‘Batman v Superman’ hidden occult and Illuminati symbolism

In 2016 we’ll see a film called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that reinforces many concepts of Illuminati symbolism that I’ve covered here on IlluminatiWatcher.com in the past few years. The hidden occult message screams loud and clear to me, and I hope you can at least understand where I’m coming from as I explain my viewpoint in this article.

First, let me just say that I’m excited to watch this film because I’m a reformed fan-boy and have always been interested in these comic book mashups. However, the more I learn about the occult the easier it is to read through the lines of entertainment and see the real message underneath it all.


For example, I couldn’t help but notice the symbolism of the All Seeing Eye on the trailer with Superman getting choked out:

Batman v Superman All Seeing Eye


Check out the video for this post!


This concept reinforces that which I’ve laid out in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC and also my continuing work on the Google-Occult Apocalypse where we’re being culled into a digital Matrix world with no physical death (and consequently no soul). This will successfully ‘override’ God’s creation and intention for life which is the bottom line in occult beliefs.

In the film poster you can see that they show the eyes scrawled out, which I believe could be saying that these superheroes have no soul since the eyes are the window to the soul:

Batman vs Superman posters no eyes at all


Of course, the occultists think they’re doing us a favor or perhaps becoming new gods themselves, but this is the classic tale of Lucifer reaching for the highest stars to become greater than God, which always ends in disaster for this fallen angel and his followers. This might even be why we see the ancient Egyptian obelisk prominently featured in the trailer, as it was the symbol of the sun worshippers (which you’ll notice in the image as well as the rising sun, or perhaps even the morning star of Lucifer):

Batman v Superman obelisk

In that clip above you heard the following statement:

Devils don’t come from the Hell beneath us, they come from the sky.

This is very crucial to the overarching point of science-fiction, aliens, and UFOs. They are all occultist beliefs and ideas because they originate with the concept of contacting other worldly entities. This is precisely what I predicted would happen at the high profile ritual of Katy Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl performance:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Katy Perry Super Bowl UFO city WO

Examples are abound of this type of thing- Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard’s Babalon Working rituals, the Typhonian OTO, etc. I’ve talked about these concepts many times in the past, but those of you who have been with me for some time will also notice that the Sign of Typhon: the “V” is present in the title of this film. Typically, we would see the term “vs” being used, but the director opted for “v” instead. Why is that? Is he employing the usage of the Sign of Typhon in the title itself?

He was asked why he chose “v” over “vs” and this is what came out of it:

The director can’t say exactly how the relationship between the two superheroes evolves, “but suffice it to say there is a ‘v’ in between their names” in the movie title, Snyder says. He explains that having the “v” instead of “vs.” is a way “to keep it from being a straight ‘versus’ movie, even in the most subtle way.”

Does this clarify it any? One could draw a comparison to the symbolism of the beast from the Abyss, while others could argue it’s simply an abbreviated form of “vs.” Either way, I’ve got to point out one more Mark of the Beast symbolism that will be hard to argue…

You’ll notice that the villain of the film, Lex Luthor, is the only human being with the power to take on Superman. The hidden message of this tale is that the only thing mankind is capable of is becoming greedy, capitalistic pigs; and that’s the best we’ll ever manage to become. This is basically supporting the Church of Satan idea of man being no better than an animal. The ipso-facto argument is that mutants, extraterrestrials, or aliens (such as Superman) are clearly superior beings; even “gods”:


Batman v Superman Gods will rise

Getting back to that Mark of the Beast symbolism I wanted to cover; If you take a look at the logo for Lex Luthor’s company on the film you’ll also notice it contains the Mark of the Beast with the “X”:

Batman v Superman Mark of Beast Lexcorp X

This has been purposefully changed from the LEXCORP logo in the comic series (from what I can tell by looking online-I’ve never read the comics myself):

Batman v Superman Lexcorp logo original

In fact, in the film you’ll learn that the LEXCORP Industries is headquartered in Metropolis (the town where Superman works at the Daily Planet as Clark Kent). This begs me to draw comparison to the 1924 occult film Metropolis which was the first high-budgeted sci-fi film ever made; a piece of art that has been emulated by many celebrities with occult-allegations…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Metropolis False Maria Beyonce

