Alice in Wonderland: Recommended Occult Reading

Years ago I wrote an analysis about the antinomian concepts embedded into Alice in Wonderland.

Mark reached out to me about these ideas and revealed to me a connection worth sharing…


The Reveal

Mark told me that he had read the Witches Almanac (it appears to be from 1991-1992):


This book featured a section about Alice in Wonderland:

The text in the image says:

Students of ceremonial magic are advised to read this popular classic in order to understand medieval mysticism and the Cabbala.”

I found this curious and worth sharing because it goes to show that “they” understand what these tales are doing.

They are conditioning the minds of the masses to understand and eventually accept concepts of occultism. The antinomian concepts of Alice in Wonderland are just one of many that need to be revealed to the masses in their “Revelation of the Method.”

The agenda is accelerating and given the recent censorship and allegations of fake news against “conspiracy theorists” such as myself it becomes clear they want to keep their secrets from the unknowing and uninitiated (e.g. YouTube banning, Google & Twitter shadow banning, etc.).


Want more?

Thanks to Mark for keeping an open mind and reading more about these concepts. His ability to connect the dots and see the blatant occult messaging enabled him to send me the photos to share with you.

Mark learned more about these concepts in my book Alice in Rocky Horrorland: Entertainment’s Pursuit of the Transhuman Desert Apocalypse.

If you want to get a deeper understanding of the occult agenda in popular works of “fiction” check it out:

The project referred to as Alice in Rocky Horrorland: Entertainment’s Pursuit of the Transhuman Desert Apocalypse is a compilation of various research efforts to expose the entertainment industry’s attempt to implant certain messages and themes into humanity’s subconscious via pop culture.

Many of us have participated in these events; whether it was enjoying the tale of Alice in Wonderland and her occult initiation into the underground or the sexualization of the androgynous aliens of Rocky Horror Picture Show and their dance across the Abyss (you didn’t think the Time Warp song was just in good humor did you?…); you’re sure to change the way you view these works of art after considering the evidence that lies within.

The Illuminati end game is total annihilation and this New World Order will be established through their evolution of consciousness which craftily guides the unaware through New Age agendas found within Paulo Coelho’s best selling tale: The Alchemist. The ultimate apocalypse will be the final push of man into the digital substrate known as transhumanism, where the final Mark of the Beast will be imprinted on all those who aren’t awake to the agenda…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. 3 Q&A’s from Vogue 73 questions interview with Selena Gomez:
    Q: If you could have dinner w/ anyone who would it be?
    A: Mad Hatter (answered w/o hesitation)
    Q: If you visit anywhere where would it be?
    A: Wonderland (answered w/o hesitation)
    Q: What was your favorite movie as a child?
    A: Wizard of Oz (answered w/o hesitation)

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    • @Karen the 73 questions w Vogue video’s are notoriously VERY scripted. That is was said without hesitation doesn’t mean much

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