Ancient Aliens ‘The Satan Conspiracy’ S6E5 full episode

Episode five from Season 6 of Ancient Aliens fired off; this one’s about The Satan Conspiracy:

He is the evil one, the Prince of Darkness, the ruler of Hell. Satan conjures up horrifying images of a horned beast whose sole purpose is to destroy humanity. Yet there is evidence that the fallen angel we know as Satan may be misunderstood. New interpretations of ancient texts indicate that Satan may have been an extraterrestrial who was more of an ally to humanity than an enemy by passing along knowledge that planted the seed for civilization. Could Satan’s reputation as the personification of evil be his punishment for leading early man out of darkness and ignorance? If so, might his evil acts really be expressions of revenge against the human creatures that abandoned him? Or are the devilish deeds associated with Satan part of a grand plan? A series of moral challenges intended to prepare us for our next, and perhaps final… close encounter?

Here’s the link to which has the full episode available to stream.

ancient aliens satan

Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. hi,i dont expect you to believe any of what im about to tell you, you maybe unknowing to you at present have been selected to wake the sheep up as have “i” i assume the drawing was done by you, do you actually know what all of the symbols mean, I DO!! i can tell you what they all mean. the “devil” you refer to is the chief archon, archons have been genetically modifying reptilians and apes “humans” for melenia as have greys, archons and greys have been having a war over this planet for millenia, they want its mineral resources (ie)copper, titanium, gold, diamonds ect, and US. they fear the potential we are evolving into. archons have a reptilian like form but are much larger, its easy to mistake an archon for a reptilian, they operate on a different frequency than reptilians, humans and greys, the prefer hot radioactive planets like mercury and venus and their main base is in the sun. greys prefer small rocky moons to have their bases on, due to weaker gravity on them and less light like pluto and moons of saturn and jupiter, they dont like the surface of our moon so they reside inside it instead. jupiter a very long time ago was a sun much like ours is now, this used to be a binary solar system (ie) 2 stars. mars was inhabitable back then before the greys distinguished the other sun. the orbit of the planets were altered also. i know this paints the greys and archons to be bad “evil” but this is not the case, there is a multiversal law of duality (ie) positive and negative in EVERYTHING, there are good and bad humans, reptilians, greys, archons and other alien entitys, it is our job to bring balance and end this war for earth. evolution has had enough of this war and wants it to end. reptilians now live deep in the earth (not by choice)they seek refuge from surface attacks, reptilians are far more advanced than humans because they have had a lot more time to evolve, the moon was planet X that was smashed into the earth to wipe out the reptilian inhabitants, but reptilians had other outposts on other moons and so eventualy repopulated the earth as microbial life was evolving on earth mark 2 (ie) planet X mixed with early earth.archons and greys geneticaly interfered with the microbes evolving here, so dinosaurs were mostly archon meddling and apes were more grey meddling, but interbreeding with early apes also happend by reptilians, this is why human embryos are quite reptilian in early stages, and why we have a small reptilian brain at the rear base of the skull mainly governing survival, the left brain is mainly governed by the logical grey and archon gene, the right brain is mainley our spirituality, creativity ape gene, you may be wondering how i know all of this information, it was given to me by the good reptilians and good greys, on 14th october 2013 i believe i was abducted by the greys and returned on the 16th october 2013, two days dissapeared from my life. i have vaig memory of this, i was lying down on a bed of some sort, i could feel the presence of something but could not see them at first, i heard one of them say ( not with spoken word) but telepathy “these humanians really stink” time did not exist here, thats all i remember of the abduction. when i returned i had a extream feeling of dread and fear, i thought the world was going to be destroyed and felt compelled to write down all of the bad things i had done in this life (im 46 yrs old) i could remember. i also felt compelled to learn string theory, i looked at one page, the first page of a site i looked at, i instantly understood string theory, i wrote down details of what this universe was, what it was doing and where is is headed. and much more, (ie) black holes, multiverses and omnipotence of spirit. also faster than light travel and how to make portals to other frequencies (dimensions) there are an infinate number of frequencies to explore. it explains ghosts and such like. frequencies that have isotopes very close to eachother can maybe interact. we share the same space with many isotope frequencies. i am in comunication with greys, reptilians and archons by telekinesis. they have given me this information to help speed up the AWAKENING of humans on this planet. the bad archons want to terraform this earth with nuclear weapons and polar shifts to create more suitable conditions for them, but they have speeded up there mission because people are WAKING UP. they have exposed themselves doing this and will make mistakes (SHOWING THERE TRUE GREED) of material things and psycic attacks which i get regularly, but im to strong for them to date. they have built their bunkers and filled them with supplies to save their human hosts (bodies) we are not just humans, we are reptilians, greys, archons, apes and maybe other entitys rolled into one biological computer, this is why evolution left so much space in the human brain to accomidate all of this knowledge we are unlocking, if we can WAKE all humans up before neuclear holocost to come, we have a great future to look forward to, if we dont the future is very dark and they will win this war for earth.(PS) im not crazy, this information has been gifted to me. i expect to have the label of being crazy for thinking outside the box just like david icke, thats the gamble, and i dont mind being thought of as crazy, if im right about all of this, which i believe i am, it will be worth it to save this beautiful planet, i also have been guided to the cure for cancer, water irradiation and purification with black mika extract, its the stuff that created life on this planet and could heal many ailments. PLEASE SPREAD THIS INFORMATION!!!! if you have any questions i will try to answer them. thanks for your time reading this 🙂

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