Billie Eilish ‘all the good girls go to hell’ Illuminati Symbolism

Billie Eilish has a new video for her track “all the good girls go to hell” that features symbolism we MUST talk about…



Hidden Language

The video is still under production but I caught wind of it via a TMZ article. When I read about it I knew where the symbolism was taking her:


“The 17-year-old alt-pop singer got down and dirty filming the video for her track, “all the good girls go to hell” … throwing on a huge set of feathery wings and completely covering herself in heavy black makeup that looks just like sludge.”

The video promises to demonstrate an occult concept we’ve seen many times before…



Alchemical Process

As most of the readers already know; the symbolism in question will take us down the path of occult enlightenment. This process is referenced the alchemical transformation.

Alchemy is the idea that one can transmutate one substance into another- typically lead into gold if we consider the occultists overt definition. If we consider the occult initiate’s “journey of the planets” we would interpret it as the candidate dissolving their false view of reality and rebuilding themselves and their world under their new understanding.

The alchemy being conducted here is to take the initiate (Billie Eilish in this case) from the opening stages called the ‘blackening’ or ‘nigredo’ into the various elements that will lead to the full rebirth: the phoenix.

The different stages of alchemy are symbolized by four colors (or birds):

  1. Blackening (Crow)
  2. White (Swan)
  3. Yellow (*I’ve seen this depicted as a duck, pelican or peacock)
  4. Red (Phoenix)

The initiate must start with the blackening before making their way through the stages. The final phoenix represents the new candidate rising from the ashes with the synthesized occult knowledge of the world. They consider this the full reconciliation of opposites or the marriage of the sun and moon; or the unified consciousness.



Creativity or Industrial Mantra?…

Billie is like most artists- rehashing the occult symbolism for a new and unsuspecting generation of consumers. The entire agenda works with the system to push her into the limelight and perpetuate her artistic genius to give her the clout she needs for the adherents to pursue her path.

We’ve seen this alchemical symbolism so many times over the years of coverage here at

Travis Scott Goosebumps video



Hunger Games Mockingjay


Cardi B 2019 Grammys


Rose McGowan in RM486


Miley Cyrus as the black bird



Even Billie herself showed us the black goo (I call this the ‘tears of Saturn’):

*I recently published a podcast episode breaking down ALL of her symbolism and the coordination of the agenda Billie Eilish Illuminati Symbolism (*the article also has all the images referenced):


Listen to “Billie Eilish Illuminati Symbolism” on Spreaker.




What’s Next: Luciferian Enlightenment

The lyrics tell the whole story:

My Lucifer is lonely
Standing there, killing time
Can’t commit to anything but a crime
Peter’s on vacation, an open invitation (*a reference to the absence of Peter and his judgment; morality is of no consequence)
Animals, evidence (*the Church of Satan advises that man is just an animal- morality is a social construct from Christianity)
Pearly gates look more like a picket fence
Once you get inside ’em
Got friends but can’t invite them
Hills burn in California
My turn to ignore ya
Don’t say I didn’t warn ya
All the good girls go to hell
‘Cause even God herself has enemies
And once the water starts to rise
And heaven’s out of sight
She’ll want the devil on her team


Luciferianism is the ultimate end game for these occultists (in my opinion). They believe that Lucifer is the true liberator of mankind and should be worshipped as such.


Surely this video is intended to release when Billie Eilish wins her share of MTV VMA awards on August 26th, 2019. When the video drops it’ll be sure to have the symbolism of the alchemical process; indicating Billie is the initiate willing to follow the occult path of esoteric wisdom. The video will depict her ‘rising from the ashes’ as the phoenix; reborn into the new evolved form, giving way to the Aeon of Horus…


UPDATE Sept 4th, 2019: VIDEO RELEASED!!!

I suppose it should be comforting to know the Illuminati agenda is predictable because what I predicted above turned out true (not the part about the video dropping during the VMAs- I was wrong about that). Here’s a breakdown:

Lucifer: the Fallen Angel

Billie starts out with the needles in her back (from bury a friend video) that sprout wings, which she uses to fall from the sky. This is clearly a metaphor for Lucifer the fallen angel who fell like lightning (the lyrics clearly talk about Lucifer).



