Billboard Music Awards BBMAs 2019 Illuminati Symbolism for the Dark Lord

Another award show, another high profile ritual. You know I watch all of these award shows every single year so let’s just get right into the latest…

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Juice World the Luciferian

Juice World won Top New Artist (spelled “Juice WRLD” cuz why not? In fact removing vowels is a Kabbalism ordeal). To celebrate his allegiance to the big agenda he wore a shirt covered in lightning bolts- the symbol of Lucifer.


I’m not surprised by this because he worked with open satanist Lil Uzi Vert (L-UCI-FER) on a track I analyzed last year called “Wasted” which had its share of Luciferian inspiration.

“Wasted” art has lightning on it- a symbol related to Lucifer

Lyrics to “Wasted” explain it all:

“She told me that she tryna get closer to Satan”


Saturnian Influence

Saturn is the symbol for the Dark Lord (the Illuminati’s “god”). Thus, we see the classic black cube symbol on the Xfinity stage which ALSO has the cube in its flattened three-dimensional form inside in case the reader should have doubts if this was indeed a black cube:


If you don’t know about the black cube and its symbolism get familiar with my analysis HERE.

Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube


Ariana’s Devotion to Saturn

I previously broke down the symbolism of Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” video, so we got more of the same:


The song lyrics are all about the obsession with material goods (*while she heavily co-opts rap culture) with the backdrop of the purple haze which is a reference to the ‘hidden sun’, which is again a reference to Saturn (see my analysis for more).

More lightning; just a coincidence…


Madonna’s Project Blue Beam

In my recent podcast I predicted that Madonna would push some form of symbolism (I believe I predicted this one wrong- relying on the O and X Antichrist symbolism which didn’t really play a role). Instead we got a display of amazing technology that showed us holographic dancers that seem to support the theory that there is a “Project Blue Beam” to make the existence of UFOs seem real.


*Side note: this Maluma guy with her is clearly chosen to be the next superstar, the camera couldn’t stop panning to him and all the media outlets were sure to drop his name. His first album was named “Magia” which is Spanish for “Magic.” For sure he signed the pact…

Is there a technology that can make us believe we’re seeing real aliens and UFOs in the sky?…


Would the “Illuminati” use this to further their agenda?…


Panic at the Sigil

Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco (a name worse than Juice WRLD) performed with the mindless shell that is Taylor Swift. Later his own band played with the camera zooming past the Saturn stage and its sigil.


This captured my attention so I looked up more and confirmed it is Brendon’s sigil:

The sigil shows us the All Seeing Eye, the Sun and the Moon. This is because the occult religion is the ancient religion of solar/lunar worship. They believe that God’s Son is actually “God’s Sun” and they seek the powers of magical contact with the universe to bring it back to the forefront.

I’m also not surprised to see this sigil because Brendon is on the “pansexual” bandwagon after he left the LDS faith so his woke levels are through the roof.

Straight Up 666

Paula Abdul performed on the Saturn cube and put the 666 hand on her pineal gland. She got the killer combo points for this one.

What’s amazing here is that jumped straight off the top rope like she was still 20 years old (*she’s 56). She also incorporated some technology when MC Skat Kat performed alongside her (*anyone think its strange to have a rapper named “shit cat”?).


In Conclusion

We had a lot of celebrities pushing symbols on the Saturnian cube. I believe they were super charging their symbols and devoting energy straight to the Dark Lord himself.

Drake even gave an acceptance speech for Best Artist that talked about how artists have been dying lately and we should always tell them our feelings while their still alive.

Why is the life expectancy so short for these artists?…

Is Drake familiar with the Moloch blood sacrifice and Faustian bargains?…

So many questions to be left with but to me it always goes back to the idea that the high profile rituals are meant to send energy to their god- Lucifer.

Want more? Listen to my breakdown on the podcast:

Listen to “2019 BBMAs: Luciferian Symbolism for the Dark Lord” on Spreaker.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I commented once b4 abut Ariana’s video for 7 rings and when you pause it there are the 3 small tau crosses. They are a symbol for Saturn. Also with Maluma it maybe cause he is good looking, lol.

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  2. Back in the day, I loved Panic! The first album was brilliant. But, you could see the making of a degenerate persona even then. I didn’t know Brendan was a Mormon. Wow. It is a shame that such talent is wasted on promoting Satan.

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    • and Brandon Flowers mormon. Do not forget!

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  3. “mindless shell that is Taylor Swift”. I loved that 🙂

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  4. you write: “removing vowels is a Kabbalism ordeal” – Why?
    i don’t understand…

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  5. It is actually more of. Hebrew thing. The Hebrew alphabet has no vowels and since the Kabbalah is a form of Jewish mysticism, that is why they have no vowels.

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