Apple iPhone 5S conspiracy theories

The release of Apple’s newest iPhone has conspiracy theories around the use of its fingerprint scanner. Apple’s official response is that the fingerprint scan is store locally inside of the iPhone’s chip; and never uploaded to a central database. Hmm… iPhone could be spelled out Eye-Phone, and Siri in reverse is Iris (similar to the Illuminati chip-mark of the beast payment system ISIS):


There have always been rumors of our technology tracking us through the apps, but I personally think most of these are slightly unfounded because they are tracking only to tailor advertising towards our preferences. That doesn’t mean I like this invasion of privacy, but it might just be part of the package of all of this technology. So you can either go along for the ride which may lead to our inevitable downfall, or live like the Amish.


However, what is odd is the logo for Apple with the bit apple, which is a reference to the godfather of computers, Alan Turing who ate an apple filled with cyanide, after being ‘bullied’ and harassed for being homosexual. Don’t you find that a bit odd and morbid??…

…so maybe this iPhone 5-NSA commercial might not be so fictional:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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