Among the Truthers Book Review

I read this review on the book “Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiratist Underground,” and it infuriated me more than anything else.,0,1076213.story?track=rss#tugs_story_display


 In the words of Peter from Family Guy, here’s what grinds my gears; this book’s author says:

“Their fantasies are comprehensive and ecumentical (sic), Talk long enough to a Truther, Mr. Kay finds, and it will not be long before you discover that Watergate and the Kennedy assassination and the Bay of Pigs and, yes, Francis Bacon or the Earl of Oxford as the author of Shakepeare’s plays will have been knit into the fabric. Space aliens and the “reptile gods” described by David Icke will not be far off.”

Hey fella, reptile gods may or may not have really existed, but the great efforts the ancient civilizations went through to annotate them should count for something besides a simple discount of how stupid the idea is. Open up practically any ancient civilization history book. How many people on this planet believe in a religion? Aren’t they all a bit of a stretch of the imagination? That’s why the word “faith” exists. There could be more evidence of a reptile god existing than Jesus for all we know. Just because some people take the time to think outside of the filters that bombard us on a daily basis to buy useless crap and worship celebrities doesn’t mean we’re all crazy. Even if I am crazy, at least I’m not a narrow minded bigot.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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