Beyonce & the 2017 Grammys: Projecting the Goddess Archetype

Hello and welcome back to! Today we’ll discuss a topic of great concern-  a deception on a massive scale…

The manipulation I speak of is the worship of the cult of Beyonce. It has never been more clear than at the 2017 Grammys and I’ll use that example to demonstrate the principle at hand.


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2017 Grammys: High Profile Ritual

If you haven’t read through my analysis of the 2017 Grammys as the High Profile Ritual– then I’d suggest you head over there now and check it out.

If you want to get a brief overview of what the article describes; it is all about the Illuminati’s knowledge of subtle mind control and talking to YOUR subconscious through symbols and archetypes.

We saw many symbols at the 2017 Grammys that coincide with the various analysis that I’ve compiled over the years that support this theory.

The topic of focus today is the goddess archetype symbol and how Beyonce used it to control the minds of the masses (as well as Adele)…



The Goddess Archetype

When Carl Jung postulated the existence of certain “archetypes” he probably never realized the full extent to which Hollywood and the entertainment industry would use them.

I spoke about the archetypes and how they are utilized in the Star Wars franchise in THE STAR WARS CONSPIRACY: THE HIDDEN OCCULT AND ILLUMINATI SYMBOLISM OF ALIENS & THE NEW AGE:

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In this book, I reveal how Jung’s theories play into modern entertainment through the “Hero’s Journey,” but more specifically the goddess archetype of Star Wars.


The goddess is revered in this tale as Princess Leia. In terms of Jung’s “Hero’s Journey” it plays nicely into Step 8: Meeting of the Goddess. In Star Wars it occurs when Luke gets onto the Death Star and saves the princess (*note that “Death Star” was a term originally adopted by Aleister Crowley himself in The Equinox Vol. 3, No. 1 to describe his approach into the “Abyss,” aka “Da’ath” on the Tree of Life- hence “Da’ath” Vader).

Another archetype of the goddess occurs with Anakin Skywalker’s lover, Queen Amidala (aka Padme) which he believes to be a perfected being to the point that he turns to the dark side in order to try and save her (which will make more sense as we explore this goddess theory in a minute).


What’s interesting about all of these goddess archetypes are the ideas that we must be part of the ritual to worship them. According to the theory; these archetype roles MUST be presented (or projected) to the viewer, otherwise the viewer will make them up anyhow!

From Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces:

Apparently, there is something 

in these initiatory images so necessary to the psyche that if they 

are not supplied from without, through myth and ritual, they 

will have to be announced again, through dream, from within — 

lest our energies should remain locked in a banal, long-outmoded 

toy-room, at the bottom of the sea. 

One idea behind the goddess is that she embodies the guiding force man needs to set him on his path. Perhaps this is why the goddess is depicted in so many forms: Triple Goddess (see Lady Gaga), Lilith, Semiramis (see Rihanna), Ishtar (see Eyes Wide Shut), Nabu, Kali (see CERN, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce), Athena (see Eyes Wide Shut & Scientology’s SeaOrg), Diane (see Selena Gomez & Princess Diana), Gaia, Brigid (see Katy Perry & the 2015 Super Bowl), the Scarlet Whore of Babylon (see Britney Spears) and even Eris- the goddess of chaos utilized by the Discordian aspects of the “Illuminati” theories.


If you want to go down the deepest, darkest hole; check out the Illuminati Mark of the Beast in which some occultists seek to “fuse the X and the O” summon the beast of the Abyss and bestow the goddess of Isis’ blessings upon themselves…

Mark of the Beast “X” from Beyonce’s “Formation” video

Marianne Faithfull was a prominent occultist in the late 60s who worked with Kenneth Anger in his Lucifer Rising film. She was used to play the role of one particular goddess archetype; Lilith. Faithfull described Lilith as the embodiment of evil (*from the viewpoint of patriarchy; implying Lilith may be a symbol of FREEDOM for women).

