#AlexFromTarget is an Illuminati child-god worship ploy


The viral sensation known as #AlexFromTarget has taken off for no apparent reason (hence the term ‘viral’). If someone could explain why this is a ‘thing’ I’ll shut up, but for now listen to my conspiracy theory.


Alex From Target original


BusinessInsider posted a conspiracy theory about this whole thing, and they make a valid point on the fuzzy origin of this whole thing:


In many viral news stories, like the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme, the source of the image is clear. But reports on Alex from Target have been conflicting, with many top news outlets saying they can’t find the original person who tweeted the image. On Tuesday, BuzzFeed reported that teen Twitter user @brooklynjreiff first posted the image. Her photo, posted Oct. 26, was tweeted to a friend and did not include a caption. There are only two responses to the image until Nov. 3, at which point it had already gone viral. 

I wonder if it isn’t Starbucks doing a subtle marketing plan since their logo is very prominent in the background. This is a company with a logo of occult roots as well:




Not to mention the Target logo is that of occult origin with its solar symbolism:

…Since the triangle ties into the number 3 and solar worship, we can see in alchemical and hermetic mystery schools that the sun is symbolized with the dot inside of the circle. You’ve seen this in corporate logos:


Target Logo


RollingStone did an article that highlights the placed products in older music videos:

Welcome to the world of retroactive product placement. The practice of digitally inserting new ads into old content has existed in TV for a few years. But it’s new to music videos, thanks to a deal that Universal Music Group entered into with media-tech company Mirriad and French advertising firm Havas.

Product placement


The media has been perpetuating this story, and Alex has even been on the Ellen talk show:


Alex From Target Ellen


The story is interesting in that this supposed unaware, non-participant went from 144 Twitter followers to over 600K in mere days. A marketing company called Breakr is claiming they made this whole thing up to prove they could market anything, but Alex claims otherwise. It doesn’t really matter, in fact I hate that I’m even talking about it.

What matters, is that this is a sly trick by the Illuminati to push the Aeon of Horus- the Aleister Crowley age of child-god worship. I talk about this in my book on music conspiracies where I detail the plan of mixing hip hop and pop icons into tools for conveying Illuminati & occult symbolism. The book is called SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC and here is an excerpt:

The quest for immortality and youth is all around us, with entire industries devoted to makeup and plastic surgery. The entertainment industry helps push the desire for these things in a coordinated effort of music, film, and television imagery of sex and obsession with the youth. These things were told to us by Aleister Crowley who claimed to be introducing us to the new age of man in the early 1900’s. Crowley dubbed this the “Aeon of Horus” and this new period of time for the world would revolve around child-god worship and worshipping the youth. I went into detail on Crowley in my IlluminatiWatcher.com post about his Illuminati magick trance on the entertainment industry:

A few weeks later he was contacted by his Holy Guardian Angel named Aiwass (“Aiwass means “Lucifer” in Gnostic terms) while in Egypt, who dictated to him the document that would later form the Thelema religion, The Book of the Law. This book is where Crowley discusses the “Aeon of Horus,” a time in which the people will ”Do what thou wilt” (reinforcing the concept of freedom).

What I find most interesting about all of this, is that the Aeon of Horus that Crowley prophesied about is coming through in the entertainment industry through their use of the symbolism of the one eye and also the rising popularity of younger aged stars which supports the worship of children as gods found in the Aeon of Horus. Acts such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Willow Smith are all common household names, and this isn’t without reason. The entertainment industry is riddled with occult worshippers and Crowley followers embedded in groups such as Freemasonry, OTO, Thelema, A.:A.:, etc. and the evidence is all around us.




It sounds preposterous to make these claims, but you need to read the entire agenda for it to become crystal clear. The book lays it all out in an organized manner. It explains why #AlexFromTarget is joining the likes of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and every other child-star who has been stalked by the media to obsess over when they turn 18 (Alex is 16; I guarantee we see posts about his 18th birthday in two years).

It’s quite a creepy notion, but there is rampant sexual abuse and manipulation going on in Hollyweird and the music industry. This latest little trick is just another way of getting the public to obsess over children and push the Crowley Aeon of Horus. This is why we see the Eye of Horus symbolism by all of these celebrities:



I was recently on Freeman Fly’s ‘The Free Zone‘ and we talked about sex magick and the Fappening; both related to this AlexFromTarget story:



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Much fuss about this dude but he’ll soon be history IMO. I didnt even pay attention to him and no reason I should have, lol. Basically he’s in the same league as Rebecca Black and others like her.

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  2. Btw, I dont think uve ever covered Rebecca Black. Maybe u should :)?

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  3. A rash of child edition reality shows this fall including Project Runway’s Threads and the Gordon Ramsey show seeking the next great child chef. Since when are kids master chefs?

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    • Really good observation, LSP. I had zero interest in watching the child version of Master Chef. I think it is part of the trend to treat children as adults, thereby blurring the lines of sexual consent. Very insidious.

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  4. I like to point out “28” lane /line in the background (alex from target picture). Which symbolizes that hyper zombie flick 28 days later..how quickly people became infected…pointing how fast it went viral. They knew millions of people would see this picture…alex attached to star bucks viral (28). Well maybe im crazy lol

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  5. I just see this and think about Kpop, the bands members are getting younger like nct dream. People call them idols. But when the members start their military services is like the end of the group, this if they don’t get in a scandal. So in the time they are famous the are very young.

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  6. Ellen the gatekeeper as you’ve called her is involved too

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