Billy Corgan: Illuminati Shape Shifters on Howard Stern and the Faustian Bargain

Billy Corgan:

Illuminati Shape Shifters on Howard Stern and the Faustian Bargain

Billy Corgan and the Illuminati conspiracy theories seem to go hand in hand. He’s been featured on Alex Jones’ Infowars in the past so he seems at least a bit interested in the subject.

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Shape Shifters on Howard Stern

In the article on the subject by EntertainmentWeekly, they quoted Corgan’s incredible story:


“Let’s just say I was with somebody once and I saw a transformation that I can’t explain. Imagine you’re doing something and suddenly you turn around and there’s somebody else standing there.”

Stern asked if it was something other than human and he also confirmed that. He continued to pressed Corgan and asked about the shape shifting and he confirmed that he did.

Besides promising that he was sober, Corgan declined to go into much detail, which is consistent with how little the unnamed person would say to him. “They wouldn’t explain,” Corgan continued. “It’s up there with one of the most intense things I’ve ever been through.”

So who are the shape shifters? Read on and I’ll explain in a bit…

Faustian Bargains

Billy Corgan also went on CNBC and made a comment on the abuse of musicians in the entertainment industry:

…[the music industry] it’s still very much people signing their life away, you know the old deal with the devil stuff…

This is important when you consider the possibility of the truth behind signing the satanic pact. It’s a concept I talked about in Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic because so many artists have talked about this.



Putting it all together

Billy Corgan talked about shape shifters, and the go-to “expert” on that subject is David Icke.

Even though he has a lot of questionable information and a New Age slant; his discussion on reptilian shape shifters remains some of the most intriguing.

He alleges that Hollywood and entertainment executives are actually reptilian shape shifters by the name of the Archons (meaning “rulers”). It’s alleged that they feed on the energy of children in the forms of fear (which ties us into the allegations against Harvey Weinstein).


It seems the theory of predators feeding off the fear of children is not only fiction (as seen in Stephen King’s IT- see my analysis HERE), but perhaps reality as they abuse children sexually.

A recent allegation on Reddit about a deleted scene paints this horrific picture:

PENNYWISE You mistake me woman. No mere devil, I am the Eater of Worlds. His voice is guttural, unnatural. ABIGAIL But my child, not my child… He is innocent…

PENNYWISE So you say. The Baby SCREAMS. Pennywise smiles. Beautiful fear…

ABIGAIL I pray Thee, take me. Abigail shuffles back.

PENNYWISE I will. And then, him. And thy husband and the rest of thy children, and all the savages who brought you here. And when you all rot in the earth, I will pick thy bones dry until no meat is left to pick. And then I will seek out thy bones and consume thy souls until nothing is left but the weeds! (beat) Or you will occupy yourself otherwise and not interfere. I will take her and you will live, and those of thy other children — in whom I take no interest. And you will thank ME fever and frost did not damn you to the soil. Abigail looks down at her baby again.

She’s shaking, doesn’t want to let go. Behind her, the Door OPENS. A Little Boy, 6, asks — BOY Mama?

ABIGAIL NO! OUT! NOW! Frightened by his mother, the Boy runs. Abigail turns back to Pennywise. Wherever he may be now in the room. The light somehow seems to spin faster now. She kisses her baby and sets it down. It BAWLS.

ABIGAIL : I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…

She turns away from the baby. Faces those dying embers. We keep on her face as they seem to begin GLOWING BRIGHTER AS — OVER HER SHOULDER — OUT OF FOCUS — Pennywise crawls over to the Baby and starts to feast. SHARP CRY FROM THE BABY CUT OFF as we hear a CRUNCH. Abigail continues to look into the BRIGHT ORANGE GLOW of not the flickering fire… …but the DEADLIGHTS. Her expression changing. Fear. Denial. Grief. Acceptance. And then nothing. Just a glazed look. AS IF NOTHING HORRIFIC IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING BEHIND HER.

The concept of Faustian bargains plays into this as well. Since the days of Robert Johnson’s Crossroads, we’ve heard allegations of this practice which assumes the “Illuminati” are involved and they truly subscribe to worshipping the dark lord. The reasons for worshipping this Luciferian “guiding light” are a bit more… complex…



The most comprehensive book on this entire subject and the scope of the entertainment industry’s involvement is my most recent book: The Dark Path that is available NOW on Gumroad (*author-signed paperbacks in limited quantities), Amazon, iTunes and Audible (author-narrated audiobook)!

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Demon possession…is real.

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  2. well, if the world is run by the prince of darkness, it’s to be expected that they are all demons in some way…

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    • Didn’t mean demons, I think those are around in spirit form, but rather demon possessed. Plenty of HollyWEIRD stars and singers are possessed. Then again some are just MKUltra victims like Beyonce, who may be demon possessed.

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  3. Energy from the fear of children ?
    Then it sounds like Disney´s “Monster Academy” is putting it right in our face !!!

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  4. There are a lot of things happening now in the world right now. Sensitive people feel it. Those who are afraid will pretend they don’t see the signs, while others will acknowledge them. The weather, the dead fish, the pedophilia…we’re living in tumultuous times. We just need to accept what will happen and figure out what our role will be.

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  5. The pact is much older than Robert Johnson. Goethes Faust for instance. I think King David made such a pact.

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    • Pretty sure we would’ve gotten word about that in the Good Book if King David has done that…..

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    • Gnarly tats on that girl, she loves throwing up the Baphomet hand signs. 🙁

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  6. Well there is a race of invisible shapeshiftinh entities on Earth around since before humanity called jinn. They also have the ability to possess people and also teleport.

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