Ariana Grande and the Illuminati Last Supper: 2018 MTV VMAs

I watch all of these reward shows with a very skeptical eye. The MTV VMAs have proven to be one of the most influential sources of instilling occult symbolism into the minds of the masses.

2018 was no exception…



Ariana Grande: The False God

I just got done picking on Ariana Grande again but that doesn’t mean she’s off the hook yet (see my Bill Clinton, Ariana Grande and the Illuminati Presidential Programming article).

A couple of weeks ago we had the annual MTV ritual known as the VMAs. While I’m late on reporting the symbolism found on this show, I’m here to present an important image that supports previous analysis of Ariana Grande as the Illuminati goddess.

During her performance of “God is a Woman” we see the imitation of Jesus Christ and the Last Supper:

This is quite curious because the video for her same song shows all of the pagan goddess forms; with no mention of Christianity in it whatsoever.

I believe this is because Ariana Grande has publicly transitioned from Catholicism to Kabbalism; an esoteric doctrine that she learned from the 80’s Illuminati queen Madonna…



We see these celebrities being placed on top of the pedestal as false gods because it’s a distraction to lead us down the wrong path. Ariana Grande wasn’t the first to do this…

Janelle Monae “Dirty Computer”


Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” video


Beyonce as Jesus


MTV: Pushing the Agenda

While I’m a huge fan of Jersey Shore (I know- I’m a rotten human being); MTV seems to be a network with an occult backbone.

Kenneth Anger is a famous occultist that was influential on MTV and it only makes sense when we consider that every year at the VMAs we see some form of public ritual of occultism.

Black and White Duality at the VMAs


666 hand at the VMAs and NSync


Lady Gaga at the VMAs


Kendrick Lamar and Aleister Crowley’s “777”



Putting it all together

Ariana was purposefully causing controversy by emulating Jesus Christ (the true God). She is being used by the “Illuminati” to push the idea that the new gods of this “Aeon of Horus” are intended to be celebrities.

The MTV website has been deceptively providing their own “Illuminati symbolism analysis” since I started doing this several years ago. Rest assured that what they tell you is fluffy falsities meant to distract.




The real end game is worshipping Lucifer as the light bearer; as Kenneth Anger makes clear with the tattoo on his chest:

Ariana Grande is one of many entertainers used to promote the new religion.

I created an entire podcast episode in her culmination of occult doctrines with her “God is a Woman” video (you can listen to it HERE and I’d like to add that I’ve got a GREAT impersonation of Grande on it that I do).


All of this is intended to get the masses to head down the Dark Path…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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