…which was a film that I exposed for also having the Mark of the Beast “X” over the soul of the robotic entity known as False Maria:

Metropolis Mark of the Beast X and O False Maria WO


At the beginning of the Superman Man of Steel film you can see the occult origins of Superman when he pops out of a blackhole by Saturn (did you catch the reference to the Illuminati symbolism of Interstellar as well?…):

Superman Man of Steel Black Hole Saturn


So there you have it; a brief synopsis of why the Batman v Superman film will be a message of occult and Illuminati symbolism. Many of you understand where I’m coming from, while others of you may be left wondering if any of this is true. I realize it sounds very sensational and over-analytical, but I assure you that there is a message embedded in these films. There are more films being released about super heroes than ever before. I believe it is a push on the transhuman agenda, or perhaps a way of channeling energy into the agenda of pulling demonic extraterrestrials into our world.


If you’re left with more questions and want to understand why this is happening; check out my START HERE page where you can connect on social media and get more free resources.

Thanks for reading,





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Instead of wasting your time on trying to see symbols you don’t understand. Watch all the humanitarian and peace keeping work the illuminati do. The ‘beast’ , ‘lucifer’ or whatever is only trying to convey unity against capitalist, greedy and evil people. We are trying to save humanity and the planet from the very group of people you mistake as illuminati. I promise.

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    • My friend they are very real and very close, I don’t know in what you got yourself into but run before is too late. They are far from being good, and this is how they work, attracting naive people, making them believe they ‘re saving the humanity… You will see later their true face, but will be too late.

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      • I agree.

        Look at Zeena Lavey. She is a humanitarian and avid animal rights activist. She is however, more famous for being the biggest promoter of the church of satan in the 1980’s.

        All those “save the world” chants were just to pacify people into thinking that she wasn’t all bad. And that satanism was just another creed that “good people” could follow.

        I not staying that looking after that we have is a bad thing. But not everyone’s intention are true. I always say that you have to do your research before you make any form of commitment to anything.

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    • That is the exact way of the lucifarian doctrine, do works. Works to build self. Do you do any humanitarian work “in the name of Jesus?” That is our only true & perfect calling is through Jesus. And all of our works should be to glorify him, which is all good. Not to glorify ourselves, and eespecially not an idol or “lucifer”. These people you are standing up for are of deception. The Blue light knows some the “white light” knows all and is illuminated. These is all false. And though it seems real it is based on full deception. To be truly wise, you must be fool in the eyes of the earthly wise. We will pray for you. In hopes you seek Jesus.

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      • Fuck Jesus noone cares about that gay guy what did he ever do for humanity other then give toddlers brain cancer and down syndrome oh hey god thank you for the life threating diabetes I have to suffer!

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    • You do know that Lucifer stands for all Evil right?

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      • luficer stands for light and truth you blind fagget

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        • No. Lucifer was the angel of light who looked upon his own beauty and was filled with pride. He tried to usurp the throne of GOD and was cast out.

          Now he is the enemy of all that is good and pure. He is no longer Lucifer. He is satan, the devil, the great deceiver.

          Stop making him seem like the good guy because in the end you will only be fooling yourself.

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          • And there is no forgiveness for and remorse within a being so much greater and more complex than you?

            Quit oversimplified/fairy tale thinking, that’s the best favor to do to yourself!

    • Please tell me more, I am genuinely interested.

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      • Ok well firstly I put my hands down my pants and was stroking my cock to her pretty face up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down then I eventually started cumming

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    • Lex threw up the 666 hand sign when he was giving his speech.

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    • You so naive shame,😂😂😂I think you need God in ur life….

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    • You can do whatever or say whatever you want ,there is only one true God that Lord Jesus Christ…the devil is using human beings to get back at God because he knows his time is up.You can lie to your self all you want but the Devil hate human beings.

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  2. Isaac

    Well written and interesting article as usual. As a side note in European Football when 2 teams are facing eachother they dont use “vs” they use “v” not saying your insight isnt correct just pointing it out to you.

