Bill Cooper Predicts 9/11

Those of you that have followed my research for long enough already know that Bill Cooper was the guy that ‘red pilled’ me. Like most people, my journey started with his book “Behold a Pale Horse.”

I didn’t go deeper down the rabbit hole until the mid-2000’s with David Icke’s “Freedom Road.” Thus, I wasn’t on the pulse of Bill Cooper and his “Hour of the Time” radio show like I should’ve been.


Luckily, there are many sources where we can retrieve many of Bill Cooper’s shows.

The following clip is an excerpt from the documentary “Hour of Our Time” about the passing/murder of Bill Cooper. I wanted to share it with you because it’s a very curious prediction for 9/11 and the subsequent privacy invasions via Patriot Act and NSA’s PRISM program.

Check it out! (*this is my VIMEO channel- I’m tired of Censor-Tube banning me so I’ve got my entire archive available on the “VIDEOS” tab along the top of my website).




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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. It’s not entirely impressive. I was around back then and Cooper predicted a number of things, but as far as 9/11 goes, there were news articles being circulated then suggesting “Bin Laden To Attack U.S.”, “Terrorism Coming Sooner Than Later,” “Officials Fear ‘Big One’ On The Way”, etc In fact, it was those articles on an almost-daily basis that had a lot of people feeling an impending “something”. Never was such a spectacular attack detailed the way it played out, though. But bin Laden and al-Qaeda were on the radar of anyone paying attention, and certainly those articles made it to Cooper’s CAJI and other patriot mailing lists. The other stuff about privacy was a given.

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    • You seem to have missed the point entirely, which is not that an attack would occur, but that it was obviously not what it would be portrayed to the public as being, which is “a bunch of angry Muslims” acting on their own accord with no conspiratorial agenda behind it to bring about far greater encroachment upon the people of America, including it being a means to attempt to bring about the end of legal ownership of guns by the public.

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  2. Loving the podcast and website. Bill Cooper’s Mystery Babylon series on his “hour of the time” radio show was my red pill. So much research and info packed into every episode. Yet it’s hard to get others to take a listen. Gotta find a way to download it. It’s such a treasure. Anyways, keep up the excellent work, it’s much appreciated.

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    • Thank you Jake! You can download that Mystery Babylon mp3 series on that Archive website. Yea- it’s very well done, great for revealing the Luciferian agenda. -Isaac

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  3. While this post obviously isn’t about Microsoft, I wasn’t sure where to provide you with this link: …while as a Roman Catholic in the media (and tech to a more limited degree) I don’t see my fellow RC Bill Gates being “illuminati”, you’ve made points before about the Xbox and Windows logos, so I thought their new console being codenamed “Project Scarlett” to be in a near enough vein (the Scarlet Beast, Scarlet Whore, et al) to serve as a possible reach. Who knows. Regardless, fodder for thought.

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