ANTI: Rihanna’s Occult Initiation into the Illuminati

Welcome back to! Today we’re going to review Rihanna’s ANTI album and its esoteric messages hidden within its many “ANTI-Diary” videos. It appears that Rihanna is revealing her steps through the initiation rites of the musicians that seek to take the path of the occult; and we’ll look at her videos to explain why I believe that.

We’ll see the steps it takes for a musician to go from their ordinary life and into the jaws of the music industry. Eventually the musician is given the ‘key’ to enter into the occult knowledge and they proceed through the steps of the alchemical process to become a god in their own right. Along the way they’ll be subjected to blood sacrifices and demonic symbolism. Should the initiate make it through these rituals they’ll be given the golden crown and become a god or goddess.


In this analysis you’ll know that Rihanna has been going through this because she is flat out showing it to us…


Rihanna’s Occult Initiation Ritual

The first thing that comes to mind is the name of the album ANTI. I can already draw parallels to Anti-Christ. Even if that is not the case; it could be the common reference to embracing the dark side of one’s spirit (the anti-body). This shadow version or “dark side” has been featured on American Horror Story: Hotel with the Countess (played by Lady Gaga); and is a common theme for occultists to embrace in order to merge their opposites (which we’ll see later on with the principles of duality and the Boaz/Jachin twin pillars).

The artwork for this album was done by Roy Nachum after Rihanna approached him to do so. She saw Jay-Z’s collection and asked Nachum to assist her; so one must wonder if there wasn’t influence by Jay-Z to pursue this (Jay-Z is the one who signed her and allegedly is some form of handler). On the album front and back cover we see an image of Rihanna as a child with a golden crown upon her head. We’ll cover this later; but I can already draw conclusions that we’re looking at the representation of Aleister Crowley’s “crowned and conquering child” of the Aeon of Horus.

Rihanna ANTI Album cover and back

Crowley is worshiped by many occultists for his revelations and ground breaking work in ritual magick. His life was devoted to ushering in a new age of mankind called the Aeon of Horus in which the child is the new form of god. He called this the “crowned and conquering child” and we see that depicted in her ANTI-Diary videos. Rihanna is assisting Crowley in pushing mankind’s evolution into this new age that Crowley fought so hard for. He believed that he would be the one to usher in the end of Christianity with this new time period, and rock bands like the Beatles, Doors, and Led Zeppelin all contributed to his influence in pop culture by placing him on their album artwork as well. Rihanna’s ANTI is one more to add to the collection- only in a veiled sense.

Crowley Beatles Sgt Pepper

DigitalSpy has Rihanna’s explanation for the crown which I feel the need to provide in case you want to believe the “official story”:

“There’s so many things in life that you want to achieve. When you get to the point where you’re achieving your dreams, you don’t see the success anymore and you don’t know when to stop. It makes you blind. The crown is a metaphor to appreciate small things in life. The balloon is lighter than air and is a metaphor for escaping reality.”

After we review the videos you’ll see that Crowley’s new age of man and the crowned child is truly what is at play here.

The album was first released on TIDAL- which is a music streaming service that I’ve covered more in-depth in the past for its associations with the Age of Aquarius. Again; we’re talking about the ushering in a new age of mankind and the Illuminati’s pursuit of the evolution of consciousness.

Rihanna ANTI R8 Bedroom TIDAL

At an album pre-release party there were red balloons placed on top of the black and white checkered floor.

Rihanna ANTI pre album party black white floor blood sacrifice balloons

This is a symbol of the blood sacrifice I talked about in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC.


This essential step in the initiation process is what it takes to reach the top of the initiation ritual ladder. We see the red balloons of death in Stephen King’s It as Pennywise holds them to scare the children; and at Rihanna’s party they’re placed above the Freemason “Moses Pavement” to symbolize the importance of black and white duality.



Finally; in 2015 Drake depicted her as the antichrist when he placed her image with the numbers 666; as if to warn us of this upcoming event…

Drake Rihanna 666

…which could arguably be seen as the balloon knots on the ANTI album cover:

Rihanna ANTI 666 balloons

ANTI-Diary Videos

I’d like to make a brief note here; I first watched the eight videos that coincided with the Rihanna ANTI Diary series and it didn’t seem too obvious that we were witnessing her occult transformation. However, after watching the unlockable SAMSUNG videos that have extra footage; it became quite clear that we were seeing a dark ritual…

ANTI-Diary video R1-Bedroom

Rihanna’s journey begins here in her Barbados bedroom. You can see that she is shown the golden crown to pursue (which was Jay-Z who found and signed her).

