Beyonce is in the Illuminati- Allegations of Witchcraft and Dark Arts Surface

Beyonce just may be in the “Illuminati” after all! The occult symbolism she has given us over the years suggested she has connections (or interests) in the dark arts, and now some allegations claim it to be so…


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The Allegations

A couple of years ago I asked the question: Is Beyonce in the Illuminati?

Through that exploration it appeared that she had some very peculiar connections to the dark arts and the occult.

From Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video as they dance around a diner full of corpses

Turns out there may be more traction to the “theory” than ever when we consider this latest allegation made against Beyonce by her former drummer. details the allegations made that she is involved with the dark arts:

A woman who once worked as a drummer for Beyoncé claims the singer is wrapped up in the practices of “extreme witchcraft” and has been using her spells to run surveillance and control her finances, and now she wants a restraining order against Bey.

According to very bizarre court documents obtained by The Blast, Kimberly Thompson says she used to work for Beyoncé: “I worked for her as her drummer for her band for 7 years.”

She claims that for some reason, Bey has started a campaign of harassment against her, that includes “Extreme witchcraft, Dark magic” and “Magic spells of sexual molestation.” She also claims the “Lemonade” star murdered her kitten.

Thompson believes Beyoncé has been taping her phones and controlling her finances. It’s unclear why Thompson believes the singer is allegedly doing all this to her, but she is adamant it all stems from Bey.

We did some research on Thompson, and according to interviews and reports it appears she  is a drummer that performed with Beyoncé as part of an all-female band. She has also released several albums on her own record label and has played with The 8G Band on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

She also posted a YouTube video recently talking about “mean” people, and appears disheveled and erratic.

Beyonce as the Goddess 2017 Grammys

The Dark Arts

When the drummer alleges that she is into witchcraft and dark magic; she is referencing ritual magick- the occult practice of sending energy to the cosmos in order to cause change in the real world. This is also why we might see her doing the “Roc Diamond” (which I’ve argued to be the triangle of manifestation- creating reality).

I’m not certain what “spells of sexual molestation” are but I imagine it has to do with the practices of sex magick. Again, this is something occultists have been doing for years- most infamously by Aleister Crowley at the Abbey of Thelema in Italy.

The commune here was so notorious that Mussolini had to kick Crowley out.

Even more curious are the allegations that the Abbey of Thelema saw the death of a man named Frederick Loveday who supposedly did a ritual that sacrificed a cat and drank its blood- which may explain why the drummer claimed Beyonce killed her own kitten:

“She also claims the “Lemonade” star murdered her kitten.”

Crowley infamously killed a cat as a child to see if it truly had nine lives as well.

Again, this is all speculation. Or is it?…


The Big Picture

I once spoke with VICE about Beyonce and the Q&A went as follows:


Can we talk about Beyoncé? A lot of people view her Sasha Fierce persona as Illuminati-inspired.

So if we look at Beyoncé, a lot of people believe she was mind-controlled. But she’s spoken about how she felt this spirit come into her that she uses to perform, and that spirit was Sasha Fierce. When you look at the symbolism around that period, she’s wearing the Roc Nation diamond, which is a manifestation of the magical symbol used by Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan. She also had this concert tour called,  I Am Sasha Fierce, and she wore a goat on her shirt. That’s occult symbolism. And then a few years later she talks about how she managed to merge her personality with Sasha Fierce, and what she means is that she used occult practices to merge the two within her, her light and dark side.

In that response I gave a simplified breakdown of how this occult system works.

The entertainers like Beyonce go through a metaphysical sort of transformation where they channel entities and create alter egos. The entertainment industry openly speaks about these things but the masses do not understand.

All Seeing Eye and the MKULTRA Monarch butterfly


The truth is really hidden in plain sight.

If this former drummer’s allegations are true than it begs some very large questions. How did Beyonce gets introduced to such occult practices? Is Jay-Z her handler? Is she a victim of MKULTRA mind control?

In my extensive article Is Beyonce in the Illuminati?… there are dozens of images that show her connections to the occult through symbolism and actual quotes from her demonstrating the facts.

I felt something else come into me.” –Beyoncé, BET Presents

I have someone else that takes over when it’s time for me to work. When I’m on stage, this alter ego that I’ve created that kind of protects me and who I really am. Sasha Fierce is done. I killed her. I don’t need Sasha Fierce anymore because I’ve grown and now I’m able to merge the two.” –Beyonce

I’ve detailed the full scope of this “conspiracy” in my hip hop conspiracy book Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic and went even further down the occult agenda in The Dark Path.

Podcast episode is up!

If you want more- check out my podcast about this subject!

Listen to “Beyonce is in the Illuminati- Allegations of Witchcraft and Dark Arts Surface” on Spreaker.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. The allegations sound credible. I wonder if it will go further or if the complainant will be paid off or silenced.

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  2. I wouldn’t consider her an Illuminatus, rather little more than a mind-controlled puppet pushing their agenda onto the masses, and in turn using their tactics of control and manipulation onto others.

    It isn’t uncommon for programmers to in turn program others, whether by instruction or of their own free will. Nor it is uncommon for those in her position to experiment with the ‘dark arts’ independently or to join one occult order or another, whether it be aligned with the left-hand path (i.e. Satanic or Luciferian), Thelemic orders (the OTO or A.A.), the Golden Dawn, or those nearer the right-hand path (e.g. kabbalistic, wiccan or rosicrucian) after being forced to participate in other darker rituals (e.g. so-called SRA or ritual abuse) during and after their initial programming.

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  3. Interesting article , thanks for this info ,as we all should be informed about the dark world , to know what the hell is going on .

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  4. I love you Issac, you have truly have opened my eyes and mind to a whole another level. Ive always had interest in learning about these ocults and symbolism, from a young age I always knew there was something more to what meets the eye. Thank you.

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