Army of the Pharaohs rap group addresses Illuminati rumors


If you’re a follower of you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of the Army of the Pharaohs and other affiliated rappers who sometimes rap about conspiracy topics (e.g. Ill Bill, Jedi Mind Tricks, Esoteric, etc.). Even though their music is explicit and violent at times, they still relay the message necessary to raise consciousness by talking about the real agenda of the Archons and Illuminati.


AOTP was interviewed by AllHipHop and they were asked about some rumors that they are Illuminati or their music is devil worship. Apparently some conspiracy theorists claim they are on the wrong side of the battle but honestly I don’t really know who that is?…Although I have seen Vinnie Paz doing the Moloch horns hand gesture, but if you listen to his lyrics you’ll find that he’s more about exploring the manipulations so I’ve got to think he’s not supporting the Illuminati agenda, or maybe that’s wishful thinking 🙂


Army of Pharaohs AOTP Vinnie Paz Moloch horns

Here’s the snippet from AllHipHop:

On comments the group’s subject matter represents occultism, devil worshipping or the “Illuminati”:

E: My favorite Big L record was called “Devil’s Son,” and he’s not a devil worshipper. He’s just using that as a vehicle to explain how crazy, unorthodox and how unlike the rest he is. That is what Hip Hop is about, being deadly with the pen, being creative and original. Sometimes you can’t just knock on a door, you need to get that swat team battering ram and bash the door in.

Inflammatory language will always rattle people. Our music is for the insiders who already get that concept. People that would equate us with the devil are people who never listened to hardcore Hip Hop before.

Apathy: A lot of conspiracy theorists misunderstand us. They take a lot of stuff too literally and look for Illuminati messages in Doritos chips. We’ve been spitting about the same s**t for seventeen years now. It’s not a shocker what we do.

VP: My response? You can’t argue with a fool. That’s my response.

So there you have it.

Also check out their video for God Particle and stream their latest album In Death Reborn and then pick it up and support underground hardcore hip hop:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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