Batman shooting theory shuts Narrows school down

The shootings in Aurora and Sandy Hook have been theorized to be connected to the Batman: Dark Knight Rises film because both of the terms appear briefly in the background shots of the film. This idea has been circulating around conspiracy theory websites mainly, but now it appears that a school is taking precautions regarding a possible next shooting in Narrows, Virginia.

School will reopen Thursday for children in Giles County. They were supposed to be in class Wednesday following winter break.

Instead, all five county schools were closed after an online article connected recent shootings to schools in Narrows.

It posed the question “Is Narrows the site of the next school massacre?”

Police are stressing that there has been no direct threat made to any school.

But they wanted to exercise caution in light of this article.

So schools were closed for students while teachers came to work and met with police.

It was no ordinary day for teachers in Giles County. There was a strong police presence on Wednesday. Narrows Police Chief Bentley Ratcliffe met with teachers who had a lot of questions.

“If we really felt that it was a threat,” Narrows Police Chief Bentley Ratcliffe said about the questions. “You know, what we were doing to beef up patrol.”

Police and schools took action after a website article suggested schools in Narrows were in danger. The author’s theory connected the Batman movie theater shooting to the Connecticut shooting last month and then here to Narrows. In response, Giles County closed school for students on Wednesday.

“Good move. Showing everybody that we’re definitely keeping an eye on this thing and we’re going to stay vigilant,” Jackie Bailey, a student’s uncle said.

Many parents say the news scared them.

“My little girl is a kindergartener so I don’t know what I’d do,” mother Sadie Fisher said.

This mom says her daughter will not be going back to school this week. She worries somebody could read the article and act on it.

“’Cause if it is to happen just because they close it today, if he’s going to do it or whoever is going to do it just because they close it today ain’t going to stop it,” Fisher said.

Fisher isn’t alone.

“He’s got to go to school. But I just hope nothing happens,” said Timothy Stewart, a father.

Students are also apprehensive.

“Yeah I’m a little scared to go back to school tomorrow,” Isaac Taylor, a student said. “I don’t want to get hurt or anything.”

Chief Ratcliffe is reminding people that no direct threat was made.

“I’m a parent myself. I have three kids that go to the schools here in this county and you know I feel our schools are safe,” Ratcliffe said.


Here’s the website that proposed the theory


Here is a youtube video showing the map on the film and the Narrows:

And here’s the map from Batman Dark Knight Rises:

Batman Map


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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