American Horror Story Season 2 News

There’s a couple bits of news on it that I haven’t mentioned yet in case you’ve missed it. They’re going to have the setting on the East Coast this time, and the storyline involves some kind of mental hospital. Also, Chloe Sevigny, Adam Levine, and a few of the Season One cast members are returning to play new roles somehow. That part doesn’t make much sense, but from what I’ve read they’re going to be the same characters, yet in a different role. Take that for what it is. Chloe Sevigny will play a nymphomaniac and some kind of nemesis to Jessica Lange’s character. Sevigny has played in some great films like Kids, American Psycho, and Zodiac (don’t forget The Brown Bunny, in case you haven’t seen that clip it’s most definitely NSFW), so that redeems the show for placing Adam Levine on the cast.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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