Bina48 A.I. Robot


Bina48 is an android that can interact with believable facial expressions. It can hold conversations and obtain memories with humans through its digital brain. Sirius Satellite Radio creator Martine Rothblatt (his spouse’s name is Bina) commissioned Bina48 back in 2008 and since then it has pushed the boundaries of artificial intelligence. Every interaction it has with human beings improves its vocabulary and choice making abilities. The facilitator of the project, Terasem, was founded for the purpose of trying to transfer consciousness from a human to another being (technological in this case). They want to see if they digitize consciousness in a type of software they’ve coined as “mindware.”Ray Kurzweil said that the singularity where technological intelligence surpasses human intelligence is approaching at an exponential rate.

Terasem has a website built where you can build your avatar and “mindfile.” You upload documents, photos, videos, etc. that will be preserved in the future to create a virtual image of yourself with the places you’ve been and people you’ve met. Your avatar will have your mannerisms and beliefs and can interact with other avatars. This mindfile can be viewed by future family members or possibly used to upload into a cryogenically stored strand of your DNA to replicate you as a clone.

It sounds all science fiction-ish but it’s the real deal. Icke talks a lot about how movies will predicate real life stuff years before we are even aware of its possibility. It’s almost like there is an agenda that is several years ahead


2010 interview with Bina48:


July 2011 video of Bina48 conversation:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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