Rihanna ANTI R1 Bedroom video

To emphasize the point more clearly; we read in her diary that there’s “gold” in her voice. It is signed by ‘X’ signifying the unknown. Who is this ‘X’? Is it Jay-Z? Is it the cosmos? The universe conspiring to help her on her path; a la Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist and Crowley’s “True Will?”…

Rihanna ANTI R1 Gold

Rihanna is showing her fans the way through initiation and telling them she is the key holder:

Rihanna ANTI R1 Bedroom iamthekeyholder

We see the first appearance of her guiding spirit- the “crowned and conquering child”.

Rihanna ANTI R1 bedroom Barbados crowned child pursuit


ANTI Diary R2- The Studio

The second diary entry is fairly straight forward. In it we see Rihanna entering the studio to record her albums and start to get a taste of power. We see the colors of black and white yet again on the hair of the guardians to the studio- which will later be revealed as the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

Rihanna ANTI R2 Studio

The crowned and conquering child is inside of the glass cube of the sound studio- beginning her entrapment in the Illuminati’s matrix.

Rihanna ANTI R2 Studio Power of Music


ANTI Diary R3- Closet

The third video is where things begin to delve deeper into the occult belief system. She calls this the “Closet” and speaks of entering into the “Void.” This void could easily be the Abyss that Aleister Crowley and Austin Osmon Spare attempted passage. Supposedly there is a demon that exists within that one must overcome in order to make it past (Crowley called it Choronzon, HP Lovecraft called it Chtulu).

Rihanna ANTI R3 Closet

We see Rihanna enter the room in her white garments; symbolizing the purity that will soon fade away.

Rihanna ANTI R3 Closet Preparing initiate from white to black

You’ll notice the room is black and white; again representing the duality of man’s conscious. There is a light side and a dark side (just like in Star Wars). Across the room lies the black veil that she must pierce. In her way is the demon of the Abyss (Choronzon or Chtulu).

Rihanna ANTI R3 Closet Entrance to Dark Veil

Rihanna must have the courage to face this demonic entity before she is granted permission to pass. Edward Kelly and John Dee (fathers of Enochian magic) first wrote of this entity, and Crowley further elaborated on it when he instructed his initiates that they must confront Chornozon in order to destroy their ego and achieve enlightenment.

Rihanna ANTI R3 Closet Guardian of Dark Veil

Choronzon confirms that Rihanna has been given the proper key to enlightenment (only those that are deemed worthy and ready to enter into the initiation rituals are allowed to pass).

Rihanna ANTI R3 Closet Initiate deemed worthy with key

On the other side of the blackened veil we see her guardian angel trying to lure her through.

Rihanna ANTI R3 Closet Crowned God on Other Side

Rihanna obliges as she pursues her ‘Personal Legend’. She grabs the hand and successfully ‘pierces the veil.’ This concept is seen time and time again from films such as Stargate and with CERN’s attempt to blow open a portal to another dimension to allow a passage into another dimension.

Rihanna ANTI R3 Closet piercing veil

After Rihanna passes through Choronzon and the dark veil she recognizes her new form- that of the enlightened alchemist. In alchemy there is a process every practitioner must go through that transitions through different phases in order to convey the occult teachings. It starts out with the “blackening” in which the initiate takes their first step.

Rihanna ANTI R3 Closet Blackened Alchemy Initiate

This blackening has been depicted by many celebrities that have allegedly gone through similar metamorphisis:

Rose McGowan in RM486

Rose McGowan in RM486


Miley Cyrus as the black bird

Miley Cyrus as the black bird


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga


So it seems that Rihanna is the latest to depict herself as the blackened initiate of alchemy. In doing so she realizes her shadow side- the dark version of Rihanna. We see this in this chapter of the ANTI-Diary when it says she is to REVEAL the “stranger lies within.”

