical world. This is a gnostic principle in that our senses deceive us in our prison world created by the evil force known as the Demiurge. The material development of the world we live in is believed to be from evil forces- sometimes represented by Saturn.

The point is that Malorie completes the initiation at the end when she learns to live through the ONLY truth- her heart. Her senses are of no use; in fact they are the downfall of the entire human race.

The Alchemical Birds

The birds are symbolic of the four stages of alchemy. In the concept of alchemical transformation, the initiate goes through four stages represented by the colors of black, white, yellow, and red. These four stages are also represented by birds (the black bird is the ‘nigredo’ first step and the phoenix is the final step- full rebirth). We see significance of birds in this film since Malorie lugs them around with her everywhere to warn her of the monsters.

It’s also curious that the birds are in a black cube-box which is symbolic of Saturn or the gnostic prison planet.

There was a clear demonstration of this in the Lego Movie analysis I conducted, as well as a variety of sources I’ve compiled over the years.

Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube



Monster Sexy Time

Bottom line up front: the monsters represent man’s connection to ‘God’ (I’ll lower-case ‘god’ from here on because this is not the real God in my opinion).

How do we know this? Let’s take a short trip through occult doctrine to explain…

Sexual Union to Contact the Divine

Gnosis is considered knowledge of the divine. It’s when the practitioner is able to make contact with god and understand the true nature of reality. Some of the occultists believe that sexual orgasm is one such way to see god. During the moment of climax one is able to get a glimpse of what god looks like (other occultists or magicians use sex magick to transmit energy into the universe during the climax).

In Bird Box the psychotic people who attempt to force everyone to look at the monsters seem to have the same reaction. They saw the divinity in the same way sexual union is used to find god in the moment of climax.

Again, this concept goes back to the ancient times when initiates would perform apollonian or dionysian rituals to make contact with the divine (through overwhelming or restricting the five senses in order to make the contact).

The ritual sex could also be used for a male and female to make union as a reenactment of god with his female divine consort; named “Shekinah” (in the early Jewish times).

Who’s Shekinah?…

Shekinah Defined: A Talking Breeze or Female Divinity

*Big ups to Freeman Fly on this one- I heard about this idea from him years ago.

If we research the Shekinah we can find a multitude of ideas to string together in a very relevant way for this film.

First, from “Hebrew Word of the Day” it is defined as follows:

Shekinah is the English name of God in its feminine, motherly manifestation. The original word means the dwelling or settling, and denotes the dwelling or settling of the Divine Presence of God, especially in the Temple in Jerusalem

Second, if we read Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code we can learn about the Hieros Gamos sex ritual (*I know it’s just a fictional book but the concepts are very real):

Admittedly, the concept of sex as a pathway to God was mind‑boggling at first. Langdon’s Jewish students always looked flabbergasted when he first told them that the early Jewish tradition involved ritualistic sex. In the Temple, no less. Early Jews believed that the Holy of Holies in Solomon’s Temple housed not only God but also His powerful female equal, Shekinah. Men seeking spiritual wholeness came to the Temple to visit priestesses—or hierodules—with whom they made love and experienced the divine through physical union

Third, we can look at the Wiki for Shekinah and see an even more telling use of the term:

The Semitic root means “to settle, inhabit, or dwell”. This abstract noun is not present in the Bible, and is first encountered in the rabbinic literature. The root word is often used to refer to birds’ nesting and nests.

Fourth, we look at the same Wiki page and see a reference from another Abrahamic religion; Islam:

A story in Tafsir and Isra’iliyyat literature relates how Ibrahim and Isma’il, when looking for the spot to build the Kaaba found Sakīnah. Newby writes that it was like a breeze “with a face that could talk”, saying “build over me.” 

“Associated with piety and moments of divine inspiration, sakinah in Islamic mysticism signifies an interior spiritual illumination.”

Shekinah: the breeze that talks to you

Putting It Together

We can ascertain that this film is demonstrating concepts of the Shekinah because:

  • Sexual union of god with the shekinah is duplicated by occultists through sex rituals with purpose to make contact with the divine
  • The root word of shekinah refers to birds
  • The monsters appear with the wind blowing accompanied by demonic whispers (the story of the Kaaba reference a breeze that can talk)


In Conclusion: Initiating the Masses

We’ve seen gnostic principles in many pieces of entertainment (including Westworld which I’ve already conducted an eye-opening analysis for you).

Westworld: Choose your path of left or right, black or white

It’s of no coincidence that Netflix also gave us the show Maniac which also had gnostic symbolism that I covered.


When we consider that the film was written by the guy who wrote Arrival (a film about aliens who use a peculiar space-time language to ‘help’ the human race); we can see there is a theme of supernatural communications at play.

The journey Sandra Bullock takes is the same initiation we experience as the viewers. The film actually puts the masses through the gnostic initiation along with the characters. The moral of the story is that the material world is evil which supports the nihilist pursuits of those who seek to burn it down. In fact, we see a book entitled “THIS BRUTAL WORLD” inside the house which reveals an overt message. (*I realize the book is in reference to an architecture style that the character is most likely reading because they were in fact, an architect but the points remains).