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  3. This movie is clearly one more proof that Jewlywood lacks inspiration big time. Batman vs Superman, gimme a break…

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    • Did they forget to teach spelling and grammar at this playgroup of yours.

      You do know that Anton Lavey saw the truth before he passed.

      The unintelligent are always trying to take over the world, it’s getting quite old.

      What did you join for? To accomplish what you couldn’t by yourself!

      Real idiots with pretend powers.

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    • I find it extremely hard to believe that a true representative from the ‘church of Satan’ would not be able to grasp simple spelling and grammar. It really does make one question. Surely if you are from such a group, you would know how to string basic sentences together. Or if you are the person in charge of marketing, surely they would choose someone who can spell for this important task.

      Let me guess, the church is really located in Nigeria, and members need to send their bank account details for membership.

      Lol, go back to the scam drawing board.

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      • Please Mind The Way You Mention My Country In Such Issues.!

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  5. This article is for the lost and confused. If you want the truth go look at the movie “The Matrix” again and read Revelations in the bible. The devil never left earth after christ sacrificed himself for our sins…just like Agent Smith never went back to the source after Neo(aka the Son of God) shattered Smith after his resurrection.
    The Christ is already on earth…and just as Smith is Neo’s Opposite, so is Satan the opposite of Christ, …and Batman the opposite of Superman. While Batman is an antihero, fighting crime with money and tech but it leads to still a dark and corrupt city-Gotham…Superman is the true hero as he represents truth and justice and natural/godgiven might…his city Metropolis is a shining beacon.

    The movie is about the battle between the divine good (superman) and worldly good (batman and money) which always corrupts…the illuminati knows a battle is on the way… because the “godhead” is possibly already on earth, (re: G in freemason symbol may represent the Godhead entrapped in a the world system that the freemen built…or in a dream state. “You are in a dream Neo” Matrix… and even the movie Inception where the rich buisnessman was trying to convince the son to break up his fathers empire..(heir to the throne..like Christ and God’s kingdom.)) Remember King Herod knew christ was about to be born…and why would Satan not try to stop gods word from coming true.
    If christ is like Superman(re: “…eyes like fire” Book of Revelation) …that would explain chemtrails containing aluminum to reflect the sunlight radiation from which superman or christ derives energy…
    If you look you will see all the signs…

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    • Those novels you take like drugs are blueprints not prophecies Wake up You’re intent & will is on the right path but you have no idea what you are talking about While I am sure each may develop their own but specifically common epiphany from “The Matrix” You did not decode it sufficiently enough to base logic off manipulated make believe writings that are used to keep you in the induced sleep that is the Matrix WAKE UP The only relation & relevance Batman Superman Spider-Man or any superhero movie has had & will ever have is the conditioning & subliminal messages disguised to be accepted & enabled for later propaganda & agenda pushing That crap is all illusions within cages You’re hurting yourself & the unborn spreading such corruption & poison Please don’t use these films as guides or hymns to keep your faith in FEAR I see every last 1 of them that contain double meanings as evidence not magical entertainment crop circles Simply more programming for the zombie

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    • thats all bs but, if anything god is just a jealous bitch, just look at this there is 7 deadly sins right, have you ever thought the reason those sins are the most notable is because god wants himself to be only one commiting them, i know it sounds crazy but whenever adam and eve ate and gained knowledge of good and evil it made them conscious of these thing and capable of being a god just like me and you and everyone else on this planet you are your own god , and god didnt like that very much so you see what followed in the book,

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      • This looks like you just took philosophy 101 and got a bag of weed and sat in front of the Bible. If you knew anything about Occultism and Masons then you would know that the main purpose of the Serpent is to oppose god. Lucifer is the torch bearer. His main aim is to usurp God on his own throne. However, much like the tower of Babylon which fell in man’s arrogance and degeneracy. Who is to say that the tower does not symbolize us in our own ignorance? The push towards a Utopian civilization is around us, wake up and smell the Matzah Balls.

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  6. Isaac
    Whats the deal with people wearing the Batman logo all the time? All of a sudden everyone is sporting that shit, at least here in la. Jewelry, shirts, hats whatever, just the stupid batman logo. I dont really get it..

