Alma Deutscher: Channeling the Spirits and the Occult Source of Creativity

Alma Deutscher is a child prodigy that was featured on the November 5th, 2017 episode of 60 Minutes. What followed was confirmation of something we’ve been exploring for years: channeling entities from another dimension and harnessing alter egos from a realm of creativity…

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Who is Alma Deutscher?

She is quite literally a child prodigy- completing her own composition by the age of seven; followed up with an entire opera by the age of nine.

What’s the talk of channeling entities?

When I say she’s channeling entities, I’m not suggesting that she’s doing it in the same manner as the occultist magicians do. They conduct rituals and ceremonies in various states of consciousness in order to make contact with other worldly entities in order to gain power or become enlightened.

Alma is channeling entities through no intention (or fault) of her own. I believe that she’s got a natural ability to do so and that is why she is such a tremendous composer.

When 60 Minutes interviewed her they alluded to various ideas of creativity and wondering where it came from (while pointing out all of Alma’s special talents).

Eventually it was revealed that something a bit more occult was at play…


Alter Egos: Channeling Spirits

Alma eventually admitted to have many alter egos or spirits that she talks to in order to compose her works. Primarily she spoke of one named Antonin Yellowsink who talked to her.

“I have lots of composers. And sometimes when I’m stuck with something, when I’m composing, I go to them and ask them for advice. And quite often, they come up with very interesting things.”

She’s not the first to make this claim either. As I pointed out in exhaustive detail in Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic; many of today’s artists like Beyonce and Jay-Z have claimed they let spirits run through them (Oshun or Sasha Fierce and Rainman, respectively).

In 60 Minutes they refer to them as “invisible friends” but based on all of my research; it could be much darker than that…


Putting it all together

The concept of creativity is a fascinating one. I explored it heavily in my recent book The Dark Path, and was surprised in my research for the book that so many occultists had an understanding of it.

Many of them believe that creativity comes from a place of darkness or subconscious. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung said the creative side of mankind is in the shadow side of our subconscious.


The Nazis were contacting the VRIL which they believed to be a universal creative force to the cosmos.

Kenneth Grant was the successor to Aleister Crowley and he once claimed the source of all human creativity comes from Mauve Zone (which is comparable to the hidden zone in the Kabbalah Tree of Life).

Researcher Peter Levenda asserts this Mauve Zone is inside of a dream state as the source of artistic impulses and contact with divine and demonic forces.

And here is where we go back to the original statement I was making about Alma. And look- I’m not going to say she’s in the Illuminati, possessed by demons, a witch, or anything like that. Without her knowing it; we could theorize that the unseen spirits and supernatural abilities come from the same source spoken of by these occult references.

The mainstream media is a long way from admitting, understanding, or talking about these things; but the truth becomes quite clear when you understand.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I wouldn’t so as far as to say she is in the “illuminati” either but I’m nor sure that is a legit term for every occult family.
    Her father is as Israeli linguist and was a professor in the Department of Languages and Cultures of Ancient Mesopotamia at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. He’s at least walking in elite circles and with a doctorate in Ancient Mesopotamian culture would give him the in on some basic occult world views so makes this him a potential candidate for Illuminism.

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