Alien sexualization and subliminal messages from the music and film industry


There is a persistent theme in the entertainment industry of aliens, extraterrestrials, and UFOs. This includes superstars who claim they are from another planet and sexual overtones of women as alien goddesses. This subject is fascinating because it invokes so many emotions (e.g. fear, wonder, etc.) and this invocation is done on purpose (conspiracy theorists believe). This purpose is to lead and manipulate us as a means to an end for humanity.

There are two approaches for this alien agenda. The most plausible theory I’ve read is Bill Cooper’s theory that an alien threat will be presented to us in order for us to relinquish powers over to a one-world government as the only way of combating this extraterrestrial force. If you want to take another angle (the benevolent path), you could also argue that the entertainment industry is buttering us up to the concept of aliens so that when the Illuminati-reptilian-aliens reveal themselves we won’t persecute or fear them, but rather admire and respect them.

Let’s take a look at a few examples, predominantly from the music industry (because the film industry is pretty self-evident with anxiety-inducing films such as Alien, Independence Day, and War of the Worlds).
One of my favorite musicians is David Bowie, and he was one of the first to introduce conceptual rock with his Ziggy Stardust persona. This character was about this alter-ego of Bowie’s who was an alien that came to earth to spread the gospel of sexual promiscuity, drug use, and the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle; which are all tied into peace and love somehow. Not only does this example show us a rock star who claims to be extraterrestrial, but he also features Illuminati symbolism with the lightning bolt over one eye, which is the commonly seen All Seeing Eye of Horus symbolism:

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust


Most modern pop stars acknowledge Bowie as an inspiration in one way or another, but one oddity is that Lady Gaga called him “an alien prince“:

“He’s sort of like an alien prince. He still runs my universe as well, like, every morning I wake up and I think, ‘What would Bowie do?’ “

Ziggy Stardust was also an androgynous character, which is what the Dogon tribe of Mali (as seen on Ancient Aliens) believes the Nommo-fish people were (technically hermaphroditic). These fish-people were the deities that can loosely be tied into this reptilian Illuminati bloodline. These Nommo-fish people (and Starbucks) were also portrayed in the symbolism of Florence + The Machine’s Spectrum music video.


IlluminatiWatcher water goddess


Bowie also had a popular theme of astronauts/spacemen with songs such as Starman and Major Tom. The song Major Tom was emulated by various other artists, including Elton John with his Rocket Man and is even referenced in the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Is it too paranoid to point out that one of the film’s promo images shows Ben Stiller covering up one of the eyes (giving us the All Seeing Eye symbolism again):




The band KISS (rumored to stand for Knights In Satan’s Service) had characters/alter egos named Starchild, Space Ace, and The Demon. Ironic that they would have a demon in the mix with the alien characters… Anyhow, Paul Stanley (Starchild) had the star strategically placed over his right eye; again giving us the Aleister Crowley All Seeing Eye:


Kiss Starchild illuminati


Moving on to more modern pop music, Katy Perry has a track called E.T. that features Kanye West and it talks about making love to an alien who could be a demon:

You’re so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil?
Could you be an angel?

You’re from a whole ‘nother world
A different dimension
You open my eyes

And I’m ready to go
Lead me into the light

Notice how the lyrics talk about leading her into the light (which is a reference to the Illuminati, aka “illuminated ones”) and also the “opening of her eyes” (referencing her All Seeing Eye, or pineal gland that the ancient Egyptians talked about).


Katy Perry Illuminati E.T.


