Ancient Aliens Season 4 Premiere Date Set

Giorgio Tsoukalos was on Coast to Coast AM and told us that February 17th will be the day that the Season 4 premiere of Ancient Aliens will air on History 2. H2 is basically just History International, which REALLY pisses me off since I cut back my horrendous satellite bill and no longer get it. History Channel is f*ckin up.

Anyhow, they talked about the popularity of the Tsoukalos shirt, the Conscious Life Expo on February 10-12 and how some of the Ancient Aliens guests will be featured there. He goes on with some of the basics behind Ancient Alien theory (Gods descending from the sky in ancient texts and histories). Tsoukalos said that the new season will dig deeper into the same subject matter from earlier seasons. He said they have an entire episode devoted to the Pumapunku stones in Bolivia.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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