The book is on the left of screen by fireplace

We imagine the monsters (or ‘gods’) in our own minds; forcing us to effectively ‘see’ god (the divinity the monsters show us as shekinah). When reading about the actual storyline we find out that the monsters all looked different to each person; which is diabolically genius because each viewer saw their own monster in their mind; thus we each got initiated (much like the mass initiation of 2001:A Space Odyssey).

Peek a boo: Gnosis achieved


Bonus Nonsense

Alien Talk

Actress Danielle MacDonald (who plays Olympus in the film) said the following:

“She’s just … she’s an alien, in the best way.”

This is curious because for years I’ve been suggesting that the entertainment industry is indoctrinating the masses to accept and ultimately worship aliens. It sounds crazy, but I assure you it’s happening (Lil Wayne said he’s a martian, Megan Fox believes in aliens now, Ke$ha claimed to see UFOs in the desert and the list goes on and on as part of NASA’s attempts to prove extraterrestrial life by 2025- read The Dark Path  for more on this subject).

Mister Rogers

This film is curious in that it succeeds in Mister Rogers attempts to get humanity to retain its sense of wonder. In April 2018 I published an episode of my podcast that briefly talked about Mister Rogers (listen to it HERE). It seems that Mister Rogers actually believed we’d be too addicted to technology (long before it was so obvious). He suggested that we should keep our sense of wonder strong. You can witness his foresight in everyday interactions with other people because everyone is quick to check Google for the answer on everything.

We all know my disdain for Google and their inevitable takeover and manipulation of ALL information so of course Bird Box is a great exercise in allowing us to actually ‘wonder’ what these creatures look like and what happened before or after the story we witnessed. Again, the main gripe I hear about this film is that it left too many unanswered questions but to me that is the beauty of the film.

I think Mister Rogers may very well have been Artificial Intelligence from the future coming to save us from ourselves. This is probably not a joke. Probably.

Netflix Conspiracy

Finally, I have to point out that there is a running theme on cable channels to malign Netflix. It’s a repeated idea that they co-sign any piece of junk that crosses their path but it’s actually an absurd criticism. I say that because here we’ve got a cheap form of entertainment that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection with on demand shows without commercials; yet the cable channels which cost many times more and have several more restrictions want to make you believe it’s a shameful pleasure.

For example, everyone is quick to claim this movie is a ripoff of M. Night Shalalalalalalaman’s The Happening which isn’t true because this book was written before The Happening. Others also say it’s a ripoff of A Quiet Place but I’d vehemently argue that Bird Box was much more engaging (besides- why does Jim sacrifice himself unnecessarily for his family in A Quiet Place anyways??).

Netflix is a threat to the existing paradigm of entertainment so they are fueling a campaign to make us not accept it.



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I think you may have missed an important message of Bird Box. I love all of your stuff and you are so on point, thank you for your great work! Consider also that Bird Box and the voices that they hear telling them to commit suicide or remove their blindfold is foreshadowing the coming 5g network and other things maybe even project blue beam etc. where we will not be able to distinquish our thoughts with the ones being projected into our heads. ….just a thought. keep up the great work! I live in Orem/Vineyard area. Would love to connect up one day with you!

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  2. Isaac –your reference to the definition of “Shekinah” as applying to birds was an exciting bit of info to me! Were you aware of that when John the Baptist baptized Jesus that a dove appeared and God said –“This is my Son of Whom I am well pleased “? You could conclude that the five represented the Shekinah Glory of God and “rested” on Jesus. Just a thought! Thank you so much for your research and info! 💘 you!

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    • Typical religiotard explanation. If only u knew….

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  3. There are youtube channels showing how Hollywood has come up with taking The Bird Box Challenge and influencing people to try blind folding their eyes and do things. People are mimicking this and hurting themselves.

    Post a Reply
  4. Malorie’s bloody hands remind me of stigmata.

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  5. Hey Isaac good job as usual. I do have one question? Do you think that there is that feminine link to God that maybe missing from our scriptures and that maybe because of this imbalance we ourselves are imbalanced? No ritualistic occultness to it, but just the idea that we don’t recognize the feminine as we do the masculine? It just seems to make sense that without the equalness there will be no balance. Two aspects of the same Divinity. Because as humans there are only really two, male and female.

    Post a Reply
    • Carl- that’s quite an intriguing idea there! Perhaps there’s something to the idea of being over-patriarchy’isized. Those occult ideas of reconciling opposites have a fair amount of decent thought behind them; I just am concerned with the direction it leads us if we subscribe to the full occult spectrum (e.g. Luciferianism). -IW

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  6. Isaac , what’s your view on the illuminati. Are you jus informing us or your are against them??

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  7. Right you are: I see the theme of alchemical transformation in many, many movies: a deconstruction of the self and an enlightened (actually, en-dark-ened) reconstruction.

    Post a Reply
  8. Issac, you said in you comments (paraphrasing) about boring us with information and the audience loosing interest. Which I personally feel you are not giving us enough credit. I believe your audience wants to be informed and perhaps enlightened that’s why we come to your website to hear your opinions. Also, you sound a little blasé in your commentary. Not sure if your trying to sound cool to the younger crowd or just a little burnt out. Not trying to sound mean, just an opinion for improvements. Katie

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks for the feedback Katie! I run a vast high and low of emotion! LOL Thanks again. -Isaac

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