Kanye West even gets explicit on how he will have sex on her and then control her (think MK ULTRA and ritual abuse of the Illuminati goddess):

Tell me what’s next? Alien sex.
Imma disrobe you
Then Imma probe you
See I’ve abducted you
So I’ll tell you what to do
I tell you what to do (what to do, what to do)

Britney Spears has a track called Alien on her Britney Jean album where she implies that she has an alien lover who lets her know she’s not alone. She also references a ‘light in your eyes’ which references the Illuminati (illuminated ones) and the All Seeing Eye:

But the stars in the sky look like home, take me home
And the light in your eyes lets me know I’m not alone

Lil Wayne is always talking about how he’s a Martian and not from this planet. His song Phone Home from Tha Carter III is all about this:

We are not the same I am a martian

And they can’t get on my system ’cause my system is the solar
I am so far from the outhers, I mean others
I could eat them for supper, get in my spaceship and hover, hover


Lil Wayne Alien Pyramid


He drops similar lines in a whole lot of his songs, and he has an entire album called I Am Not a Human Being (actually he has two because there is a part two which has a Project MONARCH butterfly [*Correction: I’m a dumbass, that’s totally a moth and not a butterfly] on the cover which was designed by Kanye West).




Another rapper who claims to be an alien is The Game. He has a song called Martians vs. Goblins that actually features co-alien Lil Wayne (and Tyler the Creator; another Illuminati puppet). 


The Game Illuminati All Seeing Eye


Miley Cyrus has a cameo as a nude alien in the rapper Future’s music video Real and True as well. She is portrayed as this “sexy” extraterrestrial (and I put the quotations around “sexy” because that is a subjective term).  


Miley Cyrus Alien Real and True


The rapper that James Franco’ portrays in Spring Breakers goes by the name of Alien as well, and we all know that Franco has more than his fair share of occult and Illuminati symbolism



James Franco Spring Breakers Alien


Scarlet Johansson, continuously labeled one of the world’s sexiest women will be in a film this April called Under the Skin and she plays a sexy alien who picks up hitchhikers. The internet was going nuts for the past few months because she is rumored to appear nude in the film. There is a film review of the Under the Skin and it alludes to somewhat of a support of this article (sexualizing aliens and then devouring mankind). Here’s


We know that Johansson’s alien girl preys on humans but we are not told why. Are the aliens starving and coming to earth to harvest humans because of their hunger, or do they regard human flesh as a delicacy? Why do they only go after men? A deliberately enigmatic film refuses to answer such questions.

Under the Skin has a spectacular, Stanley Kubrick-like overture in which we see Johansson come to earth. From a dot in the extreme distance, Glazer cuts to a huge close-up of  a brown eyeball. 

Ah; did you see that in the last sentence: we’ll get to see a closeup of the All Seeing Eye (see Aleister Crowley symbolism)? We’ve already seen a shot of this in the promo ads:

Scarlet Johansson All Seeing Eye

Basketball player ‘Metta World Peace’ (for all of you non-jocks out there like myself; that is his real name) was asked about the Knicks’ mood in the locker room and he responded by claiming he was an alien. From

“I’m not a player, I’m an alien.”I don’t focus on anything else. Aliens only want to win championships. That’s it. Injuries is not a focus. Trade talk is not a focus. Nothing is a focus. Gluten-free pasta is not a focus, which I would rather have gluten-free pasta. Hey, if I have to have regular pasta. It is what it is. I’m still going to try to win a championship. Nothing will distract me from my focus, my galactic mind.

I did a very brief and rough analysis of the number of films with aliens and/or alien themes since the first sci-fi film about space A Trip to Mars from 1918. I’ll also go ahead and note that it was a Danish film and the next sci-fi film produced by Denmark was Reptilicus which was about an ancient reptilian dragon that attacks Earth after we awaken it from its slumber. To get back to this analysis of mine; I originally intended to create a list of every film with the alien theme, but this task became daunting very quickly. Instead, I cruised over to Wikipedia and used the films they listed in their post about List of films featuring extraterrestrials and used it as the set of data. I’m sure this list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s just a quick and dirty way of taking a look at the main objective. This main objective is to show that the entertainment industry is continually and persistently giving us examples of aliens and UFOs as a form of predictive programming. This predictive programming is discussed more clearly in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture

There are many films that can be considered examples of Illuminati predictive programming. The term “predictive programming” is one that means that the film shows us something in order for our minds to become capable of accepting such an event in the future. It’s similar to the idea of the Native Americans not being able to recognize European ships as they came to shore, because they had no concept of such a thing. The best way to deliver a message is through a methodical process where you: 1. Tell the audience what you’re going to tell them, 2. Tell them, and 3. Tell them what you just told them. The entertainment industry wants us to accept the possibility that all of these awful futuristic events can occur, so that we are more accepting of it.