Alchemical Blackening

Billie hits the earth (malkuth in Kabbalah if we take it there) and starts her journey of alchemical transformation. This is the first stage of blackening (explained above).


Phoenix Rising

Her wings catch on fire- symbolizing the final stage of the alchemical process with the phoenix rising from the ashes as the enlightened initiate.



This is just like what we saw from Travis Scott’s Goosebumps video.

Travis Scott Goosebumps video


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    • yer a dingus. you don’t have special insight to stuff nobody else is aware of. this illuminati stuff is, idk, interesting and fun as we get to see how some people find and latch onto conspiracy as a way to make them feel like they are somehow in the know and they “know” what’s “really going down”. You’re arrested development personified.

      Look, I’ve read Robert Anton Wilson, and Crowley, and Gurdjieff, and Castenada, and Lilly, and Antero Alli and many, many others and I thought I was so super cool because I “knew” shit that virtually nobody else thinks about. It’s all crap. Entertaining crap, yeah. But crap. Same goes for the bible, the i ching, all of it. 0.000001 % of the world actually uses those “teachings” in a meaningful way. Hence, it’s meaningless and only provides an ego boost to your developmentally arrested minds.

      Little baby Billie is not the problem. She’s a respite from the crappiness of it all and refreshing if you allow her to be. So tired of all these butthurt, mostly dudes, who need a reason, to point to a cause, doesn’t matter if it’s all imaginary, for why they are puny and sad. we’re all puny. boo hoo.

      That kid made a really good album. Go enjoy it. With good speakers.

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      • Mouthbreether your an idiot and has know clue. You are obviously not a Christian thus has no more compass. If you know anything about the Bible you would know Illuminati watcher is spot on.

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        • LOL, only Xtians have compass? Are u a bit aware of what ure saying?

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      • This comment is aids

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      • Guys its symbolism for like global warming. You have to do more than just watch

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  1. I love her music, but I think that the Illuminati symbolism is spot-on. I always feel sorry for the young, talented artists who are so easily exploited.

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  2. This is a really facile and confused analysis. This has a lot more to do with Milton than Crowley, and is using religious imagery to make a powerful point about the desecration of creation, and indirectly, the scandalous failure of religious authorities and communities to do anything about it. In the end, however, the fallen angel shows her rebellion to be a sinful, counterproductive act in the end. So there are a few moral lessons being explored in this short little narrative.

    Executive summary: All the good girls go to hell because they are now born into a hellish, doomed world.

    This is illustrated by the character of the angel who is the protagonist here. Lucifer is lonely, and the angel will fall and go join him as man is a failed experiment and Lucifer has been proven right. Peter (the church) is negligent and on vacation, and the barrier between heaven and the rest of creation is meaningless.

    Notice the clearly sinful pride in the voice of the fallen angel, she knows better than god, god is going to eventually go to her and Lucifer for help against god’s real enemy, man, and especially the overwhelmingly sinful church and its leaders.

    But what does the angel get for her fall? She has her feathers burned off by the burning pitch, revealing the true form of what are clearly demonic wings. The burning creation around her, with the silhouetted dancers, it clearly demonic, not some sort of earthly paradise that the fallen angel, in its disgust with man, implied should be the state of creation.

    Either the fallen angel is simply evil, and the environmentalism is an excuse for defying god, or the fall from grace has damaged her so that she is left with no result other than more of the wickedness and destruction that disgust with her.

    Look a the face Billie portrays – it is defiant, disgusted, and prideful. If she was glorifying the rejection of God, would that be how she would depict it? And the dancers in the flames – is this really a justification for the fallen angel, or showing her choice for the wicked thing it is?

    This is a masterful song and production, as you have to watch it closely to understand it and appreciate it. You all need to work a lot harder at this cultural criticism thing you are trying to do here. Get away from the semiotics of the occult and read deeply the literature of Christendom, and this will make more sense to you.

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  3. i’m not a christian. that’s probably the only accurate statement you’ll ever make. who cares? to me, any adult who believes in god is simple enough to believe anything, including the illuminati.

    billie is a good, compassionate kid. she’s also a surprisingly good artist. watch these and tell me what their is to be afraid of here.

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