Bill Clinton, Ariana Grande and the Illuminati Presidential Programming

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As you may be aware; I’m not best friends with Ariana Grande. In fact, when I talked about the occult symbolism in her “God is a Woman” video I got BANNED FROM YOUTUBE! If you haven’t heard my sob story of losing my channel which had over 10 million views and over 70K subscribers; listen to my podcast episode about it HERE on the “Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture” podcast.


That being said, I’ve DEFINITELY got to pick on her with this latest stunt…

*Big ups to Kenneth who told me about this when he hit me up on Instagram (@IsaacWeishaupt– go follow for all kinds of cool photos like my trip to Area 51).


Slick Willy

Bill Clinton was present at the Aretha Franklin tribute when Ariana Grande performed. Immediately there was a backlash on his “leering” at her while she performed.

Many people went to the internet and Clinton-Grande memes were created.


Ariana: The Goddess

Ariana Grande has a long history with me here on I created an entire podcast episode in her culmination of occult doctrines with her “God is a Woman” video (you can listen to it HERE and I’d like to add that I’ve got a GREAT impersonation of Grande on it that I do).



In that analysis I discussed her portrayal of many pagan and occult goddesses. While practicing Kabbalah doesn’t necessarily make one “evil”; it was curious that she had such a history with contact of evil entities…


Why do we care?

Bill Clinton is a man who apparently has a thing for good looking women. That doesn’t make him the Devil.

Clinton has a host of connections to conspiracy theories we could consider; but we’re not here to go down that rabbit hole.

Instead, let’s consider the idea that I’ve floated in the past that Ariana Grande is being used (as a pawn) in the music industry to become the next “goddess” of Illuminati worship.

If we consider the past theories of presidential “diamond” programming; we could postulate that she may be in line for the same kind of treatment that Marilyn Monroe was alleged to have received (via MKUTRA techniques). I would suggest being on the lookout for symbolism of Ariana placing a diamond over one of her eyes or perhaps even in her mouth- as we’ve seen from other celebrities in the past…


Diamonds: Symbols of the Presidential Programming



Beyonce’s Diamond Sex Slave Status


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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