So that’s enough screwing around, let’s see what the chart looks like:


Aliens in Films chart by year


If you take a look at the black trendline I’ve added, you can see that the trend is increasing exponentially. The film industry is in fact providing more films based on aliens and extraterrestrials. Is this to support predictive programming? Perhaps. Like I said earlier, this was just a quick and dirty way of taking a look at what’s going on.

If you want to read an interesting scholarly article you can read Ken McLeod’s Space oddities: aliens, futurism and meaning in popular music for another look at the industry, with examples that include Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and George Clinton’s Afro-futurism of P-Funk (which is very similar to that Nuwaubian Nation of Ancient Egyptian and extraterrestrial themes). 

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my START HERE page for many more resources and guides through this Illuminati realm.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. There was an L.A. billboard starlet in the 80s named “Angelyne” who claimed she was an alien. She and those big boobs of hers drove around Los Angeles in a pink Corvette. She stuck to her alien persona, even in her personal life.

    Poor thing; I wonder what happened to her? She must be close to 80 years old by now…

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  2. I have noticed 100s of songs relating to ‘light in eyes’, but are these stars aliens or are they just signed up to the programming? I feel that everyone comes from some other world – we call it spiritual but out there are all the galaxies. Is it that we are from these different galaxies but the bad ones are the ones controlling – or trying to do so with the Illuminati. It is confusing, and I don’t think we can look at it in just a material way. It’s like good and bad, God and the Devil – it all links together. To be aware is important – to try and follow your heart, not the way of the made world . I must admit when I saw David Bowie live in the 80s I felt very different after, I rebelled and changed even though I was in my 20s. I do think there is some thing unusual about some of the singers etc. Very eerie. I am glad to know this now.

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  3. It doesn’t matter that the thing on Lil Wayne’s album isn’t a butterfly. Moths are used in mind control as well. And notice that it’s the same moth on the cover of Silence Of The Lambs. It’s called a death’s head moth because of the marking on its back.
    Let’s not forget Anne Heche, who was found wandering around outside naked, and saying her name was Celestia from the 4th dimension. Claiming she was here to bring peace and love. Her middle name is Celeste so I expect this is an alien personality. But shame on Katy Perry and Miley for teaching young girls that it’s okay to be probed.

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  4. Don’t forget Billy Ray Cyrus’ re-imagining of achy breaky heart where he’s abducted by a crew of sexy aliens and they all drink and smoke and have a super sexy fun time. See? They’re totally harmless and just want to have a good time. Also, there’s supposed to be a staged alien invasion planned for the beginning of April called “The Big UFO Project” that’s meant to rival the 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast.

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  5. Blessed Be God
    from Book st..Bridget of Sweden
    Chapter 1

    “I am the Creator of the heavens and the earth, one in Divinity with the Father and the Holy Spirit. I am the one who spoke to the patriarchs and the prophets and the one whom they awaited. For the sake of their longing and in agreement with my promise, I assumed flesh without sin and concupiscence, by entering the womb of the Virgin like the sun shining through the clearest gem. For just as the sun does not damage the glass by entering it, likewise the virginity of the Virgin was not lost when I assumed Manhood. I assumed flesh in such a way that I did not have to forsake my Divinity, and I was no less God – with the Father and the Holy Spirit, governing and upholding all things – although I was in the womb of the Virgin in my human nature. Just as brightness is never separated from fire, so too, my Divinity was never separated from my Humanity, not even in death.

