Ancient Aliens Debunked

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted about this actual website, but there is a web series devoted to the debunking of Ancient Aliens. I can’t say that I fully subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory, but I definitely think it’s possible. If nothing else you get to learn a thing or two about our history when you try to research some of the claims that are made by Giorgio, Childress, and the other theorists on the show.


So here’s the link I’m referring to:

I’ve noticed that they’ve only covered six parts so far, the website claims they will add more as they go along. Not that I’m talking trash, but if the whole AA series was 100% B.S., then why aren’t there more sections to this? There are days worth of AA footage to pick apart, (if it’s SOOOO easy and feeble minded). Ok, maybe I am talking a little trash. But anyhow, check the website, it’s got some good debunking, keep an open mind to everything. The truth lies between the extremes.


Here’s a funny picture posted:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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