Antarctica Lake Could Expose Global Threatening Bacteria


The February 2nd, 2012 episode of Coast to Coast radio show had a discussion on this Lake Vostok situation in Antarctica. Russian scientists have been drilling through two miles of the continent for over twenty years in order to reach this lake that hasn’t been exposed to the atmosphere in over 20 million years. The problem is that this lake is capable of containing frozen microbes and life forms that we’ve never seen before. The lake is not frozen, it is in fact liquid, and C2C talked about its potential to be an Atlantis type world. Another fact to support this Atlantis theory is that there is a magnetic anomaly in a part of this lake that could be caused by an accumulation of metals, such as the ruins of an ancient city. Another interesting note is that in the X-Files movie the storyline featured an alien spacecraft found in a very similar coordinate.


To make this story even more interesting, they believe a cache of Hitler’s archives are inside of a Nazi bunker around the same area. This was discussed in Ancient Aliens tv show also. It was rumored that Hilter and Eva Braun’s remains were brought to Antarctica to be frozen so their DNA could later be used to make clones. Hitler was interested in the occult and was rumored to have been searching for proof of the Hollow Earth Theory. The frozen poles could be covering a hole that leads us into a hollow earth (meaning there is really no hot magma like we believe). Some believe there is the potential for life to exist at various layers of the shells of earth. Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth gave us a description of what it could be like.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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