Ancient Aliens ‘The Crystal Skulls’ S6E2 full episode

Ancient Aliens continues their sixth season with the second episode The Crystal Skulls:

Luminous relics in the shape of human skulls. Otherworldly artifacts believed to harness the secrets of the universe. Are the Crystal Skulls part of an elaborate hoax? Or do they possess a great, perhaps even otherworldly power? The Crystal Skulls are some of the most controversial of ancient artifacts. While there have been literally hundreds of crystal skulls found throughout the world, according to legend, there are only thirteen which are believed to hold an awesome, mystical power whose secrets will be revealed when the skulls come together to form a global grid. Could this so-called “reunion of the skulls” awaken sacred knowledge of the gods? Knowledge that has been hidden from mankind for thousands of years? And if so, will the Crystal Skulls reveal the truth about our extraterrestrial past, or offer us a glimpse into our future?

The topic of crystal skulls is interesting because there is much conjecture about whether or not these things are genuine. There was a post I did up on Alex Jones vs. Memphis Pyramid that went into some weird beliefs in the Tomb of Doom in Memphis. The most controversial crystal skull is the Mitchell-Hedges which has been debunked by the Smithsonian, who claim it was worked with high powered tools (based on an investigation in 2008).


Crystal Skull

I’ll post an episode once I can find one online, normally they post it on’s Ancient Aliens website, so it should be up anytime now…


Here’s a copy on

Disclose.tvAncient Aliens S06E02 The Crystal Skulls

UPDATE: You can keep trying this link out at History and see if it loads, it should be working now, click HERE

If you missed the first episode, I posted about it in The Power of Three article.

I’ve also got an overall Season Six post for the latest on the whole season.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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