    Thereafter I allowed my pure and sinless body to be wounded from the foot to the head, and to be crucified for all the sins of mankind. That same body is now offered each day on the altar so that mankind might love me more and remember my great deeds more often. But now I am totally forgotten, neglected, despised, and expelled as a king is from his own kingdom and in whose place the most wicked robber has been elected and honored.

    I have indeed wanted my kingdom to be within man, and by right I should be King and Lord over him, for I made him and redeemed him. However, now he has broken and desecrated the faith which he promised me in his baptism, and he has broken and spurned my laws and commandments which I prescribed and revealed to him. He loves his own will and refuses to hear me. In addition, he exalts the most wicked robber, the devil, above me and has given him his faith. The devil really is a robber, since he steals for himself, by way of evil temptations, bad councils, and false promises, the human soul that I redeemed with my blood. But he does not do this because he is mightier than me; for I am so mighty that I can do all things with a word, and so just, that even if all the saints asked me, I would not do the least thing against justice.

    But, since man, who has been given free will, willfully rejects my commandments and obeys t he devil, it is only right that he also experiences his tyranny and malice. This devil was created good by me, but fell by his own wicked will, and has become, so to speak, my servant for inflicting vengeance on the workers of evil.

    Yet, even though I am now so despised, I am still so merciful that whoever prays for my mercy and humbles himself in amendment shall be forgiven his sins, and I shall save him from the evil robber – the devil. But to those who continue despising me, I shall visit my justice upon them, so that those hearing it will tremble, and those who feel it will say: “Woe, that we were ever conceived or born! Woe, that we ever provoked the Lord of majesty to wrath!”

    But you, my daughter, whom I have chosen for myself, and with whom I now speak in spirit: love me with all your heart – not as you love your son or daughter or parents, but more than anything in the world – since I, who created you, did not spare any of my limbs in suffering for your sake! Yet, I love your soul so dearly that, rather than losing you, I would let myself be crucified again, if it were possible. Imitate my humility; for I, the King of glory and of angels, was clothed in ugly, wretched rags and stood naked at the pillar and heard all kinds of insults and ridicule with my own ears. Always prefer my will before your own, because my Mother, your Lady, has, from the beginning to the end, never wanted anything but what I wanted.

    If you do this, then your heart shall be with my heart, and it will be inflamed by my love in the same way that anything dry becomes rapidly inflamed by fire. Your soul shall be so inflamed and filled with me, and I will be in you, so that everything worldly becomes bitter to you and all fleshly lusts like poison. You will rest in the arms of my Divinity, where no fleshly desires exist, but only spiritual delight and joy which fill the delighted soul with happiness – inwardly and outwardly – so that it thinks of nothing and desires nothing but the joy which it possesses. So love me alone, and you will have all the things you want, and you will have them in abundance. Is it not written that the oil of the widow did not decrease until the day the rain was sent to earth by God according to the words of the prophet? I am the true prophet! If you believe my words and follow and fulfill them, the oil – joy and jubilation – shall never decrease for you for all eternity.”

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  6. i have noticed a strange trend in allot of music ill give a short list by no means complete

    gotye, mgmt. empire of the sun, nanalew {the song sail from awalnation} she did, others exist but look into these groups and you will see they all look similar they all have a similar sound and a postive hidden message take mgmt the song the handshake

    but the song suckers with a plastic tongue from empire of the sun these guys are very anti Illuminati in all that they do any idea what is going on with them

    further more look at these my immortal

    these people have the look and these songs have the sound but the over all group as a whole is not the same as if they got in to say what they wanted and let it go back the way it was but left a mark on said group

    then we have mia paper planes

    some cabal controlled singer tried to copy the sound hoping to ride on that energy that these people have but instead she just exposes her ways for they are in a very open and way if you listen to the lyrics what is your take on this my take is these are good ETs trying to expose the corrupt system lets hope once they expose it they are willing to help take it down and help build something better