As an interesting side note- Faithfull’s boyfriend at the time, Mick Jagger, was due to play the role of Lucifer but backed away. Faithfull’s “Lilith” character was with “Osiris” in the film who was played by Donald Cammell (son of Charles Cammell- a friend and biographer of Aleister Crowley).

Semiramis is another form of the goddess and she was portrayed by various artists as well. This includes Rihanna:

Rihanna as Semiramis

As well as Miley Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus as Semiramis

These artists were used to portray Semiramis because she is one of the chosen archetypes of the goddess that we use in America and France as the Statues of Liberty as “liberty enlightening the earth.”

Of course, this symbol of the flame of enlightenment is actually just a retelling of the ancient Prometheus tale, who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. Prometheus’ rebellious and forbidden enlightenment is akin to the tale of the rebel angel: Lucifer.

This is why the Illuminati believe in the light bearer symbolism so much; they want to show devotion and flood the global subconscious with the flame symbol that worships their true god.


Channeling the Goddess Oshun

Let’s get to the meat of why you came here: Beyonce’s channeling of the goddess.

Now that we see the precedent and ancient mystery school beliefs in why they seek to channel and project the goddess, we can look at the 2017 Grammys and the Illuminati High Profile Ritual.

If you haven’t read that article yet; here is the material of relevance:

Clear back in April 2016 PBS ran an article on Beyonce’s Lemonade influences (*which I analyzed and broke down HERE) and it turns out to be from Yoruba (an African pagan religion- “pagan” in the sense of multiple deities).

The goddess in particular that she was channeling for the Grammys was Oshun: the goddess of love and fertility that turns out to be an amalgamation of the aforementioned Isis/Semiramis goddess!

Goddess Oshun & Beyonce

The website AfricanResource goes into great detail on items of concern:

Like Egyptian Isis and later Greek Diana, Osun is the goddess of love and is widely beloved. She is known for healing the sick, cheering the sad, bringing music, song and dance, as well as bringing fertility and prosperity.

Like Queen Isis of the Ancient Egyptian Kemitic Pantheon, Oshun was taught the art of divination with the cowrie shells, cards, tarots, visions, possessions, songs, chants and meditations by her father Obatala, the first of the created gods.

Like Isis, She brought the teaching of divinations, mysticism, agriculture and culture to humans. She is known as the mother of the fishes of the seas and the birds of the forest. Isis used to be represented as the mother of the fishes and the Queen of the seas.

Another item of concern (that I spoke about on my Twitter; @IlluminatiEyes) is the cult of Beyonce and her ability to brainwash the masses. In fact, Adele was gushing about Beyonce and even offered up her own award to Beyonce! This was a direct play on attributing the Oshun goddess aspects to Beyonce, as we find out on

Possession of her devotees is one of her principal manifestation and in such states, devotees are filled with clarity, confidence, joy, love, bliss and laugher. Yet, they are filled at the same times with the terrible aspects of her power which activates to fight injustice against humanity and irreverence against the gods.

It has been said that “When She possesses her followers she dances, flirts and then weeps- because no one can love her enough and the world is not as beautiful as she knows it could possibly be.”

I’ve highlighted a section of that which speaks of fighting injustice against humanity- since Beyonce has definitely been playing that role with her funding of Black Lives Matter and several other charities and movements (e.g. food banks, female empowerment groups, natural disasters, etc.).

Still have doubts on Beyonce’s mind control abilities?… Here is the transcript from Adele’s acceptance speech for the Album of the Year award:

But I can’t possibly accept this award. And I’m very humbled and I’m very grateful and gracious. But my artist of my life is Beyoncé. And this album to me, the “Lemonade” album, is just so monumental. Beyoncé, it’s so monumental. And so well thought out, and so beautiful and soul-baring and we all got to see another side to you that you don’t always let us see. And we appreciate that. And all us artists here adore you. You are our light.

And the way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my black friends feel, is empowering. And you make them stand up for themselves. And I love you. I always have and I always will. 

