Beck: Illuminati Symbolism of Colors Album

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Today we’re going to take a very brief look at the album artwork for the singer Beck.


His latest album is called Colors and on the cover we see two very esoteric symbols…

The Cube

The geometric symbol around Beck is that of a six sided hexagon; which is a flattened 2-D cube. We know all about the connections of Saturn with the occult from my Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube article.

In it, we find out that the cube represents the force of the “outer” ruler- Saturn, which is akin to Satan (if you consider my argument presented in The Dark Path). This 6th planet from the Sun has always embodied the spirit of the adversary; or Lucifer, which is why we see the black cube so often in entertainment.

The black hexagon: Symbolism of the Dark Lord of Saturn

All Seeing Eye

You’ll also notice his right eye covered (the “Ra” eye) which is the symbol used by so many artists that I wrote about it in the analysis called Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture.

The brief rundown on that article is that this sign is one of occultism that suggests the practitioner has had their “third eye” opened- much like the serpent promised Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.


While many don’t believe in a Luciferian agenda in the music industry; I believe the symbol of the All Seeing Eye is evidence of it. We see it MANY times so it becomes absurd to think it anything else…

From Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video as they dance around a diner full of corpses


In Conclusion

Beck has claimed to be a member of the Church of Scientology so none of this surprises. Especially when one considers L. Ron Hubbard’s connection to ritual magick and Aleister Crowley– a concept I’ve spoken about in the past as well as in my new book that explores all of the entertainment industry for their occult desires.


All of these works of entertainment can arguably lead its viewers down a path. The Dark Path…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. see YouTube: The Royal Secret Shakespeare the Truth – for 5 min video on Illuminati history to today

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  2. Thank you so much for this information. I also believe there is a lot of symbolism in his video for Up All Night. I see the checkerboard pattern in the shirt and there is probably so much more I am missing that you would see.

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