Apple Doing Damage Control on Labor Exploitation


Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, is pushing the public relations of Apple even harder now that the previously concealed news of the plant in which iPads and iPods are made were posing sweatshop conditions. Apple is trying to clear up their “zen-like” image by saying they’ve joined this Fair Labor Association to investigate their supply chain. As if this is all a surprise to Apple that they are enforcing low pay jobs and raking in a huge profit (less than 2% of the cost of Apple’s products goes to pay the Chinese workers’ wages, that’s $8 they’ll see from a $499 iPad). To make things even shadier, this Fair Labor Association is a group that collects dues (a.k.a. “hush money”) from all of its members. So you have scandalous assed businesses like Nike and Adidas as members of this FLA who pay their hush money to get a good grade so people get off of their backs. Nike is a major offender of sweatshop practices-how much do you really think it costs to make an Air Jordan shoe? Nike pays its workers about $2 a DAY to make these shoes.


Scott Nova-the writer of the article and executive director of the Worker Rights Consortium suggests that they pay every worker a decent living wage if they really cared. Apple recently said they increased wages 16-25% at Foxconn, but when you pay someone pennies a day to work, that’s still chump change.


Apple’s been in hot water for some time now since the forewarned dangers of explosive material actually caused an explosion after being ignored by Apple and several workers died. Other workers started protesting Apple’s labor policies and began jumping out of the building to their deaths. Apple responded by placing nets around the building.





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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