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  7. What about Doctor Who?

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  8. This article is pathetic. I recall when the DC Superman figure was accurately acknowledged with the figures of the biblical Old Testament paradigm that Siegel and Schuster used to create the character. In addition, they used ideas from pulp fiction, and actual historical figures as well. *Then came the fundamentalist Christian dilettantes who wanted to use the character to bolster the beliefs and church attendance of their institution with its growing problems with integrity and relevence, hence the result; “Jesus Christ Superman”. Now, in order to drive up more fear and loathing in the non-Christians and convince them to convert to their version of Christianity, the “True Religion,” they invent “Antichrist Superman: a.k.a. Man of Steel is Antichrist. Dreck, political, and inane. You will do anything to bolster the numbers in your ranks, by using a straw man to justify your existence.
    Pathetic. What this is presently, ‘We built up DC Superman for are own agenda, now we have to tear our own icon down and make it the adversary of Jesus. Well now. You must be so proud. I gather at some point we will be presented with Jesus Christ Superman vs. Antichrist Superman as the third part in this Christian trilogy. Noting again, the impotence with which, the people who are into this twisted use of a pop culture icon deal with real social, moral, and political issues of the actual world. It smacks of desperation and impotence.
    Pathetic? Yes. Since the DC Superman figure has no temple, no religion, no doctrine, no canonical scriptures or rites to make it a rival religion. If there is anyone worshipping this symbol of the Jewish people in America, immigrants, the American soldier and the American people; it must be in the privacy of their own home. Furthermore, since this character embodies some of the highest aspirations of the American people during one of the most dire moments in the history of humanity. I find the attempt to fashion the DC Superman as the vile Antichrist insulting, disingenuous, exploitative, and false.
    I know the history of DC Superman, I understand the most ancient concept of the Superman in recorded history; so I’m not swayed by this nonsense.

    Samuel Ewing

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    • Then you would understand why a happy go lucky Superman from the comics isn’t realistic in the real world. And they were trying to make it real. Not to mention who wants to hear the same exact story from the comics? You would know everything that’s going to happen.. I like that they just take pieces of it.

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      • Just saying. I don’t agree with this article.

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  9. Google “batman vs. superman” and go to images. Almost every single poster has hidden images of alien faces in the clouds. It’s creepy. The most obvious one is here:

    Look above Batman’s left shoulder. Zoom in. You’ll eventually see it. I found images like these on most of the posters. They are prepping us for a fake invasion/visitation.

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  10. I am the best of all because i become a kindly baby snak draw to illuminati. Never kept up.

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  11. You have some very good points here and I would like to expand on them. In the first film I believe Superman’s Father sending him to Earth is an analogy of God sending Christ as the savior of the world. In the first film General Zod is a clear portrayal of Satan, who was cast into outer darkness. In this film Batman represents the technology and weapons the Occult has access to. The Joker in the film represents the deceit, greed and financial backing of such weapons and technology. The Joker gets into the head of Batman and convinces him that Superman (Christ) is to blame and that upon his return he must be destroyed. The Occult firmly believe they can prevent the second coming of Christ, learn to live forever, and inherit the Earth.

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  12. I’m not here to stir up any argument, all I have to say that serving the occult, lucifer (satan), or any other god but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is baal worship and it is best that those of you who have anything to do with this type of worship, turn to God and serve Him only. Yaweh is the the true Light of this World. The enemy must flee at the name of The Most High Hosanna. Thank you Mr. Weishaupt for you study and information as I do the same to show that satan is a liar and the father of lies. He uses people to his advantage and throws them away after their purpose is served. Our God, Yaweh, Elohim is the God of truth and life.