Rihanna ANTI R3 Closet Reveal Dark Side

Another extra image found in the hidden footage is that of a paper that has the tale of Rihanna. A beautiful girl with long dark hair that “stepped into the void” with her eyes shining and had an “incredible transformation.”

Rihanna ANTI R3 Closet Transformation letter


ANTI Diary R4- Tattoo Parlar

The fourth chapter picks up with the darker path one must take into this process. We see a man with a large demonic tattoo on his back that appears to be the archetype of the horned demon-god Moloch (aka Satan or Baphomet). Again, this image is only found on the app’s bonus features.

Rihanna ANTI R4 Tattoo Parlor Baphomet tattoo

The newly blackened Rihanna mounts this man and gives him a tattoo on his forehead…

Rihanna ANTI R4 Tattoo Parlor Tattoo mark of beast

…which allegedly is “ANTI” spelled backwards as “ITNA”; applying the principle of inversion commonly used by satanists. Some people claim that satanists and Aleister Crowley called this the ‘Law of Reversal’ because inversion is of much importance to them (e.g. inverted crosses). In practical magic this encapsulates the theory that magic can be done and ‘undone’ since the universe is only bending towards the practitioner’s will temporarily.

Rihanna ANTI R4 Tattoo Parlor Tattoo ITNA

In this scene we see the tattooed man reaching out for salvation from the crowned and conquering child (*also note the serpent and sword tattoo on his stomach).

Rihanna ANTI R4 Tattoo Parlor crowned child god

In the hidden footage we see Rihanna selling us on the idea of symbolism. She says to “Wear the mark of rebellion” which is an obvious predictive programming of future events to wear this Mark of the Beast that the tattooed man has on his forehead.

Rihanna ANTI R4 Tattoo Parlor Symbol and mark of beast is rebellion

In the bonus we also see a story…

Rihanna ANTI R4 Tattoo Parlor crowned child god story

…that turns out to be the crowned child god’s journey to obtain the “key of enlightenment.”

Rihanna ANTI R4 Tattoo Parlar story

ANTI Diary R5- Shell

The fifth room is the “Shell.” This is another play on the theme of having a shadow side to everything. Good and evil resides in everything- as does it the Kabbalah Tree of Life. The Tree of Life consists of ten sephirot and there is also a shadow Tree of Life with ten “evil” sephirot. This evil side of the Tree of Life is referred to as the “Qlippoth” and these evil forces are translated as “shells” of the good side of the Tree of Life.

Rihanna ANTI R5 Shell

Rihanna is in a bathtub of water that represents the journey into another dimension; which I describe in further detail in a post on the symbolism of water and the bathtub. This denotes a place where one can attempt to purify themselves or even cross over into this other dimension. In The Complete Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft, 3rd ed., the concept of a cleansing bath ritual is discussed. They say that the bath helps prepare the subconscious mind for ritual. It “signals” the subconscious mind to get to work. This coincides with everything we’ve learned thus far. Symbols get projected out into the ether and speak to our subconscious for the mass consumption, and then rituals are used to trigger the subconscious mind to “get to work.”

Rihanna ANTI R5 Shell Bathtub water

We see Rihanna looking at the Qlippoth evil that lurks on the other side of the walls…

Rihanna ANTI R5 Shell bathtub water 2

In the bonus footage we see the crowned child god approaching the bath with a cube which turns out to be a music box. The cube represents the Gnostic idea that the world is actually an evil place that God created to entrap us. Obviously this is a heretical idea, but they think that Lucifer was the one who actually tried to help us escape this cube-trap.

Rihanna ANTI R5 Shell crowned god and music box cube

We find inside of this cube music box her childhood home in Barbados- implying that she was once trapped in this material realm but is freeing herself with the help of Lucifer.

Rihanna ANTI R5 Shell Barbados home in Gnostic evil material cube


ANTI Diary R6- Gallery

In the “Gallery” we find Rihanna entering into the mystical place through the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin. In the beginning we find her claiming to plunge into the darkness (the Abyss) where her power multiplies.

Rihanna ANTI R6 Gallery

In the bonus footage we see the men in strange positions. Notice the one with the All Seeing Eye the man with the white hair shows us.

Rihanna ANTI R6 Gallery All Seeing Eye V Nodens

When the camera pans around the room you can see the twin pillars (it’s reflected in the two angled mirrors). These are the Boaz and Jachin pillars I’ve spoken of countless times. It’s symbolizes the entrance to a place of mystery and intrigue where the initiate learns the ways of the occult.