Just like I alluded to with the music industry (hip hop in particular); Beyonce is using powers of witchcraft to put this spell upon the masses. One more time from

Osun the Queen of Witches:

Oshun Ibu Ikole — Oshun the Vulture. This dimension of Oshun is (as was Isis of ancient Kemitic Egypt and the later Greek Diana) associated with Witches (Aje). Her symbols include the vulture, and the mortar and pestle (both of which are symbols of witchcraft).

Witchcraft in Africa is a high science practised by a few who are fortunate enough to have the time and resources to acquire that science of life. The science is so powerful that the adepts are reputed to have powers over life and death and the ability to deliver their will and affect reality as they wish.

So it seems that Beyonce was indeed channeling this Oshun spirit- as is evident through the imagery and context of her past performances and stances.

But hold on- we’ve got more…


Alchemy and Projection of the Illusion

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung once said that “symbols gave purpose to man” and that is because they are directed to the subconscious to steer humanity down the path of “enlightenment” or the “Evolution of Consciousness.”

Carl Jung described the psychoanalyst component of this in his study of the mind and I believe he’d be proud to see his work on full display in this modern example. Like I discussed earlier; Beyonce isn’t the only one in the entertainment industry that is being used to channel and project deities. In fact, she hasn’t even been limited to this one instance. She’s talked about the spirit of Sasha Fierce taking over her body and even later saying she had to “KILL” this entity.

After she removed the Sasha Fierce spirit she seems to now be channeling the Oshun goddess.

Beyonce IAM (Integrated Ascended Master) with Baphomet symbol as Sasha Fierce

The question we all have is: WHY?…

Carl Jung said archetypes speak to our subconscious like Plato’s Primordial Images. Buried into our collective unconscious (the shared substrate of consciousness that we can all detect), these archetypes can not be seen directly, but need to be seen through projections and reflections in their manifested form.

The archetype of the Great Mother Goddess that Beyonce is using is akin to the Tarot Anima card which represents the unconscious aspects of the female. Men know this Anima figure as the embodiment of feminine aspects that are unable to integrate into the ego or personality. This is why men sometimes put women “up on a pedestal” or believe they are truly perfected beings; sometimes referenced as the “woman of your dreams.”

None of these illusions are real- they are all manifestations and projections from your unconscious and the archetype that resides there.


In Conclusion

The “Illuminati” are using the archetype form of the goddess through Beyonce to manipulate you into becoming an obsessed, mind controlled fan. This rabid fanbase calls themselves the “Bey-Hive” and they are truly under her spell (which derives from the goddess archetypes like Isis and Semiramis).

I wish I could make a joke of this (and part of me believes this particular instance is a joke or publicity stunt)- but there is supposedly a religion at the “National Church of Bey” that practices “Beyism” where they use a “Beyble” to study from.

Some websites even claim a fan killed herself for Beyonce (which again; may indeed be false).

One thing that I can undoubtedly prove as true is that many fans of Beyonce literally cut themselves after she was performing and accidentally cut her ear from an earring. This trended on Twitter as “#cutforbeyonce” and “#bleedforbeyonce.”

We are truly heading into a world of Idiocracy and the sheep are being led to an inevitable slaughter. Our society’s obsession with pop idols is out of control and now the “Illuminati” are using actual ancient practices handed down through esoteric mystery schools to take advantage of them.

The only way to combat this is through education and research. If we can become aware to the big agenda at play here, then it will become extremely difficult to be taken advantage of or mind controlled through stunts like these.

If you’re ready to get started on your journey- sign up for my free email newsletter or dive right into one of my many books available on Amazon, Audible,  iTunes, or the IlluminatiWatcher Gumroad store (hell; I’ve even got an ENTIRE book on Beyonce if you want to stick to this topic- but I’ve got a more in-depth examination into the music industry and how hip hop is channeling these entities in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC).


Thanks for reading!


isaac-weishaupt-profile-2Website publisher of, author, and independent researcher; Isaac Weishaupt has been on the leading edge of conspiracy theories surrounding the elusive “Illuminati” and its infiltration of the entertainment industry. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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