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  13. 1 Peter 5:8

    Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walketh about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

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  14. I just watched it and I don’t know what to say… Hmmm! To me it was the old evil vs the old good- classical fight. The new thing appeared that Superman was like Jesus the son of God the saviour of the humanity. Remember the film scene of lowering superman’s dead body to the ground in the hands of “Mary” the Wonderwoman exactly as it is appeared in the bible when Mary and other ladies took Christ’s body down off the cross. That is when it all fitted the picture, before that I thought what a waste full of symbolism and some insanity. Maybe late for me but better later than never.
    In all I think the idea is interesting and terrible at the same according to the morals. I wonder who is going to be punished or the opposite for such a play of false heroes. However to the new generations who don’t believe in God, but grew up on Pepsy and Superman is probably nothing unusual. Good looking and saving people and perform miracles the same as bible said about the wonders of Jesus. Superman the New Jesus the second or third coming to save the World from evil!!!! He (Superman) has risen and will come in the new awfully expensive film again and again!!!!

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  15. I just wanted to point out that the “Egyptian Obelisk” that you are talking abouy is the Washington Monument. It is one of the most infamous landmarks in Washington DC and is popular amongst directors to be an establishing shot of DC and probably nothing else past that.

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  16. Jesus is coming soon people please be ready from africa asia or america and europe we all will see him coming and the devil knows it that’s why he wants to confuse our minds the best way of equipment is to read the bible for devine reverlation

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  17. thank you guys i’d like to learn more

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  18. Typical fundamental Christian nonsense in this article. These people don’t even know the history of their own Bible; Revelations was a later addition and clearly nothing at all to do with anything that Jesus said. But don’t let that get in the way of seeing the world through the eyes of paranoia; where every evil deed is because of an all powerful invisible evil entity that spends all it’s time trying to influence everyone to commit evil deeds. Honestly, this is kids stuff. And Satanists need to grow up too. As adults we know we have to take responsibility for our own actions, not blame made up entities for them. All religion is about control through fear, yet people are still so stupid that they cannot see that anyone who controls through fear is evil, not good, no matter what’s claimed about them or whose propaganda you are reading. Look into your heart and see the truth for yourself. Good rulers do not rule through fear; evil tyrants that do not have your interests at heart rule through fear. And their origin is not divine but here on earth, where they are accumulating the benefits of a system where the people are not permitted to question it. Wake up children! Time to grow up.

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  19. hmmm! Hmmmm! Hmmmm! Satan already caught them in his cast net these people fuh real Cant u see its big in your face the entire entertainment world is lying in the power of the wicked one. He doesn’t care man woman and child he’s seeking souls more and more then he rejoices after he gets what he wants. he’s Mad and angry Satan is walking around like a roaring lion seeking to devour. His time is short so he cares less. The movie blatantly shows all the occult symbols. Cant u hear what was said in the movie here it is: (“Devils don’t come from the Hell beneath us, they come from the sky.) Its spaced out enough for u to read and understand. It is written in the 10 commandments. Thou shalt not worship no other Gods besides me. Believe it or Leave it. Satan is wicked and evil he wanted to be and rule like God in heaven that’s why he was thrown out. He came down with great anger. Taking over the weak, senseless and inexperienced minds of the younger generation. No man cannot see God and live. He’s the unseen. My God Jehovah. He’s the most powerful ONE ever. Our Souls Belong to him he’s the giver of life. For I fear no evil Jehovah is my fortress Protector and Watcher. ‘WHAT SHALL IT PROFIT A MAN TO GAIN THE WORLD AND LOOSE HIS SOUL’. “MATERIAL WORLD IS PRICELESS”. ONCE THERE IS LIFE THERE IS HOPE.

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  20. “Some Amazing Jews & SOME OF THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS; Jerry Siegel / Joel Shuster comics pioneers; created Superman / Bob Kane, comics pioneers; created Batman” – Well its mostly to divert from more serious matters, religious practice etc & to pervert into lower moral and social behaviors towards self destruction.

    *X* is also; Akhenaton as the Sphinx-like Lion (of Judea). He was the Biblical Moses and true “King of the Jews.”
    And on the east side, toward the rising of the sun, shall they of the standard of the camp of Judah pitch throughout their armies – (Numbers 2:3)
    Judah is a lion’s whelp – (Genesis 49:9)

    The Flag of the Church of Scotland with Mosaic “burning bush” motif. The “fiery tree” with 3 roots is, however, Druidic in origin, as is the zodiacal cross in the background. This cross is also meant to symbolize the numeral 1O (Ten), another insignia of Aten or Aton (Ten). See 10 Downing Street. “X” stands for Aton and also for the biblical hero Nimrod, known as the “mighty hunter of Jehovah”

    The Pharaonic Lion and Unicorn primarily symbolizes the Cult of Aton and Tribe of Judah, both renegade exiles from Egypt.