Rihanna ANTI R6 Gallery Twin Pillars Boaz Jachin

The crowned child god is responsible for awakening the masses. This is what Rihanna believes her journey is intended to do. Her True Will is to instill this belief system upon millions of unsuspecting fans.

Rihanna ANTI R6 Gallery All Seeing Eye path of awakening

The followers awaken and watch as Rihanna ascends through the ranks.

Rihanna ANTI R6 Gallery leading masses

The crowned child conveys the Illuminati Vow of Silence; a symbol used to convey that she will keep the secrets to herself, even though millions are following (*recall that only Rihanna was granted the key to enlightenment because not everyone is worthy, although they are welcome to fall into the same pit).

Rihanna ANTI R6 Gallery Vow of Silence given to those awakened

We see more of the same ideas in the bonus footage- symbols are the “mark of rebellion” that people are encouraged to partake in. Rebelling from authority (e.g. organized religion) is the key to the Illuminati evolution of consciousness and symbols speak to our subconscious in order to influence this.

Rihanna ANTI R6 Gallery wear the symbols

Rihanna is the enlightened one and the illumination of Lucifer is shown here. Lucifer is known as the torch bearer- much like the Statue of Liberty is the incarnation of Semiramis. The goddess is capable of carrying the torch and enlightening the masses- as does Rihanna here.

Rihanna ANTI R6 Gallery leading masses into the light of Lucifer


ANTI Diary R7- Office

Things get very interesting when Rihanna enters the “Office.” The statement here is that money is not the ultimate goal of certain initiates after they achieve fame and fortune. They eventually know there is a higher purpose (which Rihanna seeks to fulfill here). We see that reflected in the opening message as well.

Rihanna ANTI R7 Office

When Rihanna enters, the guide points her to the left- down the “left hand path.” This is the path all satanists take. “Sheep on the right and goats to the left” is how this is conveyed, and it couldn’t be anymore telling with the horned deities right on her desk.

Rihanna ANTI R7 Office Left hand path horned moloch

Rihanna takes the left hand path but we first see the Egyptian bust behind her. The ancient Egyptian mystery schools were believed to be where the ancient sorcerers of Atlantis bestowed their knowledge after the collapse of their advanced civilization.

Rihanna ANTI R7 Office horned and egyptian deity worshipped in office

Rihanna approaches the golden door that blocks the left hand path…

Rihanna ANTI R7 Office doorway to left hand path

…and inside we see the handlers of the Illuminati. These represent the wealthy elite who cash in on the artists and their albums. We see them counting dollars and in the bonus footage one of them even dies doing so; only to be replaced by another man in waiting.

Rihanna ANTI R7 Office behind door of left hand path- greed

Rihanna’s crowned child god approaches her in front of the desk with the horned deity on it…

Rihanna ANTI R7 Office Crowned child giving crown

…and she accepts this gracious gift. She finds that there is something more valuable than the money she has from the album sales; and that is the enlightenment she has received from this occult ritual process.

Rihanna ANTI R7 Office Given Crown of gold

Rihanna ventures back into the darkness with her crowning as she enters into the final stage.

Rihanna ANTI R7 Office Given crown and now in dark place



ANTI Diary R8- Bedroom

In this final chapter we see the revelation that the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. In a very Alice in Wonderland-esque occult ritual; Rihanna has been guided through the various principles of the occult and has found her way back to the beginning.

Rihanna ANTI R8 Bedroom

Rihanna and her newly acquired crown inserts her key to this final doorway…

Rihanna ANTI R8 Bedroom Key unlocks

…only to find her Barbados home with the children inside. She lies down with them in comfortable silence as they’re surrounded by a room filled with sand (we’ll find out why that is soon).

Rihanna ANTI R8 Bedroom Ends at the beginning

She smiles and gazes up in the sky and sees the moon lighting up the cosmos- suggesting the symbolism of the moon goddess.

Rihanna ANTI R8 Bedroom Moon


Conclusion: The Outcome of Rihanna’s Occult Path

So what is the purpose of this entire film sequence? Is it nonsense? Absolutely not. If you followed along you  can see that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to support this kind of idea that it is an occult ritual and Rihanna is the initiate being led down this path.

