Avengers Tattoos: The Illuminati Symbol of the New Transhuman

Most of the cast of Avengers received matching tattoos in a very public manner. Most of the clueless mainstream media failed to ask the simple question of what the tattoo represented, but that’s of no concern because I’m here to tell you the truth…



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The Perfected Race

Avengers cast members Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth all received this matching tattoo upon the celebration of their Avengers: Infinity War film (a film loaded with Illuminati symbolism).



That symbol we’re looking at is NOT what it seems.

To the masses they see a 6 with the “A” from “Avengers.” To me, I see the number of “perfected” man- 666. The Biblical perspective is that Adam was created on the 6th day and the number has been associated with God’s creation of man ever since. The Antichrist embodies 666 and the “Illuminati” occult doctrine may be referring to a new form of entity- the transhuman.

They seek to create a new being on this “new” 6th day.

This “evolved” form of humanity is something they’ve been in pursuit of for a long time. They seek immortality and to supersede God’s creation of man with some “improved” being or “super man” through Luciferian enlightenment which arguably gave us the technology needed to create the transhuman.

It makes sense because the ‘super men’ are what the Illuminati seek to bring about. The concept of super heroes in and of itself is instrumental to the Illuminati and occult agenda.

Some are claiming it is a altered Freemason compass and square, but to me it looks more like Crowley’s Unicursal Hexagram (if we’re going to claim it’s tied to other symbols, which I don’t believe to be so).

The similarities we could draw out are the six sides of the hexagram to the number 6 on the Avengers’ tattoo. The hexagram symbolizes the macrocosm; the universe and the source of divine powers that the magick practitioner can call upon to alter the microcosm.

These “divine powers” could very well be what these super heroes are believed to harness.

My latest book, The Dark Path goes into much detail on the super hero agenda as it pertains to occultists’ teachings:


Deadpool is indeed the darkest hero from the super hero genre, but if you consider the historical beliefs in the occult you’ll find that all of them relate to a distorted Luciferian system. I’ll be going further into detail later in this book, but the basic overall agenda as I see it, is the belief in ancient super-beings (whether that be “Ascended Masters” or an alien race) which will validate a potential to become something “better.”

At this point the power of technology will push us through the “Singularity” and man will be considered inferior to machine. We’ll be offered a choice to merge consciousness with the digital matrix which will allow us to become immortal with “super powers” beyond understanding. This will essentially eliminate the human race and “evolve” us into something beyond God’s creation.

All the parties involved with this agenda may not be aware of it, but we’ll continue to explore this idea and I beg the reader to look for these theories in action through entertainment and reality.

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I’m going to say I called it- but I when I said “All the parties involved with this agenda may not be aware of it” I could very well be referring to the celebrities getting these tattoos (had I known this would’ve happened when I wrote the book in 2017)..

I’ll go as far as to also say that the masses will follow suit and start getting these tattoos because it’s all part of the conditioning powers of the entertainment system.

Or it may be a jump off for an upcoming project for the Avengers: Illuminati group (which is an actual storyline in the comic books where six of the Avengers start a secret group to control the world).

In fact- the latest Avengers film shows us Thanos’ pursuit to destroy half of the human population- which could very well be part of this new agenda…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. OMG I said this as soon as I saw it on the gram!!

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  2. They’re aware of it all right, they may be stupid, but they’re NOT dumb, if that makes any sense.

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  3. The Antichrist will be here soon. Also all this “11:11” number crap is something to do with dark spirits as well.

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  4. it’s so obviously not some “innocent” avenger tattoo. I mean come on, would you get a tattoo from the logo of something you did for your darn job? I believe it’s indeed some sigil of some sort.

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