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After some discussion on the SXSW spectacles, Billy discussed the music industry’s shortcomings through the social media movement. Billy is a part of a group of artists that seek to change the business model to connect people to their music and the artists better. The consumers don’t have a special feeling that it used to due to the change in business model and corporate interests. The founding fathers had a corporate interest that they balanced against constitutional rights, and somewhere along the way the corporations took over our political and music structure. Music serves an interest and pushes a message setup by the corporations (David Icke talks on the music industry a lot, as do a million other bloggers).

Corgan talks about how we should be having uncomfortable free speech and how our political system was supposed to be built around that but it stifles opinions that aren’t accepted. The conspiracy theories that Alex Jones and others speak of, allows us to reassess our past and present. Corgan makes an excellent point that we need to reevaluate everything and try to avoid the absolutism that there is one solution to everything. Jones says that the system projects the society’s fears into a boogeyman and the social scientists understand this and use it to push agendas. Corgan resisted the rock and roll characterization and was subsequently demonized. He is observing movements and ideas and seeing if the idea is disclaimed or co-opted. Media tries to control the idea and put it into this absolutism box as to whether the idea is good or bad, then they push it. I’ve heard this idea summed up nicely with the baking, serving, and eating of the media and consumer cycle of events. This is why the Occupy movement is being demonized because it’s bad for someone’s business. Corgan also says that he doesn’t fully support all aspects of the movement, he just uses it as a good example to convey what he’s telling.

Corgan goes into some “The Secret” type ‘ish with talk of how we need to envision what we want our future to look like, not just talk about change. The strength of Power of Intention will make it all fall in place.

In summary, Billy says that debate is needed and if we ever get to the point where we want to shut down free speech, then we’ve been programmed robots of the system. Accepting something without debate or just repeating information unchecked is the problem (*Icke’s repeater theory*). Jones then says that people tend to delusionally join the system to be on the bandwagon when they give up on trying to convert people into looking into these ideas.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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