The confrontation with Choronzon and Rihanna’s subsequent entrance into the dark veil is the key to proving the allegations made here, so follow along as we elaborate a bit more on this theme. We have to delve a bit into Aleister Crowley’s writings to understand what is going on here.

In The Confessions of Aleister Crowley he speaks of the confrontation with Choronzon (who Rihanna approaches in R3- Closet:

“The name of the Dweller in the Abyss is Choronzon, but he is not really an individual. The Abyss is empty of being; it is filled with all possible forms, each equally inane, each therefore evil in the only true sense of the word—that is, meaningless but malignant, in so far as it craves to become real. These forms swirl senselessly into haphazard heaps like dust devils, and each such chance aggregation asserts itself to be an individual and shrieks, “I am I!” though aware all the time that its elements have no true bond; so that the slightest disturbance dissipates the delusion just as a horseman, meeting a dust devil, brings it in showers of sand to the earth.”

Rihanna ANTI R3 Closet Guardian of Dark Veil

Could it be that the ‘showers of sand’ Crowley speaks of are what we see in the final episode called R8- Bedroom?

Rihanna ANTI R8 Bedroom Ends at the beginning

Rihanna ANTI R8 Sand of Choronzon

In fact, Rihanna gazes at the moon- suggesting she is some form of the moon goddess, which associates with the left eye or the moon eye. This final scene is important in that it shows success in the ultimate goal of the initiate’s path- becoming a god.

Rihanna ANTI R8 Bedroom Moon

In Kabbalah the sephirot known as Binah is referred to as the ‘left eye’ on the Tree of Life (it is also represented by the color of black which we see during the Rihanna-blackening alchemy). Strangely enough, we read in The Confessions of Aleister Crowley about Binah:

We may now consider further what is meant by Neschamah. It is the human faculty corresponding to the idea Binah, Understanding; which is that aspect of the divine consciousness which corresponds to the Female Idea. It receives, formulates and transmits the pure divine consciousness, which is represented by a triangle (for the Trinity) whose apex is the essence of the true self.

So it seems that Rihanna has found the “essence of the true self” when she ends at the beginning. She finds her inner child and fulfills her ‘True Will’ and ‘Personal Legend’ of Aleister Crowley and Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. The alchemical process takes form as she traverses the occult initiations and traverses the rituals of the Illuminati in order to realize her true self’s essence.


Rihanna ANTI Diary Compilation


I’ve got a video for the IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel in which you’ll see more images and hear some important audio clips (*subscribe while you’re there).

For example, in R2- The Studio you’ll hear a vital part of the equation:

“My voice is my power. My mark will be permanent. The transformation is coming, and there is strength in numbers.” 

Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed this post you’ll love my book on the hidden occult messages of the hip hop world in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC. I’ve recently updated the book with some new findings and details of my time spent on SIRIUS/XM’s SHADE45’s All Out Show.





isaac-weishaupt-profile-2Website publisher of, author, and independent researcher; Isaac Weishaupt has been on the leading edge of conspiracy theories surrounding the elusive “Illuminati” and its infiltration of the entertainment industry. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. There is a big clue in the title as well “ANTI diaRy”. Diary on the surface, but dia from the Greek meaning through as a prefix in English, “diameter = measure through [the circle]”. Followed by Ry. The capital ‘R’ implies a proper noun, as in a name, as in a nickname for Rihanna. Possibly “through Ry”, then ANTI would make it “Ry through”. Through the initiation or through the ordeal.

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  2. What is the ultimate goal of all of these rituals? One with Lucifer? She’s a moon goddess? What does that mean? Is it evil to find your inner self? Transformation or is it giving in to demons?

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    • It’s giving into demons. Being a moon goddess is of an idol which means you’re being self righteous, and not if the most high which is the devils tricking.

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  3. Basically this is the story of Riri’s carreer and definitely most of showbizzers’. Unfortunately. There is one thing u didnt mention though: the little girl (personifying her as a child) has always the crown covering her eyes, the object being too large and heavy for her. So she was programmed since childhood, therefore “blinded”, to become what she is now, but in fact thats a burden for her. The crown, obviously, could hint at some possible royal bloodline.

