Bill Maher Reveals Hollywood’s Predictive Programming

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Today I wanted to share a video I created for the IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel about predictive programming (the theory that the Illuminati plants messages and themes into entertainment).


On this video we’ll see Bill Maher talking about how the agenda seems to work. I’m sure he doesn’t believe in the “Illuminati” but it seems that he subscribes to similar beliefs in the power of predictive programming.

Check it out:

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. And so it goes. Again.

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  2. And so it goes. Again. Does that piss you off.

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  3. Half of the the video is ads, the rest doesn’t say much. I think I’m done with this site…

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    • Why does everyone get so pissed off when people try to make a living? I like how you guys think this guy has copious amounts of free time to research, write articles, and produce videos for your viewing/reading pleasure and/or to educate the public on possibly hidden things that aren’t public knowledge.

      Give Weishaupt a break; it’s not like he’s charging you to access this stuff.

      Good stuff, IW; informative as always. Keep up the good work!

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      • AMen – well said Doc!! – God Bless you IW – keep up the great work Brother!

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  4. Bill Maher knows exactly what is going on. This is a classic example of truth in plain sight.

    He is a talk show host which makes him suspect as a handler and Jewish which makes him suspect for closet Zionist. When I first started learning about the illuminati and how all famous people are suspect I researched Bill Maher (whom I adored) and had my heart broken while observing him throwing up the Illuminati gang signs (not you too Bill!):

    Illuminati hand signs and handshakes:

    Religuous hand sign (in better quality videos that are not available now I observed when he flashes his gang sign I observed his nervousness, like a child trying to pretend he didn’t take the cookie from the jar but can’t hide his lying smirk):

    I recall seeing one video of him throwing up the ok/666 sign in anger after some 911 truthers were calling out in the audience but can’t find it online anymore – that was what really stuck with me – him moving across the stage spontaneously in anger while flashing the sign.

    He presents himself as an intellectual, a critical thinker – but mocks any inquiry into 911 or states that he looked into it and he simply believes the official government story on it. That alone gives him away as a total phony.

    He is just a distraction, making Liberals think that the Republicans, Tea Party, & Islamists are the real reason the country suffers when of course he knows the illuminati controls/sabotages everything. Total waste of my time watching his show for years, so glad I know the truth about him and haven’t wasted one moment watching his hypnosis show since.

    All famous people are suspect for directly deceiving the public or simply being utilized to do so. If they don’t support the agenda they don’t get work.

    Real Time with Bill Maher = Real Waste of Time

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