Beyonce’s SPIRIT of Lion King: The REAL Meaning!

What do you get when you throw Walt Disney (or at least his frozen head) and Beyonce in a blender?… Suspiria!

You’ve heard my standard pitch on Beyonce over the years so let’s just get into the symbolism of this particular video…


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All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye is the most classic symbol of the Illuminati secret religion- it represents the awakening of society to the new world order and the true religion of the occult.

Thus, we see it twice in Beyonce’s new video:



Beyonce can be seen inside the center of the eye; an appropriate place given her role as the “goddess”:


Beyonce is a frequent suspect of these all seeing eyes…

From Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video as they dance around a diner full of corpses



After her controversial HELTER SKELTER performance at Super Bowl 2016





Suspiria Connections

You also know my penchant for occult-horror films as per my film analysis on my podcast. A few months back I did a full deep look at the Suspiria remake you really should check out.

Turns out, Beyonce emulated this coven of witches on her new Spirit video!!!

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The dress is from a designer that specializes in erotic rope outfits named Déviant La Vie.


That Suspiria analysis can be found here.

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Lyrical Assassin

The Assassins were an occult group that were alleged to be the ones who taught the Knights Templar about the mystery religion dedicated to Lucifer. Curiously enough a man named Aladdin was alleged to be the leader of this group for 1,001 Arabian nights which fits nicely into the Disney conspiracies…

The lyrics to Beyonce’s song reveal a potential link to the secret religion of the occult. Let’s take a look…


Yeah, yeah and the wind is talking
Yeah, yeah for the very first time
With a melody that pulls you towards it
Painting pictures of paradise

The occult version of history is one in which the common man was so closely connected to the Divine that he could hear messages of inspiration from God Himself through elements of nature like the wind. The wind could whisper which direction one should take in their daily lives. Over time this Golden Age was further suppressed and pushed to the subconscious.


Saying rise up to the light in the sky, yeah
Watch the light lift your heart up
Burn your flame through the night

When we see references to the “light” we could argue this is a reference to the illumination or enlightenment (aka the Illuminati). The light ultimately takes us back to Lucifer as the guiding light for humanity.


Woah, spirit
Watch the heavens open, yeah
Spirit, can you hear it calling? Yeah

Much like Sasha Fierce’s spiritual possession of Beyonce; we see direct contact with the spirit world here. *I went DEEP into these types of topics in my hip hop conspiracy book Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic (available on Audible as an audiobook too- get it FREE with a trial)

Yeah, yeah and the waters crashing
Trying to keep your head up high
While you’re trembling, that’s when the magic happens
And the stars gather by your side

Magic is a reference to ritual magick; a practice used to make contact with entities in the spirit world- another concept Beyonce is familiar with…

Your destiny is coming close
Stand up and fight
So go into that far off land
And be one with the great I am, I am
A boy becomes a man

The “great I am” is a reference to the Integrated Ascended Masters of Theosophy; something Beyonce is familiar with…

Beyonce IAM (Integrated Ascended Master) with Baphomet symbol as Sasha Fierce


What’s Next?…

I’m not surprised by any of this.

Beyonce has been CHOSEN as the goddess to lead the unsuspecting masses down the path of the new world order. The fact that she joined forces with Disney is to be expected.

The ultimate end game is ushering in the age of Luciferianism so learn more about it so you can make the choices for yourself…



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I don’t know about the music video, but I would say the lyrics of this song ARE NOT Luciferian in nature. Also that first pic of the ladies sitting in a circle doesn’t look like the All-Seeing Eye but maybe some sort of sun worship.

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    • Let me start by saying, I don’t actively seek conspiracy info or cloud my mind with tons of information presented by others . I don’t watch the news, I rarely watch tv, and I don’t constantly play music in the background. With that being said, after hearing and watching the video of Beyoncé’s spirit song, I immediately thought that the whole audio and visual of the song itself made me feel as though it in itself was a ritual evoking something from the darkness. Almost like a practice run to prepare for the real one where things will get deeper and more precise . I guess u can say priming and planting the seed of acceptance for when the actual ritual is to be performed. From the movements of the dance, words in song, the beat and the rhythm, tempo. It was all connected. And like my other opinions( that have originated from somewhere deep inside me, not researched or supported by any facts that I can provide to support them.) I just feel deeply about different things at times. And I don’t feel the need to justify them with supporting details or facts . I know to many this may seem ignorant. But, I have always found that I can rely on my feelings that come from deep down. Those thoughts or opinions later turn out to be correct.
      I found this video while discussing some things with a friend and decides to see what was being said about the song and relating to conjuring. To see if I was feeling what others have already determined to be true. And here I am now…

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      • You have good intuition. Often that’s the Holy Spirit.

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  2. There’s definitely something off with song. Some serious symbolism…..not the good kind.

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  3. we watched lion king last night and the song rubbed my husband I the wrong way and when she spoke of the great “I AM” which is Yahweh or God the Almight..the hair on our necks stood up..not in a good way. Thanks for your view!

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  4. I was wondering about the album art cover, and the representation. A GOAT biting A LION. A slim sickly dying LION which represents LION OF JUDAH that represents JESUS. You’ll notice the the GOAT is fatter and feeding off the LION. The GOAT represents BAPHOMET. a lot more details. But what do you think ?

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