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  4. So u not even gonna mention the 666 under the balloons on the album cover????

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      • Where the string ties on the balloon. It makes 666.

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        • I see it!
          –> Not at the bottom of the string but where the balloon ties. Zoom in & you’ll see it

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  5. Another wonderful article; very insightful. Thanks again!

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  6. I also think all of these themes from each diary entry is represented in each album she’s released sequentially. In music of the sun she’s introduced to the magic of music. In a girl like me she finds her own voice. Good girl gone bad, self explanatory. Rated R she teaches others the concept of inversion. In the fifth diary video she blocks out the world which is…Loud. Talk that talk, a play on the vow of silence. Unapologetic, she has a song called pour it up that talks about money being easy to acquire. The song diamonds is about knowing your own self worth. Her first single from the anti album is a pop reggae song, a returning to where she came from. Great breakdown btw!

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  7. Lyrics from young wild & free 2011 bruno Mars Snoop Dog mention in the lyrics ‘ mound up into this Taylor gang’. Then 2015 Taylor makes her crotch squad or wtf it is including Kendrick Lamar. Would you call this pre-prohramming and do you think it’s connected?

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      • It’s the way the balloons are tied to the string.

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        • I noticed that but its not any 666, sorry.

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          • At least some one understands 😂😂😂

  8. Hey, anybody else wondering if there’s some weird mind control/NASA connection with this Natalie Keepers being one of the VT students suspected of killing that 13-year-old girl?
    The whole thing is bizarre.

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  9. It is only by staring the darkness in the eye and seeing the twinkle of light that you are ready to become Whole. Light without dark is like up without down, right without left, Man without Woman. Until you can unify the polarities within your being you cannot know what it is to have unconditional Love.

    Face your fears and see that is there is nothing to be scared of.

    Unity is where your true power resides.

    I would like to say thank you, this piece inspired the words:-

    I desperately searched the whole cosmos for enlightenment, and alas I could find it nowhere, just I was ready to throw in the towel and quit it dawned on me I had been there the whole time. The journey made me realise I had always been home, because home is where the heart is and my heart had accompanied me the whole way.

    It is the moment you are ready to give in that you succeed; it is the moment you admit you are lost that suddenly you are found. Life is an inspiring journey and one that is transient yet eternal, so very complex yet amazingly simple. Now I am found I reach out to you my fellow traveller through these symbols we call words, and I tell you this, “I love you with all my heart my wonderful bredren, we are One and together we shall dwell in paradise our true home”

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  10. Vista of Vastness

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  11. The woman who personifies the Choronzon has markings on her face. This reminded me of the 2000 film Arabian Nights. John Leguizamo plays the Djinn who says to Aladdin that he has Soloman’s curse on his face.

    Also Rihanna has been through a transformation to begin with. Her birth name is Robyn. Rihanna is a Welsh goddess from Celtic lore.

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  12. Oh, anything that isn’t fundamentalist Christian is evil for conspiracy theorists. Magick has been in the world since the beginning of civilisations. Please enough with this made up Illuminati satanic bs.
    You guys mix everything up. Alchemy isn’t evil. Magick isn’t bad.

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    • Being Blind To The Truth is like being Dead.

      Jesus is the answer and the only answer.

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  13. Dis is all bullshit. Rihanna is a reborn Christian so I expect u all 2 STOP with dis illuminati bullshit. Not just about Rihanna, but Beyonce, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. All the people I listed are reborn Christians so when ever I read this stupid crap I get annoyed.

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  14. (“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6) If ANY of these people you claim are “reborn Christians” than why do they NOT teach about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Why do they speak such ignorance and act unjustly that’s NOT pleasing in the eyes of God? The ONLY way ANY of us will know HIS Truth is IF we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ… Time is of the essence and I suggest we ALL start seeking Him whole heartedly, mind,& strength & spirit cause He’s coming soon and NOT for those who live such ignorance that leads us astray from God’s only truth! Anyone to get annoyed from what’s really going on does NOT only not see but isn’t a believer and follower of Christ, makes them an Anti-Christ as well as Rihanna and the other misleading people.. But God help them and show them grace and mercy that they too shall and WILL repent so that THEY TOO, like Rihanna and many others, will confess the Truth of Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Savior and follow Him because NOBODY was meant for hell but have eternal life with the One True King! It’s time to pray for each other! God bless everybody!

