Ancient Aliens’ Philip Coppens passes away

In terrible news, Philip Coppens from the Ancient Aliens series just passed away. According to he was hospitalized a few weeks back for a rare cancer but now seems to have passed on to the next life.

Philip’s wife, Kathleen McGowan, also confirmed the news on her Facebook page. “My eternal beloved, my grail knight, my poet prince has made his transition. He is in the arms of the angels. In his last words he asked that I thank you all for loving him so much,” she wrote. A fundraiser page set up at GiveForward (to raise money for his cancer treatments) also confirmed that Philip Coppens is dead. There are other updates of a personal nature available on the website. You can view it for yourself here.

Coppens had a busy year in 2012, featuring podcasts with Joe Rogan, Zoo Hypothesis, and responses to Chris White’s Ancient Aliens Debunked documentary.




Here is he is on Red Ice Radio addressing the Ancient Aliens question:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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