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    • John Taylor of Duran Duran in his solo work had a different song called “My Immortal”. I found out that other musicians put out their versions, &, since he seems to be influenced by what comes before him a& tries to replicate it, maybe that’s where he got the same title from. Of course it is all supposition. In reality it might just be coincidence.
      Nonetheless, he also had done another song that talked about “the other side [of the sun]”. Does anybody here think it was speaking of the other (occult/dark side) ? He has some interesting possibly secular/ New Age tattoo on his palm. Every song that’s his has that tattoo. Otherwise it’s another musician by the same name. His stuff’s in the middle of the album line up. One album in the middle of that has his face on it. His other albums are the few before & after that.
      Can you guys help me decode that tattoo & the symbology remaining on the “Seven & the Ragged Tiger”?
      I’m still a big fan & would like to know!
      Thanks. 🙂
      Listen to his discography by doing a general search with his name, main band & songs.
      Duran Duran use Illuminati triple 6 hand signal, talk about being alien/use reptilian symbolism. Also use the pyramid, but outside it is the all-seeing eye.

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  7. I know a secret about what is going on w/ re: to (insert) images that are (insert) (over) every (insert) in (insert) (insert) produced. I can’t tell – and I won’t tell.

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  8. “sexy” … As a subjective term … LoL that was awesome

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  9. First, Ron Artest (aka “Metta World Peace”) is a bonafide lunatic who is best known for his petulant child-like temper tantrums, fights with other players/teammates, technical fouls and choking his coach. He is a very disturbed individual and likely suffers from borderline personality disorder. Nothing he says should be taken seriously.

    Next, speaking purely mathatically, 100% of the solar systems humans have explored have intelligent life residing within them. Given the hundreds of millions of solar systems in the universe, the overwhelming probability based on what is factually known is that intelligent life exists outside of our own solar system and possibly within it (in addition to our own species).

    Maybe the hundreds of thousands if not millions of UFO sightings in the past half century were of military aircraft, but it would be absurd to dismiss the possibility that some of them were operated by non-human intelligent life.

    Hell, I’ve witnessed UFOs. I saw a legit UFO (characteristics marketly different from any publicly known aircraft) for two consecutive weeks in approximately the same spot in the sky at approximately the same time of night. Now in my case I do have reason to suspect what I (and a relative of mine) witnessed was a military vehicle that has not yet been disclosed to the public. This is the only reason why I haven’t published the videos I took of it (the interests of national security).

    Even if it was military craft, who’s to say the technology wasn’t obtained from non-human entities?

    Is it possible that governments are aware of non-human life and are not disclosing this information for one reason or another?

    Could Hollywood be warmig the public up for an announcement that alien life does exist and that announcement not be some illuminatti conspiracy?

    Perhaps youre right, but I find it odd that you don’t even consider the prospect that maybe – just maybe – there really is intelligent non-human life out there?

    Even the Bible hints at this possibility in Genesis VI (as well as other places).

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  10. As we all know alien is another word for estranged, exotic, visitor and also demon. Spirits. In this case evil spirits.

    If satanist Hollywood worship Satan they willingly or subconsciously become possessed by these demons. Visually manifesting as reptilian eyes or mild distorted faces.

    Professors and experts who have studied extra terrestrial life have come to the conclusion of aliens not existing but rather them being dimensional beings who don’t physically exist in this realm.

    So yes the reason behind alien propaganda is to insert us with fear instead of repeating with the truth. By fighting hate with ultimate love which is genuine truth.

    Do the research yourselves and good luck x

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  11. From Katy Perrys track called E.T.
    The line ‘You’re from a whole ‘nother world’
    Sounds alot like ‘nether world’

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  12. Or.. Perhaps the time has come to disclose the reality that we have never been alone in the universe and some of the “Gods” worshipped in the past and present are actually friggin’ aliens.

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