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    • Indeed! Awareness of TRUTH through the WORD of the Bible and HIS teachings is profoundly what everyone needs to seek for salvation. Spiritual warfare is in it’s peak as we move into the rapture. In agreement, anyone who denies this, the seven deadly sins (fame, greed, lust, pride, wrath, sloth, gluttony), or the tricks of the enemy through world means is not reborn. How weak these deplorable icons are and how righteous are those that rebuke the enemy.

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    • Amen Jesus is the truth & life. People we don’t have many more years left soon stuff is gonna get worse bc the End is Near…like near near so don’t say u never where warned!

      Question: Once they have sold their soul to the devil. Can they get it back?

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      • yes! as long as you are still alive and this world has not come to an end they can be saved the blood of JESUS is that powerful. However only Jehovah Himself can give the final verdict because only He can say if they have sinned against the holy spirit, at which point there is no forgiveness. It is only satan that can not be saved because the bible say he has already been judged.

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  15. It’s so horrible. In what world do I live?. I started watching this odd scene with the beginning of pizza gate and I see all over the scene of high society, music business and anything else important is deep in the pedophile-sociopath-canibalistic-dark-szene. Before 2 Days I started looking at the music scene. I looked for lenny kravitz whom I liked very much and I am not sure any more what he means when he sings Let love rule. I guess he switched like the others in the beginning of his career. I guess at the moment he left his first wife and child he became little odd. Since I was to a seminar of richard bandler, I know even without technical help and black magic that you can programm someone against his will. Just like that. And the one doesnt even know it when he wakes up. I wonder if most of them are unwillingly slaves of something.

    Lenny Kravitz, If You Can’t Say No: The video of 1999 has several indications of the masonic-illuminati scene. It is an opening of lenny kravitz and Milla Jovovich as “Evil Residents”. Milla Jovovich the main actress of the amazing movie “5th element” devorced in the year 1999 from director Luc Besson. She knew that “they” would not let her up and rather destroy her carreer. With the films of her husband Luc Besson, “The 5th element” and “Messenger, The Story of Joan of Arc” she was nominated to the actor-racist-organisation “Razzie Awards”, Golden Raspberry Award Foundation (G.R.A.F.—>means the royal EARL in german). In 2002 she acted in “Resident Evil” and her career highjumped.

    1999, Lenny Kravitz, If You Can’t Say No (To the husband of Milla?)

    1. At the beginning there are two “Resident” ID cards: Resident Milla Jovovich (The 5th element, afterwards the movie “Evil Resident”, this is like the “ANTI(Christ)” of Rihanna. They never say what they mean with open words) and Lenny Kravitz. So both ment to be “Evil Residents”. Someone has to play with the number on the card o7298o>. Maybe 72980:37(Moon)=1972,432432432432432…. (1972 last moon landing apollo17, 1972-DEC-11, 432Hz, Speed of Light=432² royal miles (The Miles of the United Kingdom are a sign to the Egypt Royal Messurement, see size of Gizeh Pyramids. They mark UK’s/Rome’s imperum of the world, where it is used.)
    2. The all-seeing-eye as a camera and moon in one object
    3. dancing women behind milky glass. Like in the music video “Love of the Brain, Rihanna”
    4. Wall with deadly poison jellyfishes
    5. Water, Moon, Kamera, Music-CD
    6. Roses
    7. Creepy child puppet, like scared
    8. desk lamp (like the one from PIXAR), Horse (like in “Love on Brain”), Child Head of a Puppet with red hair and Blood on the Neck.
    9. (2:24) horny animal
    10. Milla is taking a bath
    11. fish in water
    How far does he and others go or is Lenny Kravitz just playing a part of the game limited not be be wiped out. What does he mean when he sings “Let Love Rule”, “Love Revolution” or says “My Heart belongs to Jesus Christ”
    What about Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown.