    Symbolizing the royal sign of Leo, the red lion refers to the Pharaohs of Egypt. The French fleur de li commemorates the ancient goddesses of Egypt, and is the insignia of the Knights Templar.

    The Queen’s Personal Emblem features the Druidic-Bardic harp and Egyptian lions. During the coronation of British monarchs the following words from Handel’s Zadok the Priest are sung – “Zadok the priest and Nathan, crowned King Solomon.”

    Standard of the Prince of Wales. At his coronation, Charles sat upon a throne bearing a red dragon emblem. His mother spoke these words over him: “This dragon gives you your power, your throne and your authority.” In the year 1992, Prince Charles petitioned the European Union to be made king of all Europe.


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  21. 7Excellent work ! The manifestation of “entities” into our “reality” is accomplished through our individual & collective consciousness. The mistake that the illuminati AND we are making is in “believing” that they are real entities/dieties, etc. “They” are PROJECTIONS OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. As our consciousness is subtly pulled down to darkness via the subtle/subconscious symbology these “things” actually manifest ! They are as real as we imagine them… with the caveat that what we are imagining isn’t “Real”. It is the completely paradoxical nature of Duality-Illusion (Maya) that presents itself as substantial, real and believable. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have to deal with it. Rather it means we aren’t dealing with the fact that our own fears & delusions are imaginary. We don’t understand our own creative power that is being channeled, syphoned off and used to create this artificial matrix reality… the Luciferean Dream to which your work alludes. When we really get “Fear no one and no thing.” and the only thing that can harm us is what we believe has power over us then all of the Illuminati programming will “crash”. Please don’t misunderstand this as over simplistic. There are real dangers afoot. We simply can’t immediately unbelieve it all. Awakening is a gradual process. The only thing we really have to endure are our (false) beliefs that have been programmed into us… the only “salvation” is within and completely individualized. The Illuminati invert this by externalizing the process. They attract with promises personal “power” and belonging to something greater than self… merger into to collective. The cost is the loss of connection to one’s inner essential nature… what I call Universal Individuality which connects one to every other individual being and the Whole without the need for heirarchy, technology, etc. My hope is writing this comment is a contribution towards individuality, the destruction of artificial hierarchy. Divine Love is the key and That is native to every being and thing in Creation. The spiritual masters of the ages have been telling us this forever… and we keep externalizing it, rather than living it from within.

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  22. the ‘S’ is a snake – serpent in its striking position . superman is a fallen angel. the hulk, a ‘giant’ nephilim , full stop!

    there is so much more!

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  23. Hey Isaac,

    I wanted to post this comment on Batman vs Superman but your page seems to have issues. Anyway, I will post it here since I think that it is important.
    You know that there is going to be the new Wonder Woman movie, right ? Well there is this advertisement with Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) doing the ”X” sign with her arm. I think that you covered it in another article.
    If you ever get the chance to play Injustice 2, you will see that she makes the exact same girl whenever she clashes with an opponent. On the game, Superman is seen as a traitor and ends up imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. You have this theme going on when dark/light forces are joining to defeat an enemy and then end up going against each other under the banner of justice (Superman/Batman vs Brainiac, Naruto/Sasuke vs Kaguya etc). Supergirl then would eventually replace him since Batman entrusted her to enter the ”circle of trust”. It’s like entertainers want people to be more and more sensitive to accept occultism (the world is far more enclined to listen to women when it comes to accept anything new, which is a reason why Lucifer went for Eve in the Garden. She then influenced Adam).
    If you think about it, there is what I would call an ”occult legacy movement” going on to pass on secret knowledge and/or power to young people (Iron Man with Spider-Man, Miles Morales who will (maybe) kill Captain America in Secret Wars, from Captain Marvel to Miss Marvel wearing a lightning bolt, the next part after Civil War 2 as a comic book, Superboy in DC Universe Rebirth, Naruto to Boruto etc). At this rate, the world will be indoctrinated to a Godless era.

