All Seeing Eye: Hidden in Pop Culture, the Illuminati, and Carl Jung

Welcome back to! I’ve compiled TONS of images that support this theory of an Illuminati agenda being hidden in plain sight.

I believe this post reflects the PROOF that we are all not simply crazy conspiracy theorists. There is no way to explain why SO many celebrities and entertainers are showing us the SAME symbol…


The symbol in question is the All Seeing Eye (which you’ve surely already familiarized yourself with from my Decoding Illuminati Symbolism post…).

In the video I provide more background of this esoteric symbol as well as how Carl Jung helped provide clarity to this concept of symbolism and its role in speaking to our subconscious.

Here is the video (be sure to subscribe to the IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel so you don’t miss any video releases)!

*Also- I’d like to thank you for making my “Lady Gaga Exposes the Illuminati and Facebook Agenda” video go viral with OVER ONE MILLION VIEWS!!!!

If you’re looking for the books I mention in the video; you can get them all at my bookstore if you want to directly help support this IlluminatiWatcher project!

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hello: I thought I would tell you about what I have noticed about Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman. I suspect she is an mk ultra victim. Her website has a lot of butterflies on it. Also, if you google “Ree Drummond mk ultra” you will find a website called The Mother of all black ops, An article posted on 9/29/15 says she is being used as part of an FBI operation which uses a lot of psychological triggers. If you go to google images and look up “facebook Ree Drummond” You see a picture of her giving the one eye. I remember this was on her facebook page for a week and a half, then taken down. Could you please do a post about this, so many women are taken in by her (I used to be!)

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    • I don’t know if she’s an illuminati plant or not but she is a phony. Her whole story about being an “accidental country girl” is a joke. She’s FROM the country and knew exactly who her husband was when she saw him. His family is the 8th or 9th largest landholder in the country. So yeah, try again Ree.

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      • On the Pioneer Woman episode from 2013 about 16 minute meals, as the camera pans to the Welcome to Pawhuska city sign, the symbols for different clubs and organizations can clearly be seen: Rotary, Lions, Boy Scouts, etc. Among those symbols is the Freemason Square and Compass, and more shockingly, the Sigil of Baphomet, the symbol of the Church of Satan.

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  2. Hi, I wanna know what is the meaning of the word LOVE,GIRL,WOMAN, and also the meaning of the Praying Hands of the illuminati.. tnx

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  3. Check out “The Breakfast Club”…. Blueprint for 9 11…. Note: mezzanine scene, the stoned, dancing wrestler…compare with album cover Supertamp, “Breakfast In America”

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  4. The top with those big eyes on it is too obvious

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  5. It’s real simple. If people would read the Bible they get all life’s answers. Mathew 5:29 If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you.
    These people have sold their souls to Satan and the process is to pluck your eye out and the conciousness/soul is behind that to access in the pineal gland. That’s why pine cones are a symbol used at a lot of monumental places as The Vatican. That’s it! The people are showing their allegiance.

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  6. there are so many options of belief/reality/truth, how could anyone pick which to believe or maybe why believe anything, right?
    from as early as i can remember this life i have seriously hated it and felt trapped in this body. this whole reality feels like a facade to me and always has.
    if you are not sure then you should kill yourself and find out, for me i can wait as it will come regardless, no amount of prayer or knowledge are going to save you from your date with death and lets face it that’s the reason people waste so much time and effort clutching to religion or hate or whatever other drug gets them high.
    fools! the truth is nothing like what you think you know regardless of how hard you try to find it.

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