    But last but not least I have to say to ALL OF YOU – PLEASE, SPEAK OUT TRUTH. Don’t repeat their words. Say it out loud what they mean if you pick up words from the MSM and what you mean. Name it. Name the CD of Rhianna “ANTI-CHRIST”, the real name. Just explain if somebody asks. Nobody asks: ANTI of what?
    YES, WE CAN: Who is “WE” and what are the “WE” “CAPABLE AND WILLING TO DO?”
    Let them be in the STATUS OF WANTING and BE FREEDOM, BE PEACE AND DO IT, AND SAY IT LOUD. You will see how language changes your THINKING AND DOING.
    Lenny Kravitz sings “WE WANT PEACE”: This is a status of WANTING and NOT HAVING.
    “DON’T DO EVIL” – GOOGLE – BLACK GOO & GIGGLE: NOT doesn’t not exist for your brain. Don’t imagine a pinky tree with yellow butterflies. AND? The Real Meaning of the Google sentence is “DO EVIL” for your brain. You are thinking in pictures. NOT does NOT EXIST. So make yourself pictures how you want that world to be.




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  16. It doesn’t have much to do with your article , but I am going to talk about a character from Naruto (a famous japansese cartoon). His name is Hidan. He is an immortal villain who “curses” his victim by first wounding them with a scythe and licking their blood. Every time the opponent tries to attack Hidan and succeeds, he is the one getting wounded because of the curse. It works with a ritual when he is inside a circle. He says multiple times that his god is Jashin (like one of the twin pillars in Rihanna’s ANTI). He has to make a circle with a triangle inside it to process the ritual. If he gets out the circle, the ritual will be stopped. If you google his name and find the Naruto Wikipedia page, you might find some interesting stuff in the “Jashin ritual and circle” section ( I know that you don’t necessarily have the time to analyze absolutely everything so I won’t expect that you answer straight away (or even to answer at all). Just remember that what you are doing counts for something. Keep going. Good luck.

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  17. You haven’t made a mention of the “Anti Diary phone call”

    After translating the Braille on one of the maid’s face in the Closet (R3), it was revealed that it was actually a fully functional phone number, where a mysterious women explains the transformation of “our beautiful girl!” this is what it says-

    “Im glad you called in that regard, we offer a number of services for our best clients.
    Let me tell you more about these services.
    Typically, a client comes to me
    and tells me the same thing.
    “these clothes no longer fit.”
    “this is not me.”
    “I want new fabrics…
    new cuts, new designs, new feelings,
    new life.”
    I look them over and examine the
    Can they grow?
    Can they change?
    Can they become?
    Some can.
    Some cant.
    We know someone in common,
    don’t we?
    Our beautiful girl.
    Through our work together she
    She changed.
    She became.
    She cast off the old tired
    Things, that no longer suited
    And became new again.
    She became herself.
    I saw you last week.
    I saw you, outside.
    Watching you, I hoped that you’d
    Call me eventually.
    You’re perfect.
    My dream client.
    On the cusp of transforming , just as she
    Its written all over your face.
    I can hear it in your breath.
    Not quite rhymic.
    just a little different.
    I can help you.
    Do you believe that?
    Do you?
    When I stop speaking, take the
    Phone from your ear,
    hang up,
    and look at your reflection in
    the black screen.
    You’ll see exactly what I see,
    as I’m looking at you right now.
    A distinct figure,
    obscured by shadows.
    But ready to be remade.
    Follow her path.
    Cast off the fear that holds you
    Step out of your shadows.
    Do something new.
    Thank you for calling.

    You can find it here; –

    The true meaning of this will astound the world, and will be revealed in due course.

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  18. So what does the braille on the crown say?

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  19. The temptations of the night are so strong yet as it turns bright we revel in delight; we are in elation as we reach our destination. This will be a collective revelation, a revolution leading to a solution. We overcome fear and doubt and make a roundabout turn as we learn the ways of the day. It is a new time, with a different rhyme, I hope this is chiming and it is the right timing, and that you are now realising, that love is the way as night turns to day.

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  20. The woman in front the dark veil with writings on her face is the ACTRESS in the HORROR MOVIE THE NUN, I think that is also telling this is demonic, Rihanna is showing her complete initiations from years now she got the shhh tattoo to keep the vow from like 2011/2012. I don’t like tattoos the bible is against putting marking on your body from she started getting all those tattoos I knew she was working with satan, all the video pictures look demonic the writing for each scene smh I don’t understand why these people choose to serve satan, she is basically ushering in the era of the antichrist with that damn album. Glad I’m too poor to buy their demonic shit!

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