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    • WOW- that’s fascinating Jamelin! I didn’t know any of that stuff! I’ll dig into it. Thanks! -IW

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      • No worries.

        Also, whenever Red Hood is being introduced against Green Lantern, he says something like ”I am not crazy Hal, I am enlightened!” (notice the X pose he makes while holding guns).
        If I think of anything new, I will let you know.

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  24. Hey Isaac,

    I wanted to post this comment on Batman vs Superman but your page seems to have issues. Anyway, I will post it here since I think that it is important.
    You know that there is going to be the new Wonder Woman movie, right ? Well there is this advertisement with Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) doing the ”X” sign with her arm. I think that you covered it in another article.
    If you ever get the chance to play Injustice 2, you will see that she makes the exact same girl whenever she clashes with an opponent. On the game, Superman is seen as a traitor and ends up imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. You have this theme going on when dark/light forces are joining to defeat an enemy and then end up going against each other under the banner of justice (Superman/Batman vs Brainiac, Naruto/Sasuke vs Kaguya etc). Supergirl then would eventually replace him since Batman entrusted her to enter the ”circle of trust”. It’s like entertainers want people to be more and more sensitive to accept occultism (the world is far more enclined to listen to women when it comes to accept anything new, which is a reason why Lucifer went for Eve in the Garden. She then influenced Adam).
    Also, there is this one intro between Green Lantern and Red Hood when Red Hood say : ”I am not crazy Hal, I’m enlightened!” (notice the X sign he does while holding guns).
    If you think about it, there is what I would call an ”occult legacy movement” going on to pass on secret knowledge and/or power to young people (Iron Man with Spider-Man, Miles Morales who will (maybe) kill Captain America in Secret Wars, from Captain Marvel to Miss Marvel wearing a lightning bolt, the next part after Civil War 2 as a comic book, Superboy in DC Universe Rebirth, Naruto to Boruto etc). At this rate, the world will be indoctrinated to a Godless era.

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  25. Hi Isaac,

    Sorry that I sent the same message twice on the same article, it wasn’t on purpose. Sometimes, whenever I do post a comment, there is a glitch so I am not sure if it goes through. Anyway. In the Injustice 2 game, there is this new character that has been released called The Enchantress. I am not a DC comics expert so I won’t be able to give info on her background etc. However, there are interesting things to mention :

    – She was the first character released this year from Pack 3
    – On some of her interactions, she says that she is here to give birth to Dark Magic (considering the new movies coming out such as Slenderman, X Men : New Mutants, X-Men Dark Phoenix, Avengers : Infinity War, Truth or Dare etc. I would not be surprised if there isn’t a subliminal way to tell us that 2018 would be a year with more occultism than ever).
    – She has an all-seeing eye symbol on the forehead
    – She is the only character that calls Hellboy by his name (Anung in Rama, Rama being a major deity in Hinduism)
    – She hosts a young girl name June Moone (June being the 6th month, you can pretty much make a point on this one ; Moone is perhaps due to worshipping the Moon ? She has a moon necklace if you closely look at it). You can even say that it is her dark alter-ego.
    – She was featured in Suicide Squad. You wrote an article about it if I remember so you probably add something new there)

    Note : On the Arrowverse TV shows (The Flash, Arrow, DC Legends of Tomorrow), they mention that there are 52 earth (well… 53 with Earth X). On the multiverse ending with Enchantress, she does mention that there are 52 Earths as well. I don’t know what is the occultism behind 52 (or even 53) but I am pretty sure you can find out.
    Basically, she is like the typical dark character that lurks underground, preying on an innocent girl to do her bidding.
    Also, as I might have told you before, there are numbers behind Superman’s back in his shirt while he is in prison (look at the Story mode videos on YouTube). It almost look like a date… Maybe something for the next year ?

    I will let you know if I think of anything new.

    Keep going,

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