Bill Maher mentions FISA wireless monitoring

Real Time with Bill Maher came back on the air Friday night and he concluded his New Rules with a speech about the 2nd Amendment and how the people who are worried about it don’t pay any mind to the government’s passing of privacy intrusion bills. Particularly, he mentioned how the Senate reauthorized a bill that allows the government to monitor and collect data on American citizens and retain it indefinitely.

Here’s the transcript of the entire New Rule (from DailyKOS):

And finally, New Rule: Someone has to tell America’s gun nuts to stop wetting their Army surplus pants about losing the Second Amendment.  It’s not your Second Amendment rights that are under attack; it’s all the other ones.

It used to be that law enforcement couldn’t search you without probable cause, but now we’re becoming a quasi-police state where one minute you’re home quietly reading 50 Shades of Grey, and suddenly there’s a SWAT team in your living room waving guns.  And you’re going, “No, no, Katt Williams lives next door!”

Now, last month, while no one was taking anyone’s guns from anybody, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to reauthorize a program where they can collect data on any American citizen and hold onto it forever.  They can look at your e-mails, your texts, your Skypes, and not a peep out the crowd that’s always bitching about what the framers intended.  In fact, the answer from almost everyone seems to be, “Oh what the hell, the airport screeners have already seen my ass anyway.”

The Facebook generation, especially, doesn’t seem to care that Big Brother knows everything about you — what books you read, what movies you watch, your account, your other account when you’re feeling a little freaky and wanna meet the sort of woman your regular account wouldn’t approve of.

Call me old school, but I don’t want the feds Googling what I’m Googling.  It’s bad enough when Netflix pries into my private life.  “You watched The Walking Dead and Zombieland.  You might also like this interview with John McCain.”

(audience laughter)

I don’t want the government doing that!  “You downloaded this article favoring the legalization of marijuana.  You might also like being incarcerated.”

You know, they always say these programs are just to catch terrorists.  The next thing you know, they’re using them to shut down the pot dispensaries.  And that place was right on my way home!  Now I gotta go to Valley Village!

Doesn’t anyone care that this is the new normal?  I guess not, because gun nuts don’t care, and neither do liberals.  When Bush did warrantless wiretapping, oh, he was wiping his ass with the Constitution.  But when Obama does it, oh well, whatever helps Jessica Chastain find bin Laden, we’re good with that.

(smattering of audience applause)

Yeah, both parties compete mightily to appear to be the greater champion of our freedoms, but the only thing that still has bipartisan support in Washington is not giving a shit about privacy.

And when you talk to the NRA types, as I like to do down at my local moose lodge, they actually believe that what protects their rights isn’t laws, or courts, it’s that they have a gun.  They think that’s what keeps the government from going too far.  Without guns, Obama would become an emperor and force everyone to gay marry, but he can’t because a guy in Kentucky named Skeeter has a .22.

(audience applause)

Except that, you know, while you guys were buying guns to protect your other guns, sittin’ up on the porch there, waitin’ for Obama’s Negro Army to come confiscate your weapons and go all Django Unchained on your ass — that’s when we lost all the stuff in the Bill of Rights, about trials and juries and warrants.

You see, the Redcoats — they never wanted your gun.  They wanted your liberty.  And that’s why the Founding Fathers said you could have the gun, dumbass!  And now the only right we have left is the guns, and left nothing left to use the guns to protect!  We’re like a strip club with a million bouncers and no strippers!

Maher makes a good point with all of that; we have a history of the NSA passing bills that collect data on citizens, such as ThinThread and Trailblazer, the Terrorist Surveillance Program and now the newest version, the FISA. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was extended by the Senate (and signed by President Obama) and warrantless wiretapping is still in full effect for another five years. However, Bill Maher failed to mention that spying on Americans does need a warrant. This doesn’t change the point though, because FISA wasn’t nearly as prominent during its passage around the end of the year between the holidays. Did you notice that the timing of the FISA passage happened around the same time last year when the NDAA passed (that allowed indefinite detention of American citizens)? Granted, there really hasn’t been much buzz about anyone being detained based upon that NDAA, but the fact remains.

Globalpost has several tweet images from politicians and their viewpoints on it.

Bill Maher

Here’s a separate clip from the same show where guns are discussed:

Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Your 100% right. Yet, Isn’t all about money and power?

    What prevents those in power-whether they are elected or not-to sell our information or leak it. Information is a commodity and why should the powers that be have a right to own this asset in secrecy. Is it another illegal way to make money? Is it another way for those in power to squeeze a few extra dollars for their campaigns?
    Politicos new slogan “give me money or you will deal with us gossip girls.”

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  2. Approximately 9 years ago, I was supposedly being vetted for a job, where I somehow unknowingly I angered the mistress of a high public official, actually she the mother of this high official’s illegitimate daughter. (Sadly, both reject their daughter, one claims she is a foster child, while the other does not publicly acknowledge her existence.)

    Anyhow this woman, used the influence of the father of her child to make my life difficult. Through his connections, she and her minions supposedly fabricated a story of my life to my little community, causing me a some hardships. This is what happens when the powers that be have control over your privacy, they give control of your data to their mistresses who may twist your data and fabricate lies just because they can.

    Mortified by her fabrications, my heart was broken. Yet, I realized that if she negates her own flesh and blood, how can I expect her to be kind to me or anyone else.

    I can only apologize to her that I really did not have a past that she could enjoy: I chose to avoid certain paths through much sacrifice to lead a conservative life that embraces liberal views. She did not have a right to rewrite my life’s journey or block me from pursuing my life and liberty, but she did. I really did not care how she had chosen to live her life, it was her life.

    It was not my fault that this German woman choose to cheat on her white husband more than 30 years ago, it was not my fault she bore a Caribbean looking love child from her adultery, it was not my fault that she was ostracized by her militant community, it was not my fault that the father of her illegitimate daughter eyed one of the highest offices, and it was not my fault that she negated her daughter. She made her choices, and she needs to accept them and not take her frustration for her decisions out on others. Whatever choices she made, I was never a part of it.

    Yet, it takes the misguided actions of the powers that be to shatter your liberty, privacy, rights, reputation, in the supposed name of security.

    The funny thing is that I was always left puzzled when her minions kept asking me after insulting me as to whether I had learned my lesson. What lesson? After much time, hardship, and reflection, I can now answer them and thank them for making me aware through their actions and words that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness should not be left in bad governance especially when officials’ follow the path of the fallen.

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