Bastille Blame Music Video: Hidden Illuminati Messages of Alchemy

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In today’s analysis we’ll take a look at Bastille’s cryptic music video for “Blame” and see how there’s MUCH more than meets the eye…




Rolling Stone interviewed the mastermind behind Bastille’s “Blame” video, and it was claimed by singer-songwriter Dan Smith to be:

The song is about a dramatic stand off between two gangsters and nods to American History X and The Godfather.”

I don’t subscribe to that theory (which seems absurd since it was his vision after all…), but instead I’d rather claim the video demonstrates occult principles in action. It shows the power of art to influence the masses and push for the alchemical rebus, or reconciliation of opposites to create a new entity, or the New World.

I know that’s a lot- but hang in there as I explain…



First we see the black pillar being prepared…

…and the people seem a bit “cultish” about it once they come in contact with it:

The curiosities increase as we see a scene of a similar nature, this time with a white pillar:

The reality of this video is that the white and black pillars are used by those in the occult studies to symbolize an ancient and esoteric practice of enlightenment.

The twin pillars are Boaz and Jachin; one white and one black. It is only when equilibrium is found that the “sacred marriage” is understood and enlightenment achieved. This is the perfected being in their mind. The left pillar is Boaz (Female-Black) and the right Jachin (Male-White). It is only when the two are merged that the perfected, androgynous being is created (no gender; grey).

The High Priestess is the enlightened pillar rising between Boaz and Jachin

The video shows us the upright, red triangle; symbolizing the male principle by emphasizing the masculine attributes of fire and upward rising of the phallus.

Later we see the inverted white triangle, symbolizing the female principle.


Freemasons utilize a black and white checkered floor to echo a similar concept of duality; but the pillars are known as the entrance to a place of mysterious enlightenment, which is why we they are predominantly placed in the occult arts. The merging of opposites is another way of stating there is a change to the “old way” coming (e.g. male and female, upright and inverted triangles, etc.).


The video starts with a woman that is directed (through her phone) to prepare for the “kiss.” Notice also that she has an All Seeing Eye as the background image on her phone- proving its popularity.

Next we see the artist drawing out the All Seeing Eye…

…which is placed on the wall as the form of art.

This is no different from the theories I’ve elaborated on in the past; but we’ll get into that soon.

We see the woman respond to the symbol of the All Seeing Eye (which represents the awakening of the pineal gland- see my DECODING ILLUMINATI SYMBOLISM: THE ALL SEEING EYE analysis for more on that). She is influenced by the art to join in on the ceremony and kisses the “black pillar” (similar to the apes touching the black monolith of 2001: A Space Odyssey, which is addressed in my project called KUBRICK’S CODE).

Bastille’s BLAME video & the enlightenment through the black pillar


2001: A Space Odyssey- enlightenment through black monolith

Once we understand that the alchemical process is used to transform the mind of the practitioner, we can see how the first stage of the process is referred to as the “Nigredo” or “blackening,” which is embodied by the color of black.

Finally, we see her go into a possessed state, implying she is the alchemical rebus that is being reborn into the new ways of the occult.



This video repeats a pattern I’ve seen so many times before. As I alluded to earlier, it’s a very noticeable pattern. The pattern supports my years of research into this field:

Indoctrination through occult principles in an attempt to change our reality.

The question my good reader should ask is: “What are they seeking to change our world into?”

The good news is that I’ve completed a book that addresses this question, and so many more that will follow. It provides more familiar examples from pop culture and entertainment that demonstrate the occult agenda (as well as ACTUAL citations to the doctrine so you can research it for yourself).

I know that many conspiracy theorists are somewhat wild cards, so that is why I wanted to write a comprehensive book that any rational minded person can verify as true.

It’s only when we learn the esoteric secrets that we can wake up to the truth…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. How in the world does this video have to do with The Godfather? I want to see more info on Bastille and what kind of message they are trying to spread with this new album. Are they for or against the new world order? Are they trying to promote or inform